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Early Pendragon [BUNDLE]

Early Pendragon [BUNDLE]



This is a collection of ALL the King Arthur Pendragon products available on DTRPG that pre-date the 5th Edition.

 Beyond The Wall
 Regular price: $7.99
 Bundle price: $4.35

The wall is Hadrian's Wall, a miles-long fortification built centuries ago to hold back hordes of wild savages living north of civilized Britain. Beyond it lies Caledonia, a bleak and harsh land where feudalism and civilization have never reached. Tribal Picts, the "Painted Men," rule here. Fiercely independent, they unify only to meet threats from outsiders, whom they loath and fear. Outsiders like your knight...

Beyond the Wall features notes on generating Pict characters, a survey of Pictish customs and religions, and a map and guide to the land of Caledonia. Religion among the picts is extensively covered, including articles concerning the Celtic Christian Church and an explanation of Heathenism. Complete rules add the Shamanic tradition to the Pendragon magic syst...

 Blood and Lust
 Regular price: $7.99
 Bundle price: $4.35

Stygian Stallions, Curses & Hags, Evil Customs, The Witch Queen Morgan

Blood and Lust provides four adventures and background material set across the Isle of Britain in Cambria, Logres, Anglia, and elsewhere. These adventures can either be played singly or can be arranged and linked to create a King Arthur Pendragon campaign. Various player handouts are provided, as well as a detailed map of Anglia.


 Book of Knights
 Regular price: $2.99
 Bundle price: $1.63

Epic Roleplaying in the World of King Arthur Pendragon

The Book of Knights is a complete edition of King Arthur Pendragon™ written to introduce you to the world of epic adventure in legendary Britain. Pendragon's unique system of Traits and Passions creates dramatic personalities and takes roleplaying to new heights.

Enter the Golden Age of Knighthood including all you need for character generation, combat and adventure. Create your own heraldric crest! Perform brave deeds! Seek the Holy Grail, or one of the Thirteen Treasures of Britain! Earn a seat at the Round Table! A lifetime of Adventure, combat, glory, honor and chivalry await!

This book is perfect for Players new to King Arthur Pendragon or anyone curious and new to roleplaying games.


 King Arthur Pendragon: 1st Edition
 Regular price: $9.99
 Bundle price: $0.00

Chivalric Roleplaying in Arthur's Britain.

Relive the glory of King Arthur's court. Uphold the chivalric ideals of fair play, courage, honesty, and justice as your caliant knight-character undertakes perilous quests and risks monstrous dangers in legendary Britain. He'll smite bloodthirsty giants and crush treacherous invaders for King Arthur and his own glory.

To play the Pendragon roleplaying game, you create and take on the role of squite, knight, or noble of the realm. Armed and armored, you overcome life and death struggles, impossible frustration, and ruthless enemies to join the Fellowship of the Round Table

The gamemaster leads the other players in interpreting the Pendragon rules and is central in bringing the adventures to l ife. He...

 King Arthur Pendragon: 4th Edition
 Regular price: $9.99
 Bundle price: $5.44

Listen and hear the life of a great lord who, while he lived, had no equal in cottage or castle. This event took place in the time of Arthur, the King, courtly and royal, and is about one of his great adventures. Wherever he went, of all kings, Arthur bears the flower; of all knights, he bears the honor. The whole country was chivalrous in those days. All knights were valiant, and all cowards were forver disgraced. --From the Wedding of Sir Gawaine and Dame Ragnell

Live the glory of King Arthur's court. Smite bloodthirsty giants, crush treacherous invaders, brave the mysterious lands of Faerie, and dabble in Celtic magic.

To become a Knight of the Round table you must uphold chivalric ideals of courage, honesty, fair play, and justice. Armed and armored, you are t...

 Knights Adventurous
 Regular price: $7.99
 Bundle price: $4.35

KNIGHTS ADVENTUROUS expands and amplifies many topics introduced in the basic Pendragon rulesbook, and is a valuable aid to both the players and the game master. Character Generation greatly expands the options of player-knights. Lands and Peoples describes France, Ireland, and various regions of Britain revealing rulers, vassals, armies, and interesting features. Covers the Cymri, French, Occitanians, Irish, Picts, Romans, and Saxons. KNIGHTS introduces new classes and noble ambitions. Various organizations include the Queen's Knights, Knights of the Grail Temple, and Order of the Golden Apple. Women details roles, ambitions, and character-generation. Religion Christianity, Paganism, Wotanism, and Judaism are all described. Wealth provides many ways of spending money including fea...

 Land of Giants
 Regular price: $7.99
 Bundle price: $4.35

Explore the lands of Scandinavia in the time of Beowulf and King Arthur.

While Arthur sat upon the throne of Britain, Beowulf drank mead in the halls of Hrothgar and battled Grendel for the glory and honor of his king.

Land of Giants is a supplement for the Pendragon roleplaying system, describing Scandinavian kingdoms as they existed in the time of King Arthur. This book features notes on generating Northman characters, a survey of Northman customs and religion, a map and guide to the region and new adventures.

