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Dice Roll Zine #1
by Sophia B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/01/2017 02:14:05

For $4 the zine is a steal. It offers terrific content for a gonzo sci-fi/fantasy old school game and thoughtful rules. Plus, as a solo gamer, I found a lot of practical tools. I'm surprised about how much I like this zine. It provides a different take than the dark stuff that I prefer in Vacant Ritual Assembly or Wormskin. I like that the author included extra downloads of the maps. And I value that the text is released as Open Content under the OGL. The layout is friendly and straightforward. That is a feat in itself. Paired with the artwork and the maps, Dice Roll Zine #1 looks nifty. Digital bookmarks would have been lovely. But not having them is not a dealbreaker. Full review is available at

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Dice Roll Zine #1
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Dice Roll Zine #1
by Shane W. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 10/10/2017 15:36:09

For the price it's totally worth it! Here's a brief overview.

First off it has a B/X Old school flavour to it. There's a LOT of great art within. I am in love with the cover (honestly a toadstool inn! way to hit right close to home on that one boys!).

Here's what you get:

How to resolve anything that comes up: An article on ability scores with a awesome table.

The Barbarian: An optional B/X Class

Optional Combat rules for heroes

Turning Undead: A different way of dealing with creepy undead that should have stayed dead (b/x).

The Purple Mushroom Inn: A sci fantasy adventures site for low mid level characters. (Damn this is awesome!). Complete with rumor & adventure table, menu, NPC staff, detailed personalities, and wonderful tavern map (and underground lair).

Random Chaos Mutant Die Drop Table: Great table with a pile of weirdness.

Random Dungeon Stuff: A bunch of excellent tables for dungeon crawling.

Mega Dungeon Maps: The Treasure Vaults of Nargu Qa'Dash. There are 4 extremely detailed dungeon maps (all hand drawn), combined with the random dungeon stuff tables, and a few wandering monster tables, you basically have a game ready to go. (of course a bit of inspiration).

**Oh look here's some inspiration

Reasons for entering the dungeon**

  1. To return a ring to a lost love. (Long ago a dark elf maiden fell in love with a traveler, it was his dying wish to have her ring returned).

  2. Hunting expedition. The coats of the shaggy beetle are extremely sought after, and worth quite a lot of gold.

  3. Recently a Gnomish Caravan came to the surface with trade goods. Turns out that the good they sold are all defective. They need to be returned and the gold paid retrieved.

  4. A local scholar will pay for detailed maps of the dungeon.

  5. The source of the death shadow plague points towards the depths.

  6. In the darkness there are rumblings, causing structures on terra firma to fall down and crumble.

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