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The Augur Virtual Tabletop
by A customer [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/01/2022 11:46:01

This update is a fantastic improvement over the old Ironsworn Augur out there. The UI is much improved as is the character creation. I also love having all the assets and moves at my fingertips and an integrated place to record notes and my story. Excellent work. That is not to say there are not clunky things or things I don't like, or things I wish were there, but I suspect those will get ironed out in future versions. For a one-person job, as I think this is, this software is amazing and I'll happily use it for my Ironsworn solo adventures. Thank you!

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The Augur Virtual Tabletop
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The Augur Virtual Tabletop
by Erik W. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/28/2021 14:07:54

The Augur is absolutely beautifully made! There are so many tools built into the software to help you run a full fun game of Ironsworn. From what I understand you will be able to add your own assets in a later update. That would be just awesome! I'm more than impressed as it is right now, though. With or without the adding of assets.

All the oracle list are there and intuitively arranged. Easy to find and work with.

The amount of building blocks to customize your in character rivals many big budget rpgs. You have a ton of outfits and props to choose from, as well as hairstyles, beards, skins etc.

And to be able to roll a random settlement and not only get Settlement name, random npcs and a small blurb for it, but having everything editable, is a delight. I can get starting points for everything but at the same time I'm able to editing everything to fit my own vision of the gameworld. It's brilliant.

The UI is a bit clunky but I can see how it will only improve with every iteration, getting better and better, more and more sleek. For example, the dice roller is not the most intuitive and is a bit oddly placed.

The only thing missing right now is the "World Truths" from Ironsworn and the ability to use your own Avatar portrait. The portraits must be chosen from a built in portfolio. Kind of defeats the purpose of designing your character if the portrait doesn't liken the character. It would be utstandingly helpful if, in a later iteration, the World Truths would affect the oracles and randomisations.

Despite those two points I know I will spend many many hours of fun and dramatic stories with The Augur!

Even more so if there is an online and mobile version developed!

Very well done!

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