Gamemasters can use the Scandinavian kingdoms as a place of adventure for their Arturian player knights, or play the Thanes and Jaris in a purely Northman campaign outside the influence of Arthur's rule.


 Lordly Domains
 Regular price: $7.99
 Bundle price: $4.35

Lordly Domains

Economic System: noble holdings, fiefdoms, and hosehold knights and officers. Grand Events: feasts and festivals, hosting a tournament, hunts and falconry. Heraldry Detailed cutaways depicting the inside of a lord's keep. "Of Allies and Enemies", a scenario demonstrating the concepts in Lordly Domains.

This book is about nobles and their responsibilities and privileges. Its rules cover the acquisition of land and the nature of nobility, expand upon the concepts presented in the Pendragon rulebook, and make the use of noble player characters a practicality.

The last chapter contains a set of illustrated, detailed cutaways depicting the inside of a lord's keep. Lordly Domains is an indespensable resource for King Arthur Pendragon.


 Noble's Book
 Regular price: $4.99
 Bundle price: $2.72

Noblemen are knights of great distinction who hold large fiefs and bear titles like count and duke. Each nobleman has a personal retinue and leads his own vassal knights. Noblemen live in castles and wage private wars. Each nobleman stands near his king and performs important duties.

This supplement tells you how to roleplay a nobleman for King Arthur Pendragon. Included are:


Duties and benfits for both players of bannerets, counts, dukes, and kings, and their characters. Hosting a tournament - five simple steps.


Land ownership, annual economic procedures. Standard Fiefs, generating a fief Taxes Building a castle.


Rules for sieges, raids and invasions. Battlements - illustrated examples of typical fortifications, inc...

 Pagan Shore
 Regular price: $7.99
 Bundle price: $4.35

The Irish call their homeland "...ire", "Banba", or "Fodhla," after three goddesses known to early settlers In Ireland, the Old Gods still live. The hills they own are as well-known as the raths belonging to human kings.

Ireland's interior plains feature emerald grasses, clumps of heather, hazel bushes, isolated oaks, and stranded glacial boulders. Few of the Irish plains are arable. Irish woods contain oak intermingled with birch, alder and ash.

Druids wield real power in Ireland. They oversee the rituals and ceremonies to which all Irish look for their livelihood: the rituals of harvest, ceremonies of birth and death. They wield power over kings and battles, with the ability to geas nobility and halt warefare, like sacred referees.


 Perilous Forest
 Regular price: $7.99
 Bundle price: $4.35

Many Quests, Ferocious Dragons, Devastated Lands, Hadrian's Wall, & a guide to the King's Highway

Perilous Forest is a supplement for the King Arthur Pendragon roleplaying game system. It includes three major adventures, and extensive background for western Cumbria and the Perilous Forest. These adventures are arranged as a linked campaign along the King's Highway from Eburacum to Carduel. They can be played individually without adjustment. Player handouts are provided, as are a detailed map of western Cumbria and another of Hadrian's wall, showing cities, wall conditions, and other notes for the time of Arthur.


 Savage Mountains
 Regular price: $7.99
 Bundle price: $4.35

Savage Mountains features four complete adventures for the King Arthur Pendragon roleplaying game, set among the wild mountains of Wales. Ample background information is provided for the gamemaster. including details on the peoples of the region, politics, and notable places. Particular sections of this book are intended to be photcopied and be given to the players. A major city in the region, Carlion-on-Usk, is described and is illustrated in detail.


 Regular price: $9.99
 Bundle price: $5.44

Wolves in the Fold of Arthur's Britain

The definitive roleplaying sourcebook on the advent of the Angles, Saxon and Jutes in Britain!

The Romans fortified the southeast coast of Britain and called it "the Saxon Shore" to defend against the piracy of these wolves of the sea.

But after the Roman legions left, the tyrant King Vortigern invited them into Britain as mercenaries to fight his enemies. Ambitious and treacherous, they siezed Vortigern as a hostage and slaughtered his nobles at Stonehenge during the "Night of the Long Knives." Now, forced forever from their homelands on the Continent, the Saxons are in Britain to stay. Some work for peace. Most others for war. Not even the combined armies of King Arthur can eradicate them, though...

 Tales of Chivalry & Romance
 Regular price: $5.99
 Bundle price: $3.26

Tales of Chivalry & Romance contains adventures which explore the two ideals which set King Arthur Pendragon™ apart from most other roleplaying games.

The code of chivalry and the high art of romance are vital elements of the true knight's character. They can inspire you to great deeds of valor and honor, or if frustrated, can lead to dark rifts between lords and lovers. The adventures found within can be played individually for an evening's entertainment, or woven into your own epic campaigns.



