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Eclipse: The Codex Persona Shareware
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Eclipse: The Codex Persona Shareware

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   This unique d20 sourcebook includes:

  • A single pay-as-you-go system that allows you to build exactly the game and characters you want, exactly the way you want them. With completely personalized classes you’ll never need to consult another book of prestige classes, feats, or special abilities again!
  • Hundreds of new and expanded character abilities and feats to cover every special power and exotic ability we’ve ever seen, including vastly expanded Turning, Bardic, Leadership, Martial Arts, Proficiency, and Combat techniques.
  • Eight entirely new magic systems - Hexcraft, the Path of the Dragon, Ritual and Rune Magic, Thaumaturgy, Dweomer, Theurgy, and Witchcraft. Use one - or let the magical free-for-all begin!
  • Corrupted and Specialized Magic, as well as expanded Metamagic, Spell Storing, and Item Creation to accommodate thousands of different worlds and spellcasters.
  • Integrated campaign-based restraints on special powers, rather than arbitrary restrictions and a cumbersome array of prestige classes.
  • Disadvantages, Motivations, Ethics and Divine Patronage to add depth to characters and worlds.
  • Building and Customizing Races and Templates, alternative Epic Spells, playable rules for Dominion and Divine Ascension, World Laws, and more additional options than you’ll ever be able to use!
  • Fully compatible and transferable rules covering fantasy, modern, future, cyberpunk, superhero, historical, and other settings.

   Eclipse: The Codex Persona is fully compatible with standard characters using the 3.0, 3.5, Modern, Future, and many other rulesets. Give all your old characters unlimited options for the future WITHOUT having to consult twenty different books!

   There isn't any "sample" file because the complete Eclipse: The Codex Persona is available as a shareware download. If you like it, we trust that you'll come back to pay for it - or use one of the links inside it to order a print copy.

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Zachary A September 02, 2017 2:17 am UTC
I have questions on how to use this with something like tome of battle/path of war or spheres of power. One that changes combat and one that changes the magic system.
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