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The Ghost Princess COMPILATION
by Danyel W. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/08/2018 05:29:17

Apparently a vehicle for Phil Stone’s B&W illustrations, which admittedly are first-class from a technical standpoint. The writing is questionable: basic errors of spelling and punctuation abound, not to mention some sloppy layout work, and apart from several pictures of attractive women wearing little or nothing, the ‘adult content’ in this product consists primarily of crude humour (e.g. a half-orc piddling in the PCs’ dinner to provoke them) and shock-value descriptions (a man being smoked over a fire while still alive, if barely). For all that Stone offers this module as a ‘sandbox’, there are several egregious instances of railroading (at least one character is written as on the edge of death and expiring within several rounds after the PCs finding them, apparently forgetting that the PCs are likely to have considerable amounts of magical healing at their disposal).

There’s the core of a good story to this module, and with the right group and the right handling, the elements of gore, horror and sexual content within could make for a solid night’s gaming that doesn’t flinch from the realities of situations that would, all too often, occur on-screen in a ‘realistic’ setting but are usually ignored or brushed past. A decent editor could have polished away the worst rough-edges and possibly salvaged the product... but as it stands, I have to say “Not recommended. Give this one a miss.”

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The Ghost Princess COMPILATION
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