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Mega Solo [BUNDLE]

Mega Solo [BUNDLE]

This special bundle product contains the following titles.

3Deep (2nd Edition)
Regular price: $5.99
"I love the way spell casting works" Ignacio M. The Ultimate World Builders Game 3Deep is one of the easiest and most flexible roleplaying system ever created. With just this book, you can adventure i...
13th Solo - Solo Roleplaying Rules Compatible with 13th Age
Regular price: $4.95
13th Solo - Solo Roleplaying Rules for use with 13th Age This rules supplement gives you a rules light approach to solo roleplaying 13th Age. These rules try to fit in as seamlessly with the core 13t...
A Lonely Knave, Solo Roleplay Using Knave
Regular price: $1.50
A Lonely Knave is one page, both sides, solo roleplay extension to Knave by Ben Milon (Questing Beast Games). It uses the same Knave mechanics, it strives for the same look and feel, and it plays the ...
Adventuring Alone
Regular price: $4.95
ADVENTURING ALONE Using Hero Kids. It was recently pointed out to me that most solo role-playing appealed to GMs, as they were already used to improvising and creating content on the fly...
Alone in the Dark, Solo Rules for Blades in the Dark
Regular price: $3.99
Alone in the Dark is a set of simple Solo play rules for Blades in the Dark You Need This Book Because all role-playing is improv and solo rules support that improvisation. Even as a group GM these...
Alone in the Loop
Regular price: $4.95
Alone in the Loop Solo Roleplaying Tales from the Loop Tales from the Loop is Free League's rules-light Zero Engine game of coming of age and exploring the 1980s that never was. These add-on rules ad...
Capers Solo
Regular price: $4.95
Capers Solo These rules add solo roleplaying as an option for Capers by Nerdburger Games. You will need the core Capers rules to use this book. Capers is a 1920s themed Supers game using a simple play...
Crusaders Solo Handbook Compatible with Castles & Crusades
Regular price: $4.95
These solo role-play rules are designed to make use of Castles & Crusades SiegeEngine™ mechanics. The rules provide oracles that fit in well with the games core dice mechanics, so you don't ha...
Dark Stalker Solo Roleplaying Rules for DS&DS
Regular price: $4.95
Dark Stalker Solo Roleplaying Rules for Dark Streets & Darker Secrets Explore the dark streets of the city, where every shadow is alive with sinister intent and the darkness gathers, but you are ...
Demonic Random Dice Tables
Regular price: $1.99
Requires Shadow of the Demon Lord from Schwalb Entertainment. These tables have been created to set your game free. They should make your games run faster. You can be more detailed if you don’t h...
Demonic Solo Rules for Shadow of the Demon Lord
Regular price: $2.99
Requires Shadow of the Demon Lord from Schwalb Entertainment. This supplement contains 12 pages of rules, tips, and tables for running a sandbox Shadow of the Demon Lord game without a GM. The rules a...
Devil's Staircase Wild West Solo Role Playing Rules
Regular price: $0.00
This is a solo role playing supplement to accompany the Devil's Staircase Wild West Role Playing Game public playtest and quickstart rules.  Devil's Staircase uses playing cards in  place of dice ...
Devil's Staircase:Wild West Roleplaying
Regular price: $4.99
Devil's Staircase:Wild West Roleplaying is a lightweight narrative role-playing game set in the American wild west. You can get up and playing in minutes. Unleash your inner cowboy or outlaw in this ...
Dog's Guide to Solo Play
Regular price: $2.99
Dog's Guide to Solo Play This booklet contains additional rules to allow Pugmire to be played without a Guide. If you are not familiar with solo role-play and how it works, the rules are explained and...
Dungeon Crawl Solo
Regular price: $4.95
Dungeon Crawl Solo Solo Roleplaying Rules for Dungeon Crawl Classics and Hubris This solo roleplaying supplement enables playing Dungeon Crawl Classics without a Judge. The rules are split into three ...
Forbidden Hero
Regular price: $4.95
Forbidden Hero - Solo Roleplaying in the Forbidden Lands This booklet brings GM-less play to Forbidden Lands This booklet combines two simple game mechanics and some advice on structuring a game for ...
Regular price: $4.95
Freelancer! Solo Roleplaying Warlock! Warlock is a great, rules-light game that marries Warhammer FRP with Fighting Fantasy. This supplement adds on solo play to the Warlock toolbox. There are three k...
Grim & Perilous Solo Rules - Supplement for Zweihander RPG
Regular price: $3.50
Why You Need This Book Because all role-playing is improv and whether you are playing solo or more commonly as GM to a group of players, there are times when you will have to improvise. These tools wi...
Hack Solo
Regular price: $4.95
HACK SOLO A Solo Oracle System for The Black Hack You can play The Black Hack [TBH] without a game master. Play when you like, for as long as you like. Grab your d20 and a d12 or two and...
HASP High Adventure Solo Play
Regular price: $2.50
High Adventure These rules are designed to be used along side Iron Crown's Platinum best selling game HARP High Adventure Role Playing. You will need to have a copy of HARP or any version of Rolemas...
Regular price: $4.95
ICONIC Hero Solo Roleplaying Compatible with ICONS Assembled ICONIC Hero gives you a simple set of tools that allow you to play ICONS Assembled without a Game Master. If you want to learn the game, or...
Inför döden är vi alla ensamma (We die alone)
Regular price: $4.95
Inför döden är vi alla ensamma (We die alone) Simple Solo Roleplaying supplement for MÖRK BORG. MÖRK BORG is a fantastically popular game at the moment. If you have the rules but have not been ab...
Into The Rad
Regular price: $7.00
