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Super Kids - A Superhero Expansion for Hero Kids
by Customer Name Withheld [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/19/2017 21:05:03

Super Kids satisfies a long-held need of mine for a rules-light, kid-friendly supers game that is easily adaptable to any setting and story the game master might envision, from World War II to Marvel's Power Pack. Yes, it would have been nice if Capital City had been more fleshed-out and/or a complete list of powers been provided, but that's the whole point of GM'ing--make it your own; i.e., go to your kids' room and lift some source material.

Well, gotta go. My guys are going back to their great-grampa's childhood to introduce some Nazi fifth columnists to the concept of rights--and lefts.

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Super Kids - A Superhero Expansion for Hero Kids
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Super Kids - A Superhero Expansion for Hero Kids
by Ryan R. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 03/29/2017 09:40:11

I was very pleased to see that the Hero Kids Compatibility License gained another producer. Super Kids and its first adventure, "New Recruits" are both solid efforts. I look forward to giving it a go with my two boys and their pals soon.

I agree with Scott G's review of this product completely. I too thought to myself, "what if my boys had a LIST of powers and stat dice that could be "bought" in a balanced fashion" so they could create their OWN superheroes? That would be "super" cool! Also, I might think to raise the dice pools and power levels and/or amounts of powers available to the Super Kids (hey, these kids are SUPERS and they will be doing city-smashing battle with SUPER VILLAINS).

I also would've liked to have seen more "meat" in this work for the price point as it is an "expansion" into a huge new genre for Hero Kids. More info on Capital City and some Super Villains and lesser thugs (and their stats) would've been great for an easier "open the box and play" feel.

I love the cover art and the character art for the book. They keep with the Hero Kids style and really shine. The character samples are diverse and well balanced for game play.

I am sparked by this book and happy to see some interest in the setting and genre for Hero Kids and young players. Nice job!

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Super Kids - A Superhero Expansion for Hero Kids
by Scott G. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 03/23/2017 18:19:04

With my kids reading comics and watching shows like Teen Titans and Powerpuff Girls, I'm glad to see someone finally bringing superheros to the Hero Kids rule system. I'm a bit disappointed in the amount of content included. The setting is very lightly explained in one page. Yes, I can make my own or place it in our city; but most games give one to use or base your own off.

I like the sample characters, and my kids have always used the pregen characters for any Hero Kids game, but this is a genre where I think personalized characters could be amazing. I think this could combine very well with the publisher's Character Advancement rules, especially if the kids have a list of possible superpowers to choose from (and possibly level up). :hint: :hint: :nudge: :nudge:

This has potential, and could make for some fun adventures (should the publisher want to make some pregen adventures with maps I think there's a market). Sorry if Hero Kids core and Bayhaven have gotten my expectations up a little high because I usually get more content for a similar price.

[3 of 5 Stars!]
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