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Amazons vs Valkyries: Arms and Equipment (5e)


The Daughters of Ares and the Daughters of Odin… 

A Mythic World of Chaos and War…


Amazons vs Valkyries: Arms and Equipment


Pages: 16
Game System: OGL 5E 
Genre: Classical Age (Greek/Norse Mythology)

Within this file:   

This file covers all the weapons and armors available in the Amazons Vs Valkyries campaign setting. Some are slightly altered from the core rules, others are borrowed from other sources, and some are brand new.


New Armors Include:

  • Cardiophylax
  • Manica
  • Helm and greaves combo
  • Lamellar (3 types)
  • Linothorax (2 types)
  • Wicker and leather shields


New Weapons Include:

  • Falx
  • Harpe
  • Kontos
  • Kopis
  • Makhaira
  • Pata
  • Plumbata
  • Rhomphaia
  • Sarissa
  • Scizore


The appendix offers some new feats for characters who prefer to do battle with no armor or clothing at all. These include:

  • Jaybird
  • Naked Aggression 
  • Naked and Fearless


Pick this supplement up today and you just might survive a battle between the two most powerful warrior cults in the world!

Only $2.49!


5/14/2022 UPDATE: This file was revised on 5/14/22 with the following improvements:

  • Several corrections to the stats and descriptions

  • New Artwork

  • New Equipment (Astrolabe, laborer's tools, hobnailed sandals)

  • New Weapon: Gladiator's Gauntlet

  • New Feats: Sling Expert, Net Expert


Amazons vs Valkyries 5e

Available Now!

329482-thumb140.jpg Arms and Armor

Complete guide to all weapons, armor, and equipment in the AvV setting

355848-thumb140.jpg Backgrounds and Homelands
  • Six new backgrounds including: Athlete, Farmer, Huntress, and Exile.
  • Homelands and Starting Languages

Bloodline Feats

  • Campaign lore

  • Heroic Bloodlines

  • 92 feats


The Priestess

A core class for divine spellcasters who do not use weapons or armor


Divine Domains

9 new domains including:

  • Death

  • Fertility

  • Fire

  • The Sea

  • Prophecy

  • The Moon

355847-thumb140.jpg Druid Circles

 2 new druid Circles!

  • Circle of Abundance
  • Circle of Arcana




  • Gray Dwarves

  • Giant kin

  • Light Elves

  • Nymphs

  • Fauns

393815-thumb140.jpg The Charlatan
  • Charlatan Archetype. Devious, deceptive rogues who pretend to be witches, healers, and diviners

  • 4 New Divination Spells for Combat. Including Aura of Accuracy, Find Weakness, and Prophecy of Pain

  • Charlatans and Magic. A brief discussion on how the Charlatan's spell-like abilities interact with real magic  

  • Useful Idiot. A feat that every Charlatan should have

393815-thumb140.jpg Cult of Andarta
  • Temples, festivals, cult lore
  • New Spell: Spirit of the Bear
  • Oath of the Bear's Embrace 
393815-thumb140.jpg Cult of Apollo
  • Temples, festivals, cult lore
  • New Magic Item: Golden Bow
  • New Spell: Fate's Favored
  • Oath of the Light-bringer
315809-thumb140.jpg Cult of Ares
  • The Oath of Martial Fury 

  • The Oath of Impassioned War

  • 5 New Spells: battle fortune, inspire fury, spirit of war, war blessing, and warrior's reflexes

  • 4 New Magic Items: Ares' helm, gauntlets of war mastery, spear of bloodlust, and snakebite shield

  • 3 New Monsters: Hysmidaemon, Machaidaemon, and war birds

  • 1 Artifact: The Sword of Ares

315809-thumb140.jpg Cult of Artemis
  • Temples, Festivals
  • Forest Domain  
  • Oath of the Wild
393175-thumb140.jpg Cult of Athena
  • Temples, festivals, cult lore
  • New Magic Item: Aegis of Athena (lesser)
  • New Artifact: aegis of Athena
  • Oath of the Strategist



Cult of Dionysus

  • Temples, festivals, and lore

  • The Madness domain

377682-thumb140.jpg Cult of Freyja
  • Temples, festivals, cult lore
  • Paladin's Oath of the Perfect Companion
  • Paladin's Oath of the Warrior's Resolve


