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For the Dungeon!
by Panu L. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/17/2019 13:48:06

For the Dungeon! is a heavily narrative PbtA game about evil (?) minions doing tasks for their dark master.

Unlike most PbtA games you roll one or more d6's with only taking into account the largest die result. 4-5 being the success with a consequence and 6 being a full success. Critical failures are also a thing when you fail and have one or more 1's and add some chaos to the game.

Also the game eschews playbooks entirely. Instead your character is comprised of 3 descriptive traits each of which can give you a single d6 for situations they apply to.

In addition to the characters themselves there are a few Dungeon moves that affect the outside world and can attract Adventurers to the Dungeon.

All in all the game appears to be near zero prep and function nicely for quick few session games. Whether it can support a full campaign, atleast without the PC's dying and being changed to new ones, is questionable though it's optional rules include a way to possibly lengthen the lifespan of characters by allowing a way to regain an important resource that is otherwise unrecoverable. Whew, that monster sentence is bound to break grammar in atleast a few ways.

Art is well suited to the game and owerall quite nice and to my taste. So much so that I would like there to be more of it.

Layout is easy on the eye and the game is relatively short read, only 47 pages and as can be seen from the preview the pages aren't densily packed with text.

Summary: Nice fun seeming zero prep narrative game about the down trotten minion monsters in the Dungeon. All in all the guality is quite nice but there isn't much material in the book itself, no world and it expects the players to be familiar with basic fantasy tropes. 12$ is kinda much for it, personally it was a big leap to take to pay it, 8$ would have been much more inviting and would propably be more suitable considering the amount of material in the book. Still much to my liking 4/5 if the price is not taken into account as that almost forces me to drop a star. All it really needs is some sample minion races, with art and a short description no actual traits needed, to give some more idea fodder for those not too familiar with fantasy dungeon tropes.

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For the Dungeon!
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Creator Reply:
Thanks for the review! We've decided to take your advice into consideration and reduce the price back down to what it was during the Kickstarter. Feel free to reach out to us and we'll refund you the difference between the original price and what you paid.
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