Into The Rad A Mark of the Odd Solo Game. This game is a mashup of the original Into The Odd rules, from the SRD, a retro-clone of Gamma World(tm), and a really simple solo roleplaying system that use...
Lone Star: Solo rules for Mothership RPG
Regular price: $4.95
Lone Star: Solo rules for Mothership RPG This rules supplement allows you to play Mothership © RPG without a Warden. It does this using some very simple game mechanics that are fully in keeping with...
MAZE RAT, Solo Roleplay Using MAZE RATS
Regular price: $1.50
MAZE RAT is one page, both sides, solo roleplay extension to the best selling MAZE RATS by Ben Milon (Questing Beast Games). It has been designed to fit in seamlessly with Ben's super light OSR clas...
Monophobia - Rules Light Solo Roleplaying
Regular price: $4.95
Monophobia Rules Light Solo Roleplaying This book is designed for use with 7th Edition Call of Cthulhu but will work perfectly well with any edition if you are aware of the positive and negative dice...
One Lore
Regular price: $4.95
One Lore Solo Roleplaying The Lore System This rules supplement adds solo roleplaying to The Lore System. It can also be used with other BRP/d100/D100 lite systems if you are familiar with the way th...
Operation Solo Endeavor [OSE]
Regular price: $4.95
Operation Solo Endeavor [OSE] Solo Rules compatible with WWII Operation Whitebox This booklet provides additional rules and tables for playing WWII Operation Whitebox without a Game Master. Questions...
OSR Cosmic Horror Solo Roleplaying
Regular price: $4.95
OSR Cosmic Horror Solo Roleplaying Compatible with Eldritch Tales: Lovecraftian White Box Role-Playing(TM) This is a rules supplement that allows you to play Eldritch Tales without a Game Master. Th...
OSR Solo
Regular price: $3.99
OSR Solo rules These rules are intended to allow you to play an OSR, in this case meaning 0D&D, B/X style games, without a Dungeon Master. The game you will get using these rules will be a sand...
Player's Guide to Solo Roleplay
Regular price: $4.95
Players Guide to Solo Roleplaying Using Cepheus Engine for Solo Play. Solo roleplay is put forward as being for anyone who wants to play when there is no one else available. Most solo tools are actual...
Scion Solo Adventures
Regular price: $2.95
Scion Solo Adventures There are many ways to play role-playing games. For most of us, the immediate picture in your mind’s eye is that of a group of friends around a dining room table with everyone ...
Regular price: $4.95
Solitude Simple Solo Roleplaying supplement for Chivalry & Sorcery. Chivalry & Sorcery is one of the classic RPGs that takes me back to being 16 again and a time when my group discovere...
Solo Adventures compatible with Stars Without Number
Regular price: $3.99
Too Many Games Too many games get bought and never played. With these rules, you will be able to play Stars Without Number without a GM. Grab the rulebook off the shelf. Make yourself a character and ...
Solo Anime Adventures
Regular price: $3.99
Solo Anime Adventures This small rules supplement contains system-specific rules to let you play BESM 4th Edition without a GM. Either as a solo game or as a cooperative game with just players. The me...
Solo Dungeon World
Regular price: $4.95
Solo Dungeon World Playing Dungeon World without a Gamemaster This booklet allows you to play Dungeon World without a gamemaster. These rules use a simplified yes-no mechanic designed to encourage th...
Solo Engine for 7th Sea Role Playing Game
Regular price: $1.99
Solo Engine for 7th Sea This rules supplement allows you to play 7th Sea (1st or 2nd Edition) without a Games Master. Questions about your world and the actions of all the NPCs that you would normally...
Solo Fate
Regular price: $3.49
Do you want to play FATE? Do you want to learn how the game plays? These rules replace the need for a GM allowing you to run the game that you want to play. Solo campaigns can be sweeping adventure...
Solo Game Guide for Savage Worlds
Regular price: $3.99
Solo Game Guide for Savage Worlds This supplement provides a 15-page toolbox for a solo player to play their own Savage Worlds Wild Card through a series of adventures without a GM. This booklet provi...
Solo Laser - Solo Roleplaying in The Bleed
Regular price: $4.95
Solo Laser - Solo Roleplaying in The Bleed Take up law enforcement in The Bleed, Pelgrane Press's Space Opera setting for Ashen Stars. These solo rules stick faithfully to the gumshoe style of play. Y...
SURPS Solo Universal Role-Play
Regular price: $4.95
Solo Universal Role Play The material presented here is my original creation, intended for use with any Generic Universal Role Playing game.   Parts of these rules are developed from One Page Sol...
Symbaroum Solo
Regular price: $4.95
These rules add solo adventuring to the world of Symbaroum.  The booklet covers playing through published adventures and sandbox-style play. Normal solo tools provided include oracles for answering q...
Trials for One - Solo Roleplaying ICRPG
Regular price: $4.95
Trials for One Solo Roleplaying ICRPG The Index Card Role Playing Game is an intriguing game for solo players. Right there in the core book (2nd edition pg. 48) it suggests playing through the three ...
World of Darkness Solo Adventures
Regular price: $1.49
If you already own the StoryPath solo rules written for Scion those rules are newer and more expansive than these older rules. World Of Darkness Solo Adventures These rules provide a StoryTeller emula...

Total value:$183.62
Special bundle price:$88.00
Savings of:$95.62 (52%)

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Patrick B October 04, 2020 1:41 am UTC
The bundle has the OSR Cosmic Horror book twice. Not sure if that was intended for some reason or not.
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Peter R October 04, 2020 11:58 am UTC
Thanks for catching that!
All fixed!
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