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Cyberpunk GenIsys
by Rudy C. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/16/2019 02:05:10

I wanted to like this product, I really did, however it was a big let down. The reasons why I can't recommend it are as follows:

  1. Grammar errors. This book is plagued with grammar errors that could've and should've been caught with a simple editorial review of the book. It's one thing to have an error or two, even the big publishers like Wizards of the Coast will have a misspelled word or three. However Cyberpunk GenIsys is FILLED with errors. I quit counting after the 10th error and that was just within the first couple chapters. Seriously, this product needs a thorough review and grammar errors fixed.

  2. Sloppy editing. As if the grammar errors weren't enough, CP GenIsys suffers from very poor editing. Allow me to give you an example:

“Hey Jackie, how is it hangin?”. “Fine, Shida, Naran’s patrolling the neighborhood you know?” Shida giggles and says, “So!” Jack shrugs and says we need to come together on this. She smiles with a wry smile and says, “on what Jackie?” Jack with irritation, seems about to say something but thenmotions her to step closer. Jack’s hand shoots out picking Shida by the throat and pinning her againstthe light pole with her feet 2’ above the ground. Shida tries to react, but Jack’s cyber grip is sure to break her neck as it tightens its grip on her. “Look girly, I have no wish to draw you the Ace of Spades tonight, but I don’t want to play games.” He lets her go and she drops to the ground rubbing her neck and her Jander is now gone. “Sorry Jack, here is the data crystal, what’s on it?”

Yes, this is an actual paragraph taken straight from the book. Seriously, it reads like a foreign middle school kid wrote it after watching a marathon of action movies. It's just plain awful. CP GenIsys tries WAY too hard to be Cyberpunk 2020. I get that the author was going for, well, Cyber Punk, however this feels like the author just copy-pasta'd CP 2020 and changed up just enough things to claim it was distinct from the original product. The author also makes the mistake of assuming you know about certain elements before actually explaining them. For example, the author refers to Razors several times before explaining that Razors are player characters.

Final Verdict: I tried my best to be objective and like this game, however between all the glaring errors there really isn't anything that redeems CP GenIsys. If you're wanting something to scratch the itch for cyber punk genre, you're better off sticking with the superior Cyberpunk 2020 or even looking at Shadowrun.

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Cyberpunk GenIsys
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