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Journey RPG
by jean-frédéric m. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/24/2017 06:06:29

This is a very subjective review.

I m usually a fan of rule-light generic games and narrative/cinematic ones. With a rule-light narrative system (à la The Pool for exemple), in general you read the rules and you re good to go immediatly with a very quick characters creation. And journey is quick to read (less than 15 minutes for me and english is not my native tongue), the rules are light as advertised... but it s not really good and there is way better in the same price target, in open price or just freebie. It feels amateurish at best and i have some issue with the wrting (regardless the typo error i posted in a comment), saying to reader in short, ''you dont know RPG ? well you were certainly the bro jock in school" then you go with really flat and generic tips.

To sum up the basic rule, you roll a 10D and you add your bonus or malus, you compare your score to a target number. it s simple, yes, but it feels a bit clunky, at least for me.

But, there is at least an interesting mechanics, the magic system use a difficulty scaled called ''desired effect", i ve seen this kind of mechanic in other games (like ICONS or O.V.A. RPG), wich simply mean you want to do a FX, the gm give you a target roll to beat, not really original but it works well, and i m sure with some work, the core mechanics could be much better.

Could I recommand Journey ? as i said, i m not really conviced by it i paid less than two dollar, the original price is about $5 (4 euros and half), for the same target price you have better options.

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Journey RPG
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