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EpisodicMaps: Mega Bundle [BUNDLE]

This special bundle product contains the following titles.

428036-thumb140.pngEpisodicMaps: Aelin Scor Casino
Regular price: $2.99
The lights were the first thing you noticed. Vibrant neons against the stark white of the exterior wall, proclaiming cards and slots, dice and alcohol. The sounds came next- quiet music escaping the ...
403152-thumb140.pngEpisodicMaps: Alley Slum
Regular price: $2.99
Day? You mean the time when the topside lights shut off and it gets dark enough the shops have to turn on theirs? We don't run on your time, your highness. You'll find that things come alive during y...
425604-thumb140.pngEpisodicMaps: Armory and Range
Regular price: $2.99
Whether its to prepare for an expedition to the surface of a hostile planet or to hone skills to protect a diplomat, you'll find the weapon you need here. You just need to make sure you're properly ...
431685-thumb140.pngEpisodicMaps: Asteroid Lab
Regular price: $2.99
There is nothing else within scanner range. The asteroid belt slowly circles the 6 inner planets of an ancient star system, the sun long dead. The asteroid slowly tumbles into view. You have to wait...
432337-thumb140.pngEpisodicMaps: Asteroid Lab Level 2
Regular price: $2.99
"Do not deviate from the blue path. The red corridor is out of bounds for visitors." The voice was soft and gentle as you disembarked your ship, repeating a second time before ending. A lone console...
378363-thumb140.pngEpisodicMaps: Beneath the Facility
Regular price: $2.99
It was a compulsion to drill, to seek, to learn. Something was buried deep in the crust of the world, hidden from us. It was insistent that the time had come. That it was ready to be found. How did w...
402468-thumb140.pngEpisodicMaps: Biological Experimentation Lab
Regular price: $2.99
The bloodstains seem to imply that this has been in use more recently than the data says. Your lead was certain that it was abandoned but you're not sure... The "biological experimentation lab" come...
404032-thumb140.pngEpisodicMaps: Chem Lab
Regular price: $2.99
Anything you need can be made here. Something to help you remember? Maybe something better, something to help you forget. Yes, yes, I can make it. But it will cost you. Oh yes, it will cost you. Wh...
405113-thumb140.pngEpisodicMaps: City Slums
Regular price: $2.99
They say the food there is the best you'll ever have, but as you step through yet another puddle of brackish sludge you wonder if it's because it is the last you'll ever have. The City Slums map inc...
377910-thumb140.jpgEpisodicMaps: Communications Room
Regular price: $2.99
"Nothing will start a war as fast as a miscommunication." Your job is vital- keep that line of communication open at all costs. Miscommunications and misunderstandings cannot be allowed; they can, a...
378253-thumb140.pngEpisodicMaps: Customs Arrival
Regular price: $2.99
Welcome, welcome! We've been expecting you since you entered the sector. We are the only port for parsecs, you know. We have a little bit of everything here, before you get to the main city. A mainte...
394755-thumb140.jpgEpisodicMaps: Desert City Modular Map Tiles
Regular price: $5.99
'I don't like sand. It's coarse and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere.' Well, I hope you're ready for sand. And heat. And a distinct lack of water that isn't priced through the roof, becau...
403734-thumb140.pngEpisodicMaps: Desert Water Silo
Regular price: $2.99
Long since dried out, could this water silo still hide some small portion of water? The rust gives you hope.... The water silo contains the exterior, close up of the building and popped out inte...
378254-thumb140.pngEpisodicMaps: Engineering
Regular price: $2.99
You've been planet-bound too long. The stars call. You have everything you need to repair the damage to your ship- now to get it all installed and running so you can shake the dust from your boots an...
403632-thumb140.pngEpisodicMaps: Escape Pods
Regular price: $2.99
One of my very first maps, all ships need an escape pod- or series of them. Presented here are the operations normal, under attack, and jettisoned/damaged variants. Also included are two i...
395647-thumb140.jpgEpisodicMaps: Garbage Compactor Level May the 4th Special release
Regular price: $2.39
May the Forth be with your players if they find themselves mixed in with the recyclables ;) <3 Included are gridded and non-gridded, 70pixel or 256pixel and the UVTTs for ease of import to your ...
400901-thumb140.pngEpisodicMaps: HT-2200 Medium Freighter Deckplan
Regular price: $4.99
As the HT-2200 is an established legends vessel, I have decided to release it in all variants and formats as "Pay what you want" as part of my early one-year anniversary celebration :) You'll find J...
377893-thumb140.jpgEpisodicMaps: Landing Pad
Regular price: $2.99
All matter of things come through the landing pad and into the customs buildings.  EpisodicMaps is happy to present the landing pad in 4 variants, for ease of import to any world you wish to use it...
380205-thumb140.jpgEpisodicMaps: Life Day Cantina
Regular price: $2.99