355012-thumb140.jpg Cult of the Great Mother
  • 14 new spells
  • 2 new monsters
  • 5 new artifacts
  • Earth Domain
  • The Oath of Earth and Stone
315809-thumb140.jpg Cult of Isis
  • Temples, Festivals, Celebrations
  • The Osiris Tale
  • 3 new legendary Magic Items (book of breathing, knot of isis, veil of Isis)
  • Oath of the Great Lady
355848-thumb140.jpg Cult of Moloch
  • Temples, Celebrations, History, Methods
  • Oath of Immolated Souls
  • Fire Domain
  • New Spells (Eruption and Wildfire)
  • New Undead Monster: Maliku
  • Sample NPC: Izabella, Herald of Moloch

Cult of Nike

  • Temples, festivals, lore

  • New Cleric Domain: Competition

  • The paladin Oath of the Champion


Cult of Sekhmet

  • Temples, festivals, lore

  • A new spell

  • The paladin Oath of Blood and War

355719-thumb140.jpg Cult of Sobek
  • 1 new spell
  • 1 new magic item
  • the Oath of Taking
355842-thumb140.jpg Fighter Archetypes
  • The Guard
  • The Mercenary
  • The Raider


355842-thumb140.jpg Barbarian Paths
  • The Beast Rider
  • The Mighty Heroine
  • The True Berserker
355837-thumb140.jpg Cult of Skadi
  • Temples, Festivals, and lore
  • A new spell: Arctic Essence 
  • The Oath of Mountain's Calling


355838-thumb140.jpg Cult of Heracles
  • 1 new magic item
  • 1 new spell
  • 1 new artifact: Shield of Heracles
  • the Oath of Heroes
355857-thumb140.jpg Cult of Caturix
  • Temples and lore
  • A new figurine of wondrous power
  • The Oath of the headhunter
390193-thumb140.jpg Cult of Demeter
  • Temples, festivals, cult lore
  • Two new Cleric Domains
  • Paladin's Oath of the Moon and Magic


390193-thumb140.jpg Cult of Enyo
  • Temples, festivals, cult lore
  • Four new magic items (three legendary, one rare)
  • Paladin's Oath of Destruction


390193-thumb140.jpg Cult of Eris
  • Temples, festivals, cult lore
  • New Monster: Cacodemons
  • Rogue Archetype: Influencer
  • Cleric's Domain of Strife
  • Paladin's Oath of Mayhem & Misery


390193-thumb140.jpg Cult of Hecate
  • Temples, festivals, cult lore
  • Two new Cleric Domains
  • Paladin's Oath of the Moon and Magic


393282-thumb140.jpg Cult of Heimdall
  • Sacred places
  • Rites
  • New Spell: Night Watch
  • Oath of the Watcher
393729-thumb140.jpg Cult of Ninkilim
  • Places of worship
  • Rites
  • New Spells: (breath of locust, cicada swarm)
  • Paladin’s Oath of the Outcast
355848-thumb140.jpg Cult of Odin
  • Temples
  • 4 New Artifacts (Mead of Poetry, Mimir's Head, the High Seat, and Gungnir
  • Paladin's Oath of Boundless Wisdom
  • Paladin's Oath of Battle Fury
  • Paladin's Oath of the Death Bringer
102030-thumb140.jpg Cult of Poseidon
  • Temples
  • Festivals
  • New Spells: (earthshaker, trident of disaster)
  • Paladin’s Oath of the Thorn
390193-thumb140.jpg Cult of Ran
  • Temples, festivals, cult lore
  • Druid's Circle of the Surf and Storm
  • Paladin's Oath of Plunder and Pleasure


355848-thumb140.jpg Cult of Sol
  • Temples, festivals, cult lore
  • Cleric's Domain: Voyages
  • Paladin's Oath of the Dawn-bringer
355848-thumb140.jpg Cult of Tanit

Temple locations, celebrations, and methods

  • Oath of the Moon's Bond
  • New Magic Item: Tanit's Shield
  • New Spell: Necromantic Surge
361205-thumb140.jpg Rogue Archetypes
  • Investigator
  • Outlaw
  • Scout
  • Trickster
361205-thumb140.jpg Rogue Archetype-The Charlatan
  • Charlatan Rogue Archtype
  • 4 New Spells
  • 1 New Feat
355847-thumb140.jpg The Scholar
  • Scholar core class

