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This super special 80% off Mega Bundle contains more than three-dozen popular and bestselling OGL/d20 titles, including Platinum-bestselling "Experts," "Insults & Injuries," and "The Noble Wild," and Gold-bestselling "Adventures in Wonderland," "Nuisances," "Warriors," and "Quantum Flux"!

346367-thumb140.jpgA Dozen New Druid Feats
Regular price: $0.99
Druids are the unquestioned masters of the natural world, with the ability to assume animal form and sway the forces of life and death in the wilds. This publication presents a dozen new feats for pl...
350369-thumb140.jpgA Rainbow of Slimes
Regular price: $0.50
Although green is the most common slime color, there are many others, the products of alchemy, magic, demonic corruption, trickster gods, and a variety of bizarre causes! This mini-supplement descri...
79282-thumb140.jpgAdventures in Wonderland: A Sourcebook for OGL Roleplaying Games
Regular price: $4.99
Welcome to Wonderland, a strange, sometimes creepy alternate world that incorporates aspects of a fairytale land, the elements of children's nightmares, and a demi-plane of chaos! This OGL so...
59992-thumb140.jpgCooper’s Compendium of Corrected Creatures: OGL Monster Stats A – D (Aboleth – Dwarf)
Regular price: $4.99
Are your game’s Aboleth Mages under-average? Are the Greater Barghest’s skill points grimly befuddling? Do you find Retriever Demons to be ridiculously dominant against your PCs? These are just a few...
60459-thumb140.jpgCooper’s Compendium of Corrected Creatures: OGL Monster Stats E – K (Eagle, Giant – Krenshar)
Regular price: $4.99
Are your game’s Fire Elementals a bit dim-witted? Are your Elves not as stealthy as they should be? Are your Formian Myrmarchs markedly unskilled? These are just a few of the monsters in the SRD that...
60991-thumb140.jpgCooper’s Compendium of Corrected Creatures: OGL Monster Stats L – S (Lamia – Swarm)
Regular price: $4.99
Are your game’s Weretigers a bit on the unhealthy side? Are your Mephits not quite as intimidating as they should be? Are your Dark Nagas markedly unskilled? These are just a few of the monsters in t...
84253-thumb140.jpgCooper’s Corrected Summon Monster I-III
Regular price: $4.99
Some of the most labor-intensive and disruptive sorts of spells in the game are for sure the various levels of Summon Monster. As soon as they are cast, things grind to a halt as the proper st...
91723-thumb140.jpgCooper’s Corrected Summon Monster IV-VI
Regular price: $4.99
Some of the most labor-intensive and disruptive sorts of spells in the game are for sure the various levels of Summon Monster. As soon as they are cast, things grind to a halt as the proper st...
Regular price: $9.99
Experts takes the concept of the Expert non-player-character class briefly described in the Dungeon Master’s Guide and gives it unprecedented depth and playability. This 176-page book i...
107072-thumb140.jpgInsults & Injuries: A Role-Playing Game Sourcebook for Medical Maladies
Regular price: $9.99
This download now includes two separate PDF editions of "Insults & Injuries," one for the OGL/d20 system and one for the Pathfinder RPG!  You have never read a game book quite like this one! Wri...
351289-thumb140.jpgInterplanetary Feats
Regular price: $1.99
This publication contains 62 Feats developed for use with any roleplaying games with futuristic themes that use the OGL/d20 system, from ones that enhance performance on spacecraft and zero-G conditi...
307351-thumb140.jpgMaterials of Ancient Empires
Regular price: $0.99
The idea of long-lost cultures that were technologically or magically superior to those of the current era of a game setting is fairly common in both fantasy and science fiction. This mini-sourcebook...
247535-thumb140.jpgMen & Monsters of Polynesia
Regular price: $1.99
One of the most fascinating regions of our own world is most assuredly Polynesia, a vast triangular area in the Pacific Ocean that encompasses Hawaii, New Zealand, Easter Island, Samoa, and Tahiti. T...
234586-thumb140.jpgMoat Monsters: A Sourcebook for OGL RPGs
Regular price: $1.99
In most fantasy settings, castles and cities are vital components of civilization, and many of these rely on moats for defense. These large ditches are usually filled with water and meant to stop att...
251887-thumb140.jpgMutant Plant Monsters
Regular price: $1.99
It is possible to use plant creatures much more effectively than usual by using some real plant biology in conjunction with new mutations, and this publication shows how to do that.  “Mutant Plant M...
349116-thumb140.jpgNoble Animal Spell Lists
Regular price: $0.00
This free download includes complete replacement spell lists for the various character classes customized for use with the bestselling Noble Wild “Animal Player’s Handbook.” In addition to old...
351701-thumb140.jpgNoble Wild Character Sheets
Regular price: $0.99
Features of this four-page set of character sheets for the The Noble Wild, Skirmisher Publishing's Ennie Award-nominated "Animal Player's Handbook," include spaces for rules innovations like B...
50544-thumb140.jpgNuisances: Director's Cut
Regular price: $9.99
FOR MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY Nuisances: Director’s Cut is unlike any other fantasy RPG sourcebook! It is a tribute to the early years of fantasy roleplaying games, a parody of the current...
446793-thumb140.jpgOS-TSRPG (Converting Modules from Early Editions of the World’s Most Popular RPG to TSRPG)
Regular price: $3.99
OS-TSRPG is a guide to quickly and easily using, and retaining the flavor of, Old-School dungeon modules with a rules-light storytelling system! This can allow grognards to pull their old adventures o...
349226-thumb140.jpgPrickly Customers: Porcupine & Hedgehog PCs for 'The Noble Wild'
Regular price: $0.99
This download contains bonus content for the "The Noble Wild," Skirmisher Publishing's Ennie Award-nominated "Animal Player's Handbook," including two new player character species/classes, the Hedgeh...
186649-thumb140.jpgQuantum Flux: Unique Superscience Artifacts
Regular price: $4.99
With his second law, that “any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic,” Arthur C. Clarke articulated a concept that could have been a shadowy undercurrent in the wider consc...
362535-thumb140.jpgRay Guns & Ruins
Regular price: $2.99
This dual-themed sourcebook is devoted to both descriptions and statistics for ray guns of all sorts, military and civilian, and material that can be used to make wastelands and ruins themselves, and...
312304-thumb140.jpgSix Spells: Alchemists
Regular price: $0.50
