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Contamination Europe Soundtrack "Radioactive Winds"
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Contamination Europe Soundtrack "Radioactive Winds" (produit audio)


Contamination Europe Soundtrack "Radioactive Winds"

This is the soundtrack for the Contamination Europe Role Playing Game. It can be used as background ambient music for your RPG-sessions.

Each track is in stereo MP3 format with a Bit rate of 128 kBit/s.

The Front Cover-Booklet and Back Cover Inlay for a CD are included as PDF. Just cut it out and fold them.

Three free Teasers of the soundtrack are available here:
Teaser 1
Teaser 2
Teaser 3

Some more tracks are available on Youtube: Contamination Europe on Youtube

Contamination Europe - A post-apocalyptic Role Playing Game is available in English and German here: Contamination Europe English Version
Contamination Europe German Version


Track List and Description - Total Playtime: 94 min

Track 1: 17. November 2065 End of the ancient World 5:17 min
On this day, mankind was nearly completely wiped out. Atomic fire devoured whole continents and evaporated the oceans. What the bombs had not destroyed was consumed by the wasteland, the Great War had created.
Radiation covered earth for many years, like a shroud, and turned it into an inhospitable, dead place. The huge cities of former times are now only pale steel skeletons, which stick up from the radioactive ashes of the wasteland.

Track 2: Battle at Emplacement 39 4:31 min
Emplacement 39 is a forward observation point and lies deep in the Toxic Fields. On the 14th September 2152 it was attacked by a large force of Plague-Mutants and Giant Virus-/Bacteria Cells. At this time only a squad of 6 Panzer-Warriors was deployed there.
The battle lasts 5 horrible hours and was extremely merciless. The Panzer-Warriors with assault rifles and a single flamer tried to engage the Giant Cells, while 2 squad members with energy weapons concentrated on the bigger Plague-Mutants.
PFC Lisa Nahr was assigned to this squad. She was equipped with a MG3 and responsible for the fire support.
She was the only survivor of the battle at Emplacement 39.

Track 3: Infested Ruins of Berlin 5:12 min
The ruins of Berlin are the home of the Plague-Mutants, strange biological organisms, which were created due to radiation and chemical resp. biological contamination. The lesser organisms like Giant Virus or Bacteria Cells are directly controlled by the Central Hive, while the humanoid Plague-Mutants have an own will and limited intelligence.

Track 4: Hamb - City of Sins 3:32 min
The remnants of Hamburg are called Hamb and are controlled by the Syndicates, criminal organizations, which are involved in drug dealing, prostitution, contract killing, ...
Hamb is a rather dangerous place, because street gangs, monsters and other dangers lurk in the ruins of the city. The only safe place in Hamb is the Reeperbahn, where countless whorehouses and gambling dens are situated.

Track 5: Tears of the Wasteland Tribes 2:15 min
The members of the Wasteland Tribes are one of the poorest people. They have hardly no knowledge of or access to technology. They live from what they can grow in the barren wasteland soil. Their weakness was not passed unnoticed.
Therefore they're hunted by Bandits and Slavers. So more and more Tribe members are caught and were sold.
Today the remaining Wasteland Tribes fight desperately for their existence.

Track 6: The Bandit-Clans 4:00 min
Bandits have lost nearly all humanity. They're murderers who raid caravans or abandoned settlements. They're hated nearly everywhere and should be attacked on sight.

Track 7: Iron Town - City of Steel and Junk 3:16 min
Iron Town is a giant junkyard and home of the Junkers. All buildings are a crude combination of all kinds of scrap, wood and other indefinable things.

Track 8: The Panzer-League - Warriors of the Past 3:41 min

The Panzer-League originates in southern Germany from the remnants of the German Army. They try to eliminate the greatest dangers for humanity in the wasteland, and there are surely a lot of threats out there.
Panzer-Warriors are equipped with the best weapons and armors available.

Track 9: Glowing Remnants of Dres 7:28 min
In ancient times, Dres was a huge city with half a million inhabitants and called Dresden. Today it's vastly radioactive contaminated, because nuclear material had leaked out of two research reactors. Radiation levels in Dres and the surrounding are incredible high.
But this is good for the inhabitants of Dres, The Radiated, because they're immune to radiation. So, Dres has become a safe place for them, where they are left alone.

Track 10: The Slavers 3:13 min

Slavers are Bandits with a sense for business. They recognized, that it's better to sell a victim, rather than slaughter him.

Track 11: Ki - A Glimmer of Hope in the Darkness 2:22 min

Ki is well guarded by the Judicators and therefore one of the few safe places in the wasteland. However the Syndicates in nearby Hamb are a constant threat for Ki.

Track 12: Metropol - Merchant City 3:48 min
Metropol was founded by the Trade-Union and is a city where everyone, even Bandits and Slavers can buy and sell their goods. It is a crowded settlement where the Trade Protectors do their best to ensure safety.

Track 13: Lezi - City of Flames and Ashes 2:06 min
The Ash Warriors have settled in Lezi. They believe the City Ruins are sacred, so they have sparked the "Eternal Flame". The fire can be seen hundreds of kilometers at night

Track 14: The Tech-Priests - Protectors of the Future 3:59 min
The Tech-Priests are descendants of scientists and soldiers, who try to rebuild civilization. They search the wasteland for ancient technology and even develop new things.

Track 15: Otok - Sanctuary of the Free 2:14 min

Otok is a small and poor settlement at the coast of the Sand Sea. It was founded by some escaped slaves.

Track 16: The Robots - The unknown Threat 2:41 min

The robots are an unknown threat to most wasteland dwellers. They are produced secretly in a hidden pre-war factory. Nothing is known about their existence or their goals.

Track 17: Wasteland Monsters 2:08 min
Many horrible creatures are created cue to radiation, but only one thing is certain: nearly all are carnivores.

Track 18: Wasteland Suite I 7:12 min
Track 19: Wasteland Suite II 3:06 min
Track 20: Wasteland Suite III 2:49 min

The wasteland is a scary place, where the remnants of the ancient civilization can be found everywhere.

Track 21: Wasteland Nights I 3:57 min
Track 22: Wasteland Nights II 3:09 min

Track 23: City Ruins 6:24 min
Track 24: Dead City 2:44 min
Track 25: Ghost Ruins 3:17 min

The huge cities of former times are now only pale steel skeletons, which stick up from the radioactive ashes of the wasteland.

Bonus Track: Robots first try
This was my first try for a track that fits the Robots. I think I failed, so I made another one. But perhaps you like it anyway.


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March 24th, 2018
Without a doubt, this is an impressive soundtrack for msGameDevelopment's Contamination Europe RPG! Though set in 2154 following a nuclear war that wiped out nearly the entire world population eighty-nine years prior, Markus Schuler gi [...]
August 8th, 2011
This is a great album at a shocking low price. Its not only a great background soundscape for apocalyptic roleplaying (from Fallout to zombie type), but its also a damn good dark ambient album also. I guess this person who made this album has done othe [...]
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