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Humans have been in space tens of thousands of years, and societies have risen and fallen so many times that no one remembers where we come from.

Colonies are grouped in clusters of a few systems connected by slipstreams—artifacts of the cosmos or perhaps a forgotten technology. Only the slipstreams allow travel faster than light. Apart from that, spacecraft make do with reaction drives, dumping heat as best they can.

Diaspora is a self-contained role-playing game, with rules for starship battles, individual combat, social interaction, and platoon-scale engagement, in an original science fiction setting that you help design.

This is your universe. How are you going to survive?

Diaspora is based on the FATEv3 engine made famous by Spirit of the Century. It is published under the Open Gaming License.

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Michael D December 09, 2014 4:18 pm UTC
Two years ago, this might have gotten a rave review - a novel take on the emergent Fate engine, with diverse sub-systems to support many sessions of play. But now we live in the era of Fate Core, probably the most exciting RPG release of the last four years, which introduced so much clarity and consistency into the system as to make Fate-that-was feel woefully obsolete. Diaspora is not bad, but it's not Fate Core, which lest we forget is available for free. Why indulge in the clunky eccentricities of Diaspora's social conflict system, for example, when it's managed so effortlessly by Fate Core?

Even without this unflattering comparison, Diaspora has plenty of issues. The skill list is the worst of both worlds: incredibly long AND missing key options. Since there's no obvious skill for leadership, deceit, lie detection or contacts, the judgement call of your GM here can make or break the game. For us, "Resolve" was the god-stat, seeming to be the most appropriate option for mental defence,...See more
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Pierre S July 31, 2014 10:37 pm UTC
If we bought the hardcopy book, do we get a .pdf file of it free?
Customer avatar
Pierre S July 16, 2015 5:49 am UTC
And I found out the answer is, "Probably."
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