Alchemists are magical practitioners who specialize in transforming one sort of thing into another. While many fantasy games refer to characters of this sort, few actually put their abilities into ga...
352116-thumb140.jpgSix Spells: Blood
Regular price: $0.50
Many believe blood magic is solely the purview of necromancers and sorcerers, but these wizards were not the first to use it, and Druids and other nature priests understood for far longer that life c...
262704-thumb140.jpgSix Spells: Festivities
Regular price: $0.50
Many games focus solely on the combat aspects of magic, but in a fantasy world such powers can do almost anything. Spellcasters from more peaceful magical traditions might specialize in promoting hea...
273212-thumb140.jpgSix Spells: Kobolds
Regular price: $0.50
Kobolds are the weakest of the humanoid races and the magic of their witch doctors is one of the reasons that they manage to survive the onslaught of predators, adventurers and other humanoids. This ...
245934-thumb140.jpgSix Spells: Lizardfolk
Regular price: $0.50
Lizardfolk are a primitive swamp-dwelling people that are considered to be more in touch with nature than most of the other humanoid races. Their shamans have, accordingly, developed a number of usef...
249253-thumb140.jpgSix Spells: Monster-Making
Regular price: $0.50
This title contains six spells related to studying, altering, and creating creatures. They are formatted so as to be compatible with any games using the sorts of basic fantasy role-playing game rules...
355286-thumb140.jpgSix Spells: Mythos
Regular price: $0.50
“Mythos” is a word that evokes a certain ilk of horror that emphasize humanity’s utter isolation and inconsequence in a monstrous, unforgiving universe, in which things do go bump in the night and hu...
304019-thumb140.jpgSix Spells: Orcs
Regular price: $0.50
The gods of the Orcs have created spells for their people that revolve around combat and Elves and those presented here are but a tiny sample of their creations. This mini-publication gives some insi...
456749-thumb140.jpgSkirmisher Update Fall 2023
Regular price: $0.99
Welcome to Skirmisher Publishing’s Fall 2023 Update! We would like to tell you about and give you a peek at some of the things we have been working on lately, which include a fun new fantasy novella; ...
269404-thumb140.jpgSpontaneous Generation Monsters
Regular price: $1.99
Spontaneous generation, the idea that life can arise from non-living matter, is one of several obsolete biological concepts that can be used in fantasy games to provide a storyteller with more option...
59861-thumb140.jpgTests of Skill (An OGL Adventure and Sourcebook)
Regular price: $9.99
Tests of Skill is designed to entertain and challenge players through scenarios and encounters that can be overcome optimally through role-playing, skill use, and diplomacy. While traditional ...
106743-thumb140.jpgThe Jester Dragon's Guide to Defects
Regular price: $4.99
This download now includes two separate PDF editions of "The Jester Dragon's Guide to Defects," one for the OGL/d20 system and one for the Pathfinder RPG!  Even as characters can have Feats that giv...
54699-thumb140.jpgThe Noble Wild (An Animal Player's Handbook)
Regular price: $9.99
This download now includes two separate PDF editions of "The Noble Wild," one for the OGL/d20 system and one for the Pathfinder RPG!  This exciting book introduces comprehensive rules for playing in...
279656-thumb140.jpgThings That Go Bump in the Spaceship
Regular price: $0.99
Humans have a tendency to make mistakes, sometimes ones that have far-reaching and unforeseen effects. In our history we have wiped out entire species, transported exotic animals to places they reall...
423387-thumb140.jpgTSRPG (Travel-Sized RPG)
Regular price: $2.99
TSRPG (Travel-Sized RPG) is a rules-light storytelling game designed for a storyteller and one or more players that can easily be played anywhere, from the airport waiting area you are stuck in, to th...
59422-thumb140.jpgUpdated Animal Familiars
Regular price: $1.99
This booklet is dedicated to expanding the options for familiars available to arcane spellcasters like Sorcerors and Wizards and is inspired by a number of the concepts introduced in Skirmisher Publi...
55823-thumb140.jpgWarriors: A Comprehensive OGL Sourcebook for Fantasy Role-Playing Games
Regular price: $9.99
Warriors is a comprehensive OGL sourcebook for fantasy role-playing games that expands upon the description of the Warrior class in the Dungeon Master’s Guide. It is an invaluable resou...
101237-thumb140.jpgWisdom from the Wastelands Issue #11: Optional Combat Rules
Regular price: $0.99
In almost every roleplaying game, one of the biggest aspects is combat. Mutant Future is no exception, for, in many ways, combat could be considered one of the game's most crucial aspects - ne...
112108-thumb140.jpgWisdom from the Wastelands Issue #26: Energy Weapons
Regular price: $0.99
The latest installment in our popular series on leading edge military technology and combat rules, this issue brings five deadly weapon systems and several new combat “conditions” to your gaming tabl...
100439-thumb140.jpgWisdom from the Wastelands Issue #7: Planar Creatures & Concepts
Regular price: $0.99
One mutation that could greatly influence a campaign setting and its population is plane shift. Once a planar gate is opened, anything that comes through will affect the Mutant Future w...
279041-thumb140.jpgXenogenesis in Fantasy Settings
Regular price: $1.99
Xenogenesis is the concept of one species giving rise to another. There are at least four forms of xenogenesis, Will, where one creature causes its flesh to mold or spawn another; Alchemy, where the ...
61349-thumb140.jpg~ Cooper’s Compendium of Corrected Creatures: OGL Monster Stats T - Z (Tarrasque - Zombie), Along with the Appendices on Animals and Vermin ~
Regular price: $4.99
Are your game’s Tarrasques and Thoqquas distinctly unobservant? Are your Vargouilles not as stealthy as they should be? Are your Wights not reaching their full potential? These are just a few of the ...
348324-thumb140.jpg~ Gnoll Crocuta Spells: A Supplement to 'Tests of Skill’ ~
Regular price: $0.99
The Gnoll Crocuta is a highly detailed, 10-level OGL v.3.5 prestige class that is presented in the Skirmisher Publishing adventure sourcebook Tests of Skill. This publication has been c...
250488-thumb140.jpg~ New Golems of the Labyrinth ~
Regular price: $0.99
Of all the creatures found guarding hoards of lost treasure, Golems — constructs created by powerful spell casters from specific sorts of materials — are among the most interesting and dangerous. Som...

