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Iron & Sorcery 1st Edition
by clavon w. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/07/2020 21:59:23

I have to admit, given the incredible flood of OSR products of various quality of late, my expectations of Iron & Sorcery were not high...needless to say, author D.D. Woyke has far exceeded my modest expectations. In fact, the author has packed more sheer game in 20 pages than I have often seen in some 200+ page games.

The barebones Classes Woyke includes are simple, flavorful and just WORK-I partcularly like the more potent Thief skills, the expanded role of the Chaplain (sorta Cleric)...also,starting the Sorcerer with a 'School' of Rituals and Incantations (and allowing them to 'Overchannel' in an emergency to the detriment of thier health) was a stroke of genius. The poor Martialist(Fighty Guy) gets fewer toys than the others, but extra starting Hit Dice make the Class an absolute terror in combat vs. the other Classes, and the starting four Classes appear well-balanced with each other.

Now there are admittedly some some cost to the limited page count-no Treasure or Monster Tables, no rules for Air or Sea combat, massive battles and some other welcome details-but with such a plethora of OSR products out there, I'm rather certain that the author just expects you to grab your favorite subsystem and plug it on in-Iron & Sorcery is definitely Old School in that 'box of Legos' sort of way...I do however have one minor issue though. The Author mentions Saving Throws but doesn't explain the mechanic at all. Given the nature of this game i'd normally give it a pass, but two of the Classes (Thief, Chaplain) rely on Saves for some of thier Class Abilities-a high target number(like, say, Swords and Wizardry) would make the Chaplain's Firt Aid Ability problematic at low Levels and the Thief would be very cautious about heights-whereas an Ability Check Save (Black Hack) would make the Chaplain a Healbot and a Low Level Thief a Parkour Master who could fail a Climb check but then non-chalantly Tumble down the sheer cliff without injury.At any rate, a simple paragraph's worth of info or one more Chart would rectify this issue and still not break 20 pages.

I look forward to more from D.D. Woyke and wish this Creator the best of good fortunes!

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Iron & Sorcery 1st Edition
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