Part One: Chivalrous Quests

The Adventure of the New-Made Knight On the Virtues of Knighthood The Story of Castle Wakely Rules for Ghosts & Haunting The Adventure of the Mysterious Manor Short Chivalrous Adventures


 Tales of Magic & Miracles
 Regular price: $5.99
 Bundle price: $3.26

Tales of Magic & Miracles bring characters into the supernatural world surrounding Arthur's Britain. Since the Enchantment of Britain began, the Other Side has intruded more and more into everyday life. Whether Pagan Faerie, or Christian Visions, the Supernatural cannot be ignored. Within this book, five adventures and many short adventure seeds bring player characters into contact with the Other Side of Enchanted Britain.


Magical Quests

The Adventure of the Rosebriar Knight The Adventure of the Deceitful Faerie The Adventure of the Faerie Road Short Magical Adventures

Christian Quests

The Adventure of the Holy Sword The Adventure of the Castle of Light Short Christian Adventures


 Tales of Mystic Tournaments
 Regular price: $9.99
 Bundle price: $5.44

Adventures in the world of King Arthur Pendragon


"I accept the challenge in the name of my King and good Uncle, Arthur Pendragon. Let my sword cleanse his name forever of this viles accusation!"

-Sir Gawaine, from "The Adventure of the Grey Knight"

Tales of Mystic Tournaments includes three classic adventures revised for 4th edition Pendragon. Find one of the treasures of Britain and save King Arthur's honor by challenging the Grey Knight. Travel to wild Cambria and participate in the Tournament of Dreams. Dare all to win your own kingdom in The Circle of Gold.

With new rules for interpreting dreams and casting Dream Magic, as well as revised rules for hospitality and feast.


Life at...

 Tales of the Spectre Kings
 Regular price: $9.99
 Bundle price: $5.44

Saxon Vengeance Rides By Night!

"There is an evil which I have seen under the sun, and it lies heavy upon men... I speak of the Spectre King."

-Abbot Whiterood, The Adventure of the Spectre King

The latest "Tales of..." adventure book for the King Arthur Pendragon roleplaying system plunges the players into supernatural mystery and facing the legendary foes of Britain including spectres, ghosts, werewolves and a great horned boar. The supplement contains six adventures of uncanny danger and high adventure, and a close-up of the scholar's town of Cambridge. There can be found savants and sages to aid player-knights facing foes and problems not of this world.

Tales of the Spectre Kings reprints material...

 The Boy King
 Regular price: $9.99
 Bundle price: $5.44

Adventure with young Arthur in his quest to claim the kingship of Britain. Battle enemy lords, defend the realm against savage invaders, and clear the land of awesome monsters. Find glory in the dozens of adventures provided.

The Boy King contains everything needed to run an 80-year campaign spanning from before Arthur pulls the Sword of Kingship from the stone to the height of his empire. CHARACTER GENERATION details character creation for the time before Arthur's reign. BRITAIN BEFORE ARTHUR presents a chronology of events important to the realm. BEFORE ARTHUR and THE SAVAGE FOREST provide oportunities to integrate player knights into the ongoing events of Britain. The BOY KING CHRONOLOGY details the glorious battles and dozens of potential adventures to help Arthur gain his k...

 The Grey Knight
 Regular price: $1.99
 Bundle price: $1.08

YOU SHOULD KNOW these noble people by their arms. Some you can trust, while others are deadly foes. One is Arthur, king of all England, a good and kindly man. Another is the Grey Knight, a fearsome warrior and the King’s dire foe. He challenges Arthur’s right to rule and accuses him of murdering hundreds of children in northern England.

Sir Gawaine, Arthur’s best knight and champion, will defend the King’s honor in a duel to the death. But Merlin prophecies that Gawaine will die at the hands of the vile Grey Knight, with only one chance to save him.

There are ancient artifacts of extraordinary, magical power. One of the Thirteen Treasures of Britain is the key to Gawaine’s salvation.

Arthur proclaims a solemn quest: comb the length a...

 The Pendragon Campaign
 Regular price: $3.00
 Bundle price: $1.63

The Pendragon Campaign is Greg Stafford's original expression of the great sweep of story that he later covered in full detail in Great Pendragon Campaign for the 5th edition of his award-winning King Arthur Pendragon. It is offered here on DTRPG on a PWYY basis to allow modern gamers the opportunity look get an inside look at the classic roleplaying game. If nothing else, you should read Greg's Designer's Notes on page 70, the conclusion of which begins as follows:

"I seek expression through creating roleplaying games; to exerise the imagination is to exercise the soul. Pretending to be a knight in the world of King Arthur stimulates the mind, imagination, and psyche of every participant and is good for mental, spiritual and emotional health. Seeking and experiencing the i...

 The Spectre King
 Regular price: $7.99
 Bundle price: $4.40

The Spectre King contains six adventures for the King Arthur Pendrago roleplaying game. All are of medium length, requiring several sessions of play each.

Of note, the Grand Tournament of Logres introduces the summer tournament circuit - regularly occurring festivals that knights can attend year-after-year, with a list of events so that every year's tournament is different.

Also included is a chapter of information on the university city of Cambridge, with details on creating a university-educated character. Finally, there is background and a map for the Abbey of La Beal Adventure.


Total value: $156.80 Special bundle price: $79.98 Savings of: $76.82 (49%)
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