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Sixty Mile Sky
by Janne P. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/17/2018 23:28:38

I was drawn to this product for a couple of simple reasons:

I enjoy the Apocalypse World dice / move / storytelling mechanic.

I enjoy science fiction.

The price at 9 euros and change (on sale) was just perfect.

As the preview didn't raise any concerns I went ahead and bought the PDF version. Unfortunately the preview, being so limited, doesn't really highlight the issue I came to find when I started reading through the rules - namely text formatting and layouting. And to be sure, my rating for this product has nothing to do with the rules or the actual content because the formatting is getting in my way of learning and appreciating them. This is also a HIGHLY subjective problem and not everyone will be similarly affected by such matters.

My top issues (for the PDF version, as viewed on a computer, phone and tablet):

1) Headlines are using an ultralight font and tight letter spacing, making them at times difficult to pick out and read at a glance. I feel that headlines should stand out and be easy to read, because they are visual cues for browsing and help understand large bodies of content.

2) The combination of hyphenating words at end of lines, left-aligning paragraphs of text and lacking proper spacing between paragraphs makes RPG rules type text, where paragraphs are often on the shorter side (see: just about any move in this book), difficult to read. In the preview you mostly see long paragraphs where the problem is not evident, and even on page 7 it looks like paragraphs are nicely spaced out.

For instance on page 69, under “Miniaturized Drones”, the “On an 18+” option is difficult to pick out because there’s no margin between it and the previous option (which is true for all moves). The previous option’s text also runs almost to the end of the line making the two look deceptively like one and the same paragraph (compare this to the paragraph above starting with “Your drone is able...”, which at a glance looks like a very similar mass of text).

3) The margins in tables with rounded corners are far too small. For example on page 93, in the “Complications Table”, the d10 values run practically up against the stroke around the table. The margin seems to vary between tables (which is odd in itself), but from what I’m seeing it’s never large enough to make for an easy read.

4) Also in the “Complications Table” on page 93, the texts for the results are cut off. It’s like there’s two lines reserved for them, but the text does not wrap around at the end of the line (or there’s not enough vertical space in the text field to display the second line). Result 1 for instance ends with “You may advance past this” and result 8 ends with “...has found this animal”.

Missing text (point 4) is of course a bad thing, but also easy to fix in an update. I’m more concerned with the layouting and formatting of this product because it’s so pervasive, and I'm pessimistic about that being fixed in a product that's some 200 pages long.

For all I know this could be a good, fun game Kickstarted by what looks like an independent author who's braved publishing a product that must have taken a lot of effort to put together. All of that is commendable. It would be great if someone could provide a review on how the rules themselves work, for balance.

I just wish more attention was paid to the product's readability, because as it stands I don't see myself getting better acquainted with it.

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Sixty Mile Sky
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