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Wireless Soul Transmission - Play Guide
by A customer [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/15/2018 14:28:40

Cyberpunk with a new twist and fresh setting. Post apocalyptic cyberpunk terminator mashup with megatraveler flavor? So much going on here! The layout is crisp and clean, easy to read through. Good examples of play sprinkled where needed most. Art is colorful and evocative of the setting, very nice.

Rules are an offfshoot of the familiar D20 setup, but streamlined with some VERY interesting tweaks, especially in the skills and combat areas. (I am definitely stealing a bunch of this stuff for other games I am running. So good.) I love it when an RPG has rules that support the feel that the story is telling. The rules feel fast, slick, with gritty combat and terribly dangerous consequences.

The clincher was when I asked the designers (via their website contact form at Scribed Starlight Press, there should be a link to the right) about rules that I found unclear (care and application of fire). Their response was well thought out, detailed, and published-level written (feels like it could have been lifted out of the book). Hands down the best quality customer service I have experienced in the industry. There was a slight delay of a day or two before I heard back, but given that they are a small operation, and that Scribed Starlight put a lot of thought and effort into their response, the wait was completely worth it.

In conclusion, buy this game! Support these great people! Even if you don't want to run the game as is, the rules innovations alone are worth the price of admission. I eagarly look forward to more material!

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Wireless Soul Transmission - Play Guide
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