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Out Run. Out Gun. Out Last.

Outrider is a game of post-apocalyptic vehicular combat that utilizes a unique blend of dice and card mechanics that create a fast-playing, highly detailed and customizable player experience.

Outrider Cards

Outrider is a 2D print-and-play game designed to quickly turn your pre-apocalyptic kitchen table into a post-apocalyptic warzone. Outrider features easy-to-construct components and is designed to fit standard-sized card sleeves and collectible card tuckboxes. All you need to add is a set of four (4) gaming dice (d6, d8, d10, d12) to hit the road runnin' and gunnin'. Outrider can also be used as the basis for a fully 3D miniatures game by adding 3D terrain and using the largest ready-made range of the most inexpensive miniatures around: 1/64th scale die cast cars!

Fast and Furious

Teachable in minutes, the focus of Outirder is to keep the pace fast, the choices meaningful and the action fun! Most games are playable in a hour. Even with six to eight players, the rounds are quick. The movement mechanics are designed to feel more like driving and less like high school geometry.

Players select their vehicles from a set of templates that represent a wide variety of vehicles - each with its own unique characteristics. Players then use dice to customize (and arm) the vehicles. The dice represent the powerplant, weapons, armor and even the driver of the vehicle. Players form Outriding crews to fit the mission, allowing the players to be flexible in their vehicle (and equipment) selections. Some vehciles may be better suited for certain roles but it's always handy to have someone riding shotgun. 

Get Behind the Wheel.

Play is centered around a maneuver deck that allows the players to 'program' their action for a turn. Programmable actions include both movement AND attacks - but players need to be careful: Their drivers may not be able to handle EVERYTHING demanded of them, resulting in a possible loss of control.

Gear Up and Roll Out.

The base game includes three introductory scenarios, pitting teams of Outriders, Texas Rangers and Comanchero Raiders against one another. More equipment and advanced rules are available in the form of 'Bolt-Ons,' allowing players to customize and scale their Outrider experience for their group or event.

Visit the DiceFestGames Publisher page for additional Outrider content.

Video of Outrider in Action!

Outrider in Action

Visit DiceFestGames YouTube Channel for more Outrider related videos, including video demonstrations.

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Customer avatar
Matthew T January 26, 2023 3:19 am UTC
What die is used for the loss of control roll? I've been using the DRIVER die, which makes sense mechanically (since better drivers would have a better chance of regaining control), but I don't think the text ever makes this explicit. Unless I missed something?
Customer avatar
Matthew T January 23, 2023 2:03 am UTC
Do you plan to make available PDFs of the terrain tiles? I don't think they're currently included.
Customer avatar
Julen M November 09, 2022 5:51 pm UTC
Hi there

I'm higly interested on the game but I got one question. What is the difference between this product and the one called "Outrider Starter Deck"? Do i need both? I see there are diferent ammount of things in each product but I don't understand if I need both or the content is duplicate or not. Thanks a lot for your time.
Customer avatar
Matthew T January 08, 2023 12:59 am UTC
I would like to know this as well.
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