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Traffic Lights
by Christian F. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 06/11/2019 13:44:28

I'm very happy to see this. I have roleplayed with my students and my kids for years and have found that when players fight, or a player with a quiet personality can't get a word in, the game goes south in a hurry. I used a similar system and it works very well. This set of cards has beautiful graphics and is nicely designed. A suggestion for use with kids is to make sure there are in game consequences for yellow and red. For us, if red was thrown, everyone has to leave the table for 10 minutes. This gives time to cool down and work out the problem. If yellow was thrown, it was a warning that someone wasn't having fun anymore and the table has five minutes to fix the problem or the red will be thrown. This gives the quiet ones power to shut down the whole game, making sure that the more lively players will listen. This will change the dynamic of your games significantly for the better by empowering everyone to change negative behaviors at the table. Excellent.

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Traffic Lights
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