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Magimundi Bestiary Pathfinder 1.0
by Benjamin B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/27/2020 23:22:54

This is a really solid bestiary and features a fair number of cryptids. Three things make it stand out. 1. They did not skimp on art. While you certainly wouldn't want to bump into most of these creatures on a dark night the art manages to be fun, almost whimsical at times, as well as evocative. The Sayona is one of my favorites. It has one of the full page pieces and is absolutley chilling, especially with that bridal veil, but I say too much. 2. Great editing. The attention to the back end of this book is great, and both the editing and layout are nearly perfect. 3. I love how they liberally stole from mythology and cryptozoology to give real regional flavor to the creatures. If you find that you use real world cultures for your fantasy game you are going to love the way these creatures will thematically blend right in. And if you don't? Well there are still lots of fun monsters with CR's from 1/8 to 19. Get this one. You are really going to enjoy it.

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Magimundi Bestiary Pathfinder 1.0
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