  • 3 Archetypes: The Astronomer, Doctor, and Philosopher

  • 4 new feats for scholars who want to hunt witches 

  • 15 new or revised spells including celestial aspect and commune with spirits 

  • 5 new or expanded skills and tools including: Alchemy kit, Astronomy tools, Engineering, Herbalism kit, and War  

355847-thumb140.jpg The Sorceress

4 New Origins!

  • Arcane Ancestor
  • Divine Ancestor
  • Elemental Ancestor
  • Fey Ancestor
315809-thumb140.jpg Warrior Cults
  • Elite units
  • Specialized troops
  • Mercenary bands
  • Brigands
355848-thumb140.jpg Character Spotlight: Amastris of Heraclea
  • Background and personality
  • Adventure ideas
  • Campaign lore
  • Ally, Patron, or Enemy
355848-thumb140.jpg Character Spotlight: Arsinoe II
  • Background and personality
  • Adventure ideas
  • Campaign lore
  • Ally, Patron, or Enemy
392840-thumb140.jpg Character Spotlight: Cynane 
  • Character background and personality
  • Campaign lore
  • Game stats at 4th, 9th, and 20th level
  • Use as as Ally, Enemy, or Patron
392840-thumb140.jpg Character Spotlight: Kara 
  • Character background and personality
  • Campaign lore
  • Game stats at 4th, 9th, and 20th level
  • Use as as Ally, Enemy, or Patron
350323-thumb140.jpg Character Spotlight: Padia
  • Background and personality
  • Adventure ideas
  • Campaign lore
  • Ally, Patron, or Enemy
355848-thumb140.jpg Optional Rules - FREE!
  • Intelligence (Engineering) proficiency
  • Intelligence (War) proficiency
  • Interrogating NPCs
  • New Conditions
  • Flying Mounts
390193-thumb140.jpg Trinakria Gazetteer
  • Cities
  • History
  • Ruins
  • Maps


355848-thumb140.jpg Pre-generated Characters I
  • Six pre-generated 1st level characters for the upcoming adventure Prelude to War.
377682-thumb140.jpg Pre-generated Characters II
  • Six pre-generated 1st level characters for the upcoming adventure Prelude to War.


355848-thumb140.jpg The Manticore's Den

The Manticore’s Den is a Fifth Edition adventure for four to five characters of 1st to 4th level, and is optimized for a party of four characters with an average party level (APL) of 2. This adventure is designed for the Amazons vs Valkyries setting, but can be easily adapted to any other fantasy setting.  

390193-thumb140.jpg Quest for the Yulania Tree

Quest for the Yulania Tree is a Fifth Edition adventure for four to five characters of 2nd to 4th level, and is optimized for a party of four characters with an average party level (APL) of 3. This adventure is designed for the Amazons vs Valkyries setting, but can be easily adapted to any other fantasy setting.


355847-thumb140.jpg Encounter Map Pack

9 Encounter Maps for VTT use

355852-thumb140.jpg Campaign Primer

52 pages of content! Pay What You Want and start your Amazons vs Valkyries campaign today!

Amazons vs Valkyries 5e

More Titles Coming Soon!

355848-thumb140.jpg Ancient Magic

A guide to magic in the ancient world, featuring:

  • Dozens of new spells based on actual spells from historical texts and archeological findings
  • The Witch and two archetypes
  • The Scholar and three archetype (already available right here)
  • Two new archetypes for sorceresses: The Rune Caster and the Spirit Binder
  • Laws and culture about magic in Rome, Greece, Egypt and elsewhere
  • New Academic backgrounds for spellcasters
  • New magic items
  • The Evil Eye
  • Power Words
  • And much more
392840-thumb140.jpg Prelude to War  

Prelude to War is the first episode of the sixth book in the Amazons vs Valkyries saga, but the first one to be released. It takes the characters from 1st to 3rd level. Set in Trinakria (Sicily) on the eve of the First Punic War, the PCs are mercenaries conducting scouting, espionage, and commando raids behind Roman lines.

Coming Soon to Kickstarter!


