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Song of Swords Core Rulebook
by A customer [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/24/2019 07:18:38

SoS does a great job of giving you a challenging yet greatly rewarding adventure. After having run a few campaigns I quickly fell in love with the system, with its freedom at character creation coupled with a roleplaying-oriented experience system, and a lot more.

Combat is deadly and fast paced. The Wound system means that getting significantly hurt is debilitating, and at times crippling. Fighting a group of bandits who have snuck up on you overnight is just as sweat inducing as subduing a giant scarab. Fortunately, advancement seems to scale well in all areas, and a ragtag group of gentlemen who could barely afford armor can become experienced fighters, as the system changes both their characters and the players' way of thinking. For those looking for a very flavourful combat system, it's definitely there. Multiple types of maneuvers and ways of specializing yourself are within your disposal, so each character's fighting style is vividly unique. At the same time, this doesn't become a barrier for newcomers even to tabletop RPGs in general, for the basics are good enough to keep you going, enjoying the fighting, and probably not dying. Having introduced this game through one-offs to various friends who had never even touched a roleplaying die in their lives, they ended up having a great amount of fun.

The only thing to note is that although combat and the like can be quite fluid and fast, there can be plenty to keep track of, even if the majority of the burden is on the GM rather than the players.

For things outside of combat, the game also holds up. Skills work well, with a good amount of them and enough crunchy flavor to include modifiers for various circumstances in those skills, and so far it hasn't been a hindrance to games. The options for character creation are pretty good too, with the point-buy system working as intended and having multiple perks or flaws that a character might have to shoulder. I've tried varying campaign powers, from the grittiest to near most epic, and the themes definitely fit the bill.

In the end, the system is really good not only for those seeking a grittier and more realistic combat system, but also a refreshing experience for RP-heavy games as well. The basic tools from the rulebook can take you a long way, from court intrigue to gritty battlefields or epic adventuring.

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Song of Swords Core Rulebook
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Song of Swords Core Rulebook
by Chris B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/24/2019 03:23:14

Song of Swords' "thing" is being dark and gritty, with realistic and detailed combat. This it does quite well. I have run some 'fechts' (the sort-of slang term for a fight) using this system with some friends since this has been released, and this has been quite enjoyable. It was quite complicated to start off with, but with practice it becomes quite smooth.

Skills seem a little boring, and almost a little too varied. They do seem serviceable, though, and are obviously not as much the focus.

I would highly recommend this, if only for the varied setting, the combat system, and the detailed equipment selection. But combined together, this system is a worthy successor to other HEMA-focused games, including those focused on the paradox of iron.

[5 of 5 Stars!]
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