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The bustling streets of the far East, the grand municipalities of the Middle Kingdom, the exotic Imperial splendor of a land of rare silks and spices! The City of Jade is civilization at its height, a land rich in culture, that holds ancient tradition in the highest regard. Great for games set in distant Asian lands. Also great for meditation and yoga.

Sonic Legends soundscapes are a blend of music and sound effects specially designed to enhance tabletop and live-action roleplaying games. The music provides an emotive backdrop that helps your players get into the right mood, and the sound effects give you a realistic sonic environment to set your scene in. Each soundscape is approximately eight to ten minutes in length, and shifts to naturally follow a dramatic storyline. The best part is that each soundscape is seamlessly loopable, so there's no limit to how long your scene has to be! Just download your Sonic Legends soundscape to your mp3 player or laptop, turn up your speakers and GAME ON!

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February 11th, 2012
I added this to a Traditional Koto and Shakuhachi playlist in order to vary the songs for my Legend of the Five Rings roleplay atmosphere. The players were enthusiastic about it. [...]
Christopher H. [Featured Reviewer]
January 10th, 2011
This soft and lovely soundscape seems to blend Asian-inspired rhythms with quasi-Celtic instrumentation, producing a very enjoyable and peaceful overall effect. For a 4e D&D game, this would make great background music for a relatively peaceful tri [...]
NB N. [Featured Reviewer]
December 14th, 2010
A fairly innocuous track with Asian inspired strings and woodwinds. It's rather soothing at the beginning and appropriate for just about any Far East setting. It makes for good background music that would fit for a "world map" type situation [...]
October 7th, 2010
Serene, peaceful, and Asian flavored. I nice track which is subtle enough not to intrude on a gaming scene but rather help to augment the mood. Parts of the track feel more "Asian" than others but on the whole I think this is a good ma [...]
Ben G. [Featured Reviewer]
October 6th, 2010
This is a very pleasing track with an authentic Asian flavor. It does have some modern instruments featured, but I don't think these will detract from any sort of Asian-themed RPG campaign, modern, medieval or ancient. Of the four tracks here, this is [...]
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