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Shattered Dawn Player Guide PDF
by William G. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/20/2019 13:13:04

For those of you wondering, its a d100 system. For simplicities sake, its almost a direct copy of skyrim into rpg form. You have a max level of 50 getting skill points to use in skill trees. If I remember correctly, you could max 2 complete trees with some leftover into a third. Its a build your own class through said skills. Crafting is an option but the devs opted to not include ingredients so those are up to the game master to handle. IE potions and smithing. Enchanting is possible too but easier to make up than a list of ingredients. All ingredients for potions also have 4 discover effects despite not having any sort of list.

Without having played it yet, all skills seem to be viable and balanced based on the trees alone. Spells I am unsure of at all because once again having not played.

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Shattered Dawn Player Guide PDF
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