Total value:$144.14
Special bundle price:$27.99
Savings of:$116.15 (81%)

~ TSRPG (Travel-Sized RPG) ~

Be sure to check out Skirmisher Publishing's popular and Platinum-bestselling TSRPG (Travel-Sized RPG)! This rules-light storytelling game can easily be played anywhere, from the airport waiting area you are stuck in, to the overnight in some hotel where there is nothing to do (and also, of course, in your own home). All the basic rules fit on one page; no dice are needed; characters have just two stats; and any bookkeeping that might be required can be done on a cocktail napkin with a pen borrowed from a waiter. TSRPG is fully supported with sourcebooks that include "Arms, Armor & More," "Wands, Wagons, Whips & More," and "OS-TSRPG," along with 10 compelling scenarios, "A Long Way to the Top," "Beating Around the Bush," "A Midsummer Night's Scheme," "On the Plane of Magma," "A Violet Shade of Death," "A Rose for Erato," "Into the Terrorium," "Whiskey in the Jar," "Krampusnacht: Night of the Krampus!," and "Temple of the Banished Suns," all of which include pregenerated characters and the basic rules for the game, allowing them to function as quick-starts for it. We have also had TSRPG translated into a number of other languages, including German (along with three adventures, „Eine Rose für Erato,“ „Auf der Ebene des Magmas,“ and „Tempel der Verbannten Sonnen,“ along with the „OS-TSRPG" supplement), Spanish (along with four adventures, "Una Rosa Para Erato," "Un Tono Violeta de Muerte," ""¡El Plan de Una Noche de Verano"," and "En el Plano de Magma" and the "Armas, Armaduras y Más" and "Varitas, Vagones, Látigos y Más!" supplements), and Ukrainian

English TSRPG      Espanol TSRPG   Deutsch TSRPG   Yкраїнська TSRPG

TSRPG Wands TSRPG On the Plane of Magma A Violet Shade of Death A Rose for Erato Into the TerroriumTSRPGTemple of the Banished Suns TSRPG TSRPG Beating Around the Bush Krampusnacht!

Espanol TSRPG TSRPG TSRPG TSRPG El Plan de Una Noche de Verano TSRPG   Deutsch TSRPG Magmas TSRPG TSRPG

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