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by A customer [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/22/2016 22:38:37

Trilaterum was designed to provide a rules set specifically for Stan Johansen's figure ranges, many of which are or were originally designed for the Space Opera RPG by Fantasy Games Unlimited. I bought the pdf but I understand it'S also available in book form. The pdf is 44 pages in length, with the pages 1-27 covering intro rules and special rules, (I'll be honest here, I did not buy this book for the rules I bought it for setting information on Stan Johansens figures, so I haven't read the rules yet).

Pages 28-36 provide a one page brief on each faction and unit stat blocks for the Trilaterum rules.

A few pages are devoted to makeing custom units with other figure ranges. Three pages of scenarios

and a quick reference sheet.

Ok not having read the rules means this review is far from complete, but the rules layout apperas logical and easy to follow.

There is a points system for those who need one.

Seeing as I purchased this for setting information only and not the rules, I can only rate it for the parts I will use. That being said, those parts are well organised, clearly written and easy to understand and I would love to give this pdf a high rating.

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