The Storm Crystal

This squad-level military mission sends the PCs on a quest to save king Seuthes’ army from an artifact-wielding wizard and his three-headed dragon. The Storm Crystal is a Fifth Edition adventure for four to five characters of 16th to 18th  level, and is optimized for a party of four characters with an average party level (APL) of 16. This adventure is designed for the Amazons vs Valkyries setting, but can be easily adapted to any other fantasy setting.

Coming Soon!

355848-thumb140.jpg Combat Duty: Destroy the Bridge

A squad level combat mission for four to five characters of 5th-8th level.

Coming soon!


355848-thumb140.jpg Character Spotlight: Moria Catursia


Coming Soon!




Poisonous Plants

Available Now!

This beautifully illustrated PDF features 5th edition D20 rules for 67 deadly plants from our own world including hemlock, nightshade, and hellebore.

Each plant is presented with a stat-block outlining its habitat, size, frequency, medical uses, damage, saving throws, and challenge rating. Most entries feature additional rules for creating herbal, alchemical, and magical substances. 

With this supplement you can:

  • Craft insecticide from white cedar.

  • Brew healing balm from nightshade.

  • Extract weapon poison from bush rope.

  • Empower your necromancy with baneberry.

  • Fight oozes with myoporum.

  • Enhance your protection spells with oleander.

  • Use jimsonweed to target objects with fly spells.

  • Use bay laurel to enhance your augury spells.

  • Brew a sleep potion from black locust.

  • Create dozens of other herbal and alchemical concoctions!

Heavily researched, the effects of these poisons mirror reality. Some cause paralysis, blindness, or terrifying hallucinations. Some cause psychic damage. A few contain acid. A couple cause creatures to take radiant damage from the sun.

Some plants are only toxic under certain conditions. Others are only toxic to certain creatures. Many can be mistaken for something else. A few are consumed deliberately. Those that affect herd animals can precipitate a famine. When famine strikes, characters are even more likely to eat toxic plants.

All types of poisons exist in the plant kingdom; ingested, inhaled, injury, and touch. Most weapon poisons are easily extracted.

Druids and characters proficient with alchemy kits, herbalism kits, or cook's utensils will find this information extremely useful. All other characters will find these rules make the wilderness much more dangerous.

To help DMs use these plants, each is presented with a challenge rating. There are also suggestions for challenging high level characters with these plants. 

Beware the fireweed that grows in damp soil!

Shun the sweet redoul!

Avoid the sandbox tree and its exploding fruit!

Fear the orcs with monkshood on their blades!

Never touch the gimp-gimpy!

Enhance the verisimilitude of your games with this collection of poisons, herbal remedies, foods, alchemical substances, magical creations, and DM inspiration.  

Only $5.99!!

Available Exclusively on DriveThru!

Click Here to Get it Today!




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Reviews (0)
Discussions (1)
Customer avatar
James L December 27, 2021 10:53 pm UTC
I am getting so sick of gender-bent content, but I LOVE THIS!!

One question.. can these be 'core' character classes, or is this simply a closed system designed to have the Valkyrie and Amazon fighting with each other?

Because I would LOVE to offer the women in my RPG groups the option of being an Amazon/Valkyrie warrior/sorceress/priestess to run out and campaign with the rest of the party! :D
Customer avatar
P. C. G January 04, 2022 4:09 am UTC
Exactly! I feel the same way!

It seems that attempts at feminism in media often fail. They seem forced or contrived, like some ham-handed attempt to glom onto a trendy social issue. But AvV feels authentic because it sprang organically from the creative process just as it is. Regardless of the Zeitgeist, I’d be writing this. It’s not contrived for a particular audience or group or ulterior purpose. I didn’t set out to build a feminist campaign setting, it came to me in a moment of inspiration.

The short answer to your question is:

The archetypes, paths, oaths, classes, races, equipment, and feats can all be used with any other 5e D20 game. There is nothing particularly Amazonian or Valkyrie-like about them. They are mostly based on historical concepts (except the races, of course). All the stuff about Amazons and Valkyries is tied more to the setting itself.

A more detailed answer would be:

Within this setting, Amazons and Valkyries are...See more
Customer avatar
James L January 18, 2022 9:48 am UTC
Wow.. thank you for the extensive answer! I feel like I asked for the orderves and got handed the figgy pudding. :D
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