The snowman was made of sand. The tree made of junk and cast off droid parts and even a mask from one of the sand people. But none of that mattered as the drinks flowed, the lights twinkled, and musi...
378695-thumb140.pngEpisodicMaps: Life Support
Regular price: $2.99
Nothing is more important than air. Without fuel you are marooned in the depths of black space, all too aware of the distance between those twinkling stars. But you are still capable of surviving- ca...
402898-thumb140.pngEpisodicMaps: Luxury Yacht
Regular price: $2.99
Don't let her looks fool you. She's fast. Sturdy. Packing. You can't see them, but those turbolasers she packs will tear you to pieces before you even realize she's anything more than a yacht. Beaut...
406495-thumb140.pngEpisodicMaps: Maintenance and Docking Bays
Regular price: $2.99
 Every craft needs maintaining- and with that ever-reliable force-field between you and the stars you have no reason to worry about doing all of your maintenance and repairs in peace. Right? Thi...
378698-thumb140.pngEpisodicMaps: Meeting Rooms
Regular price: $2.99
From diplomats to crew members needing a private moment to think or be briefed, the meeting rooms have seen it all. Such benign rooms hold the deepest secrets- ripe for the hearing with all matter of...
378359-thumb140.pngEpisodicMaps: Non-Denominational Space Wizard Library
Regular price: $2.99
This set of maps features a library suitable for fantasy or certain sci-fi pseudowizards with laser type swords. It comes in ruined, stable, and empty variants with 70 pixel, 256 pixel, gridded and n...
378703-thumb140.pngEpisodicMaps: Research and Development
Regular price: $2.99
Congratulations!  You've been assigned to the Research department! You're not sure what you're working on quite yet, but it can't be anything too terrible, right? At least, that was what you...
378255-thumb140.pngEpisodicMaps: Sirinden Storage Solutions
Regular price: $2.99
We'll store anything you need- for the right price. Today's installment of EpisodicMaps brings you to Sirinden Storage Solutions- Storage for all your needs, biological or not. Featuring multiple s...
371596-thumb140.pngEpisodicMaps: Starship Corridors
Regular price: $2.99
5 Starship Corridors and their on alert variants, perfect for interlocking with existing EpisodicMap starship rooms and other corridors.  The Starship Corridors pack not only contains maps in 70 and...
425497-thumb140.pngEpisodicMaps: Subway Platform 23
Regular price: $2.99
Long abandoned, yet somehow inhabited, there is a smell of smoke and sage and something else. Something that stirs the deepest parts of your mind- but whether in exultation or terror, you know not. ...
378706-thumb140.pngEpisodicMaps: The Bank
Regular price: $2.99
"How may I help you today?" The teller's voice doesn't echo, despite the marble you stand on. In fact, you can't even hear the voice of the teller in the next seat, or the person speaking to them. ...
378250-thumb140.pngEpisodicMaps: The Bar
Regular price: $2.99
Featuring a lower level staffed with multiple droid bartenders, a holographic stage, and plenty of seating the bar is no slouch- and that's before you factor in the two-way mirrored ceiling that allo...
377907-thumb140.jpgEpisodicMaps: The Bridge
Regular price: $2.99
Flashes of laser fire break through the vastness of space, flickering lights and smoke choke the few brave souls that still clinging to their posts. To lose control of the bridge is to lose control o...
377345-thumb140.pngEpisodicMaps: The Brig
Regular price: $2.99
The cell was more comfortable than you had thought it would be, despite the constant light coming through the forcefield keeping you caged in. Even had a private bathroom with a shower.  It was nice...
403722-thumb140.pngEpisodicMaps: The Cantina
Regular price: $2.99
Drinks. Music. "Live" holodancers. The cantina was an oasis of semi-civilization on this dust ball. Shame you had to back out into the heat and dust and sand; at least you didn't have to be sober whe...
413536-thumb140.pngEpisodicMaps: The Clandestine Meeting
Regular price: $2.99
Pillars block the doorways from a direct blaster shot across the room. Each set of doorways lock behind the entrant- and only one set can be opened at a time. The gathering table sits atop what might...
425786-thumb140.pngEpisodicMaps: The Clinic
Regular price: $2.99
The clinic can treat all kinds of ailments- from addiction to blaster burns to broken bones. What brings you to the clinic today? Is it treatment, or something else? The last map of 2022 was origina...
378551-thumb140.pngEpisodicMaps: The Docking and Cargo Bay
Regular price: $2.99
Every ship needs a place to offload supplies and personnel. From medical supplies to weapons, everything has passed through this docking bay and lies within the storage rooms of its cargo bays. The t...
378550-thumb140.pngEpisodicMaps: The Hydroponics Bay
Regular price: $2.99
There are thousands of people on the ship. All of them require fed. Sure, you could use rations. There are ships that do that. Stale packets of barely discernable nutrients, sometimes a hint of somet...
426485-thumb140.pngEpisodicMaps: The Lift
Regular price: $1.79
You're so close to the station that you can almost taste the non-metallic air. Been in this tin can for too long and one of the Rejuvenation pods is calling your name. You have to enter Aelier stati...
