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by Jeromy S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/27/2020 19:46:45

Simply put BRP is the simplest, most intuitive, most modifyable system engine. It is no exaggeration that you will be up and playing this system in minutes. Robert and the others at Kabouter games (many of whom I'll add I have worked with at one point or another) have made a great campaign setting with plenty of hooks for adventure. The first forty pages is packed with juicy source material for the region the remainder is the concise rules set for the game. If you like old school RPG settings like Judges Guild supplements, Toxandria is your jam. Also too, Kudos to these creators for being socially conscious and avoiding insensitive design choices. Bravo!!

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Creator Reply:
Thank you for your kind words, Jeromy! We appreciate it.
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