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Karma Roleplaying System Core Rules Book
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Karma Roleplaying System Core Rules Book

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Control your character’s destiny in ways you never thought possible!  The Karma Roleplaying System offers you a unique modular system that lets you build the character you always wanted to play.  No levels or classes.  No arbitrary restrictions.  Create your own races.  Design your own spells. Build your own magical items.  All using an easy-to-follow point system.

Planning the Game:  Advice for Storytellers on how to approach the system and customize it for the type of game you want to play.

Basic Game Mechanics:  The basic game rules for ability checks, distance and movement, carrying capacity, body mass and damage, combat, and more. 

Character Creation:  Detailed help to allow players to maximize the potential of their characters.  Information on putting character professions and specialties to the best use.  Heroic Healing.  Powers and race creation.  Equipping characters.  Earning experience and training points.

Elements of Magic:  Complete details on how to build spells from scratch.  Spell evolution.  Dozens of pre-generated spells to edit, advance, or use as-is.  Magical Disciplines.  Creating magic items.  Sample magic items. 

The Art of War:  Martial Disciplines.  Advanced combat rules.  Weapon and armor charts with weapon specializations. 

For Storytellers:  Encounter planning.  Sample NPCs.  Monster creation rules and sample monsters.  Alternate Wealth Rating system to simplify in-game accounting.  Alternative Reputation Rating system to help encouraging roleplaying.

Everything you need is in this one book.  Additional supplements expand on the information in the core book, providing storytellers and players with additional ready-made material to use and additional inspiration for their own creations.

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August 2nd, 2010
I was actually rather disappointed by this one. Possibly because I expected a lot out of it from the pitch : this book ends up missing two thirds of its alleged content, allowing gameplay at the first power tier only. [...]
Megan R. [Featured Reviewer]
March 8th, 2009
Intended as a game which will allow you to play literally whatever you like, in terms of genre and character, with a game mechanic that revolves around a single D20, the Karma Roleplaying System is presented in a concise and logical manner. Naturally, [...]
November 6th, 2008
At first, this core rules books seems a bit backwards, because it presents things like combat and ability check rules before it goes into character creation. But yet that makes sense, because in order to maximize your character you need to understand [...]
November 3rd, 2008
Yet another generic roleplaying game... or is it? Karma is actually a good engine for people who are tired of the complexity of OGL, but familiar with its basic tennants. Although the game bears little in common directly with OGL, you will get the feel [...]
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