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All Flesh Must be Eaten Revised
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All Flesh Must be Eaten Revised

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As they approach your home, the evening wind carries their stench through the air. Your dog barks wildly, frenzied by the smell. You awaken from a restless sleep, look out your window and see staggering corpses on the move.

You are halfway down the stairs when you hear footsteps on the porch. You run into the living room and pry open your gun cabinet. As you fumble, the front door collapses from the weight of a pair of rotting corpses. They shamble into the hall, arms outstretched, reaching for you. You unload your shotgun into them. They fall back. To your horror, they rise . . .

Welcome to the World of Survival Horror!

All Flesh Must Be Eaten is a complete roleplaying game. In it, you will find:

  • Eleven different Deadworld settings allowing customization of the storyline
  • A comprehensive zombie creation system to surprise and alarm players
  • A list of equipment crucial to surviving a world of shambling horrors
  • Detailed character creation rule for Norms, Survivors and the Inspired
  • A full exposition of the Unisystem rule mechanics, suitable for any game in any time period
  • Open Game License conversion text for porting AFMBE to your favorite d20 modern campaign 

Note: This edition is no different in content than the previous two printings; only typos and errata have been corrected. The only NEW material added to this book are the Open Game License conversions in the appendix as well as a grisly new cover.

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Jude S September 07, 2018 7:50 pm UTC
I was waffling on whether I was interested in this, but the Gilligan's Island reference in the preview put me over the edge. I'm a man of simple pleasures, so on the wishlist it goes.
Customer avatar
Colin C September 03, 2018 4:38 am UTC
Any chance of POD, please?
Customer avatar
Michael D December 04, 2014 4:44 pm UTC
The rules are easy to learn. The creators clearly know their zombie fiction. And the DIY zombie creation chapter is a lot of fun.

But by GOD does Unisystem have a way of making this game awkward.

Say you want to shoot a Nazi zombie in the head. Not an unlikely thing to want to do in a zombie game. First you roll a d10 to hit. Then the zombie rolls a d10 to dodge. Then you roll for hit location. Then you roll for damage. Then the zombie rolls for his helmet armour. That's FIVE stages of dice rolling to find out if the zombie is dead or not.

Also, on any of those stages you rolled a d10, did you get a 1 or a 10? If so, it triggers extra positive or negative results - that'll be another die roll, maybe more. And this is the core resolution mechanic, requiring successive stages of dice rolling 20% of the time that you try to do ANYTHING. You also have to calculate your degree of success or failure on a chart with extremely inconsistent range bands, which makes learning...See more
Customer avatar
Łukasz K October 31, 2014 9:42 am UTC
It would be good if the next revision included the converted values for metric units in the whole book (e.g. currently the vehicles lack this). Most of the world uses the SI units, it might be nice to give them something they (me) can work comfortably with :-).
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