412658-thumb140.pngEpisodicMaps: The Manor
Regular price: $2.99
Fireworks streak through the sky, bursting brightly above your head. The air is lightly scented with something you can't quite put your finger on- but it sure isn't oil, grease, and bodies. The mano...
364565-thumb140.pngEpisodicMaps: The Medbay
Regular price: $2.99
Welcome to the Medbay! This pack features 5 different variants of the Medbay in 70px, 256px, gridded, and non-gridded versions each. Also included are the UVTT files for ease of import to Foundry, Ro...
426084-thumb140.pngEpisodicMaps: The Mess Hall
Regular price: $2.99
Your crew has to eat. Might face a mutiny if they don't have somewhere to shovel chow in their faces- provide it with the Mess Hall battlemap set!  This set includes The Mess Hall in both clean and ...
378707-thumb140.pngEpisodicMaps: The Observation Deck
Regular price: $2.99
Shattered transparisteel, warped bulkheads and walls. Deep grooves in the floor where decompression ripped items from the flooring that were never meant to move and missing plates expose wires and pi...
412709-thumb140.pngEpisodicMaps: The Plaza
Regular price: $2.99
After the crowded slums below the open plaza before you feels far larger than it actually is. People stand in small groups, talking and your cab driver clears his throat a bit as you hesitate. Others...
378708-thumb140.pngEpisodicMaps: The Reactor Core
Regular price: $2.99
It's always about power. It comes in many forms. Many ways to use and be used. But for the ship, the reactor room and the power cores within are the lifeblood. Without them, everything falls apart. ...
381439-thumb140.pngEpisodicMaps: The Relaxation District
Regular price: $2.99
"You're sure this is the level you want?" The cabby adjusted the mirror to look at you. "Look, you seem decent. I know a better level, I'll take ya there, meter off even, this level just isn't-" You...
378257-thumb140.pngEpisodicMaps: The Scrap Heap
Regular price: $2.99
"Sure I got it. What don't I got? But ya got to get it yaself. Ya see, the Scrap Heap's a wonderland of parts and pieces, but the reason the price is what it is is cause of old TD-64. He thinks he ow...
378704-thumb140.pngEpisodicMaps: The Ship
Regular price: $2.99
Metal creaks alarmingly underfoot; bits of debris slide towards you as something screeches in protest in the distance. The smell of rust is so strong you can taste it. But finally there is peace. Th...
378360-thumb140.pngEpisodicMaps: The Shops At Aelier Station
Regular price: $2.99
The walls of the lift slide down as you arrive at your destination: the top floor of the massive shopping center on Aelier Station. Your first stop? Malist's Droid Rentals. Have to have something to ...
378614-thumb140.pngEpisodicMaps: The Starfield
Regular price: $1.79
Have you ever needed a moment to yourself? Some time to just drift and be alone with your thoughts? Well look no further! This expanse of space is exactly what you need. Raelon's Rejuvenation Pods co...
433959-thumb140.pngEpisodicMaps: The Umbra-Class Assault Shuttle- A Darkwulf Studios Collaboration
Regular price: $4.49
EpisodicMaps, in collaboration with Darkwulf Studios, has produced our first crossover and collaboration to present to you the- UMBRA-CLASS ASSAULT SHUTTLE This collaboration features 2 interior an...
378367-thumb140.pngEpisodicMaps: The Weapon Array
Regular price: $2.99
The weapon is charging, warning lights flashing. Your quarry awaits you, standing boldly in the middle of the retractable bridge. There are no railings to arrest your fall should it happen and your q...
378361-thumb140.pngEpisodicMaps: Underwater Research Facility and Lab
Regular price: $2.99
It's cold, dark, and more than once you're certain that you've seen large eyes staring back at you from the abyss. But it is home, and the work you are doing is important. But the orders from base s...
403471-thumb140.pngEpisodicMaps: V-Class Arrow Light Freighter
Regular price: $2.99
The V-Class Arrow is a Light Freighter that is known for its speed. Each comes standard fitted with a .8 Class Hyperdrive- virtually unheard of for a ship of its size. Rumors have spread of Arrows th...
431616-thumb140.pngEpisodicMaps: Valet Parking AKA The Parking Garage
Regular price: $2.99
The droid stands ready as you maneuver your speeder into an open slot. It slides into the driver seat as you head to the elevators, the cargolift lowering your speeder into a colossal garage. The dr...
426189-thumb140.pngEpisodicMaps: Vehicle Storage at Aelier Station
Regular price: $2.99
It's always a relief to arrive at Aelier Station. The lift shudders below your ship, forcefields activating and deactivating as you're lowered to the closest "parking spot" and large metal panels s...

Total value:$167.95
Special bundle price:$163.18
Savings of:$4.77 (3%)

Map sets include WEBP and UVTT files.

You can find my asset attributions in the post here.

Personal Use only through CC BY-NC-ND

For commercial use, please contact me via gmail @episodicmaps or on twitter, reddit or patreon.

Thanks for checking out this listing! You can always find more of my maps on reddit or Patreon.

Happy gaming!


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