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Goblin Errands
by Cody D. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/06/2022 18:13:21

Here we go folks!

The gameplay itself is very smooth and transparent. You roll and everyone knows your successes right off the bat with the rating between 0 and 4. Though there are things that change its simplicity or difficulty, so it's not as easy as it sounds :p With our group of players there were no really complicated scenarios where we struggled to understand what to do. My core group are all fellow Game Masters (GM) for other systems, myself included, so even though I played as the Tall Person (the GM for this game) it was SO REFRESHING to play such a lighthearted and silly game. Midway through the game one of my friends partner joined the game and they do not play pen and paper RPGs so they were very concerned about learning fast enough to have a good time with all of us. I think they've only played a handful of RPGs and yet, they took to hit amazingly quickly. So I think that that the ease of play and entry to the game is fantastic for both veteran and new RPG fans alike!

The goblins themselves. Oh jeez. Its a ton of fun to play as a goofy band of pluckky misfits. I feel like the "playbooks" (classes in other systems) really encapsulate the silliness and charm of the goblins the game creators intended for the goblins. The playbooks really do a good job at giving you some creative freedom in your stats but the basic and advanced feats add such a fun amount of flavor to that playbook. No playbook steps on the others toes, so each person has a distinct role to add to the errand. That is amazing and I definitely think the creators did a great job on allowing each player and their playbook a time to shine!

The Kenn creation deserves its own little section. I loved how making the Kenns works! I can say that it adds some nice little garnish to the world building and the potential randomness of the errand. When creating the Kenn you end up going around the table rolling a 20-sided die (D20), finding out your result, and then having the person who rolled just coming up with a new little chunk of their story to add to the Kenn/group/world. It really made our game unique and made us very heavily invested in the success of the errand for our little goblins Goobers (the name of our Kenn). Once you're given the promt - you just roll ( ;D ) with it!

The errands to design as the TP was really fun. Usually for RPGs you have some grandiose quest that saves the land(s), but this was so unique in how its something as simply as, "go to the market and buy some vegetable seeds to help your Kenn grow food. That was the errand and it quickly devolved for our group and it was a ton of fun. One of our goblins knew how to keep the attention of the "tall people" (any non-goblin) but they were unable to grasp the concept of monetary trade, while one of our goblins knew how it worked but grew so frustrated that the human got creeped out since the explanation wasnt being relayed properly. Tons of fun for our group to fail and create thes little memorable experiences of our hiccups rather than our amazing successes. Ultimately the errand was a success but not in the way of saving a realm, just making sure the Kenn survived another winter.

I know that at the end of the book the game's primary creator, Martin, states that they loved Magic The Gathering card game goblins and I definitely feel the love they have for them, but unlike the card game, Pathfinder & D&D goblins, all of these little drawings are adorable - to the masses. I personally find the Magic/D&D/Pathfinder goblins to be like Gremlins where these goblins are like the Mogwai. Again the art and gameplay itself really make you feel the silliness and you end up rooting for the little folks. You can feel through the whole book and even during the play of the game that the system was meant to be as inclusive as possible and I personally really appreciate that as well. You can certainly feel the love and heart that went into creating this game and I can't recommend it enough!

I absolutely recommend this game for all new TP and veteran GM/ soon-to-be TPs!

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Goblin Errands
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