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"It's an impressive amount of work and the approach seems good. I like it... It reminds me a little of our original idea of what the Rules Compendium was supposed to be" (Monte Cook, designer 3rd Edition, used with permission).

"Put your game to the SORD" (Shane O'Conner, staff reviewer)

PLAYERS and GMs...

Are you tired of...

  • Players searching through books at the height of your encounter, just to Demoralize an enemy.
  • Determining the AC mods of a character Fighting Defensively?
  • Figuring out the Armor Check Penalty of a Heavily Encumbered Chainmail-wearing elf trying to jump across a 10-foot chasm?
  • Searching for all the details of one rule across four or five pages spread all over the place  in your handbook..
  • Spending 45 minutes running a 4 round combat encounter.

Then SORD  is for you!
Whether you are a player or gamemaster, SORD puts the rules in their place - Literally!

All the attack types are found on a single page, from Attacks of Opportunity to Coup de Grace.
Need a Banded Mail's Armor Check penalty because your hero is climbing a rope? It's on the armor class page with all the other important Armor Class modifiers.

And so much more! Skills, Special Attacks, Damage, Weapons... it's in SORD.

Did you notice all the examples mention a Single PAGE!? That's right, SORD has a 1-page design. For each major component, AC, Attacks, Damage, you name it, the rules are contained on a single page!

With SORD:

  • Combat will speed up by 10-15 minutes per encounter..
  • Character generation is a snap.
  • Players will try riskier, more amazing combat actions.
  • Your game will be more fun, because you will spend more time playing!
  • All in only 30 pages of crunchy goodness.

See SORD for yourself in the preview.

Though colorful, SORD will work fine in Black and White mode.
Extensively Bookmarked and Hyperlinked for online reference.

SORD cuts right to the heart of gaming!

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May 11th, 2016
Great PDF. They've even added combat manuvers and mounted combat! All the rules you need in combat are here! [...]
March 22nd, 2013
This is an amazingly useful product. Having the vast majority of the more commonly referenced rules, each on a one sheet easy to find, view and use page... Amazing. I wish our group had found this product the first time we were playing 3. [...]
September 11th, 2009
Whether a player or a DM, this is an absolute essential for 3E. Extremely well done. [...]
March 20th, 2009
A well-organized presentation of the D&D rules. I'm glad somebody put this together! [...]
November 20th, 2008
OK, so back when 3.5 first hit, someone put out a little 4-page PDF that circulated for free that condensed most of the more important charts into little cheat-sheets. And my group has used that ever since. SORD takes that concept and expands an [...]