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Temple of Bounty 001
by Bobby J. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 09/18/2018 22:13:21

What an amazing find! I picked this gem up because of the price and potential monster use, but what I got was an adventure hook and plot that is awesome. The Temple of Bounty includes an NPC right off the bat with a stat block and nice synopsis of a potential NPC for the party to meet. The next few pages are maps and monsters of the Temple of Bounty. What it was, what it is and what it could be with your heroes help. You get a super cool map of the temple in its current state and what it was like before the story of its present predicament takes place. Two versions of the Baddie for the adventure and an amazing magical item that could be the story device for your adventure or THE reward for saving the location.

All in all, a fantastic 8-page supplement that I am glad to have picked up on a whim and do recommend whole heartedly. If you're a DM and need a location-based site for an evening’s worth of fun, this can be it. Need a tough scary bad guy, it's here. Need a potentially amazing NPC for your players to interact with or emulate? Done. Oh, and the magic item... well, it's not so bad either. :D

A full 5 stars from me on this one. Cannot wait to pick up some more material from Storyforge now that I have this nugget of fun. Thanks for a beautifully crafted piece.

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Temple of Bounty 001
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