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All-Metal [BUNDLE]


This very special 90% off bundle contains all 400+ of our currently available titles! They include our Adamantine-bestselling "City Builder" and our Mithral-bestselling  "Swords of Kos Fantasy Campaign Setting," "100 Oddities for a Creepy Old House," and "100 Oddities for a Wizard's Library," and many, many more. 

63703-thumb140.jpgCity Builder: A Guide to Designing Communities - PDF
232468-thumb140.jpg10 Reflections on Lovecraft (Pathfinder Roleplaying Game) - PDF
256483-thumb140.jpg100 Oddities for a Chaotic Mutation - PDF
138572-thumb140.jpg100 Oddities for a Creepy Old House - PDF
349736-thumb140.jpg100 Oddities for a Dungeon - PDF
204853-thumb140.jpg100 Oddities for a Found Car - PDF
165187-thumb140.jpg100 Oddities for a Graveyard - PDF
217778-thumb140.jpg100 Oddities for a Hung Stocking - PDF
278215-thumb140.jpg100 Oddities for a Pilgrimage Trail - PDF
227797-thumb140.jpg100 Oddities for a Sewer - PDF
143593-thumb140.jpg100 Oddities for a Thieves' Guild - PDF
221473-thumb140.jpg100 Oddities for a Treasure Hoard - PDF
376668-thumb140.jpg100 Oddities for a Vampire Lair - PDF
223666-thumb140.jpg100 Oddities for a Viking Encounter - PDF
197523-thumb140.jpg100 Oddities for a Wasteland - PDF
144657-thumb140.jpg100 Oddities for a Wizard's Library - PDF
170247-thumb140.jpg100 Oddities for a Wizard's Tower - PDF
379805-thumb140.jpg100 Oddities for an Arcane Academy - PDF
233248-thumb140.jpg100 Oddities for an Egyptian Tomb - PDF
215060-thumb140.jpg100 Oddities for an Enchanted Forest - PDF
54944-thumb140.jpgA Brief History of Gnolls: Anthropophagy & Emeralds from Wales to Wisconsin & Beyond - PDF
346367-thumb140.jpgA Dozen New Druid Feats - PDF
439389-thumb140.jpgA Midsummer Night’s Scheme (A Fantasy Scenario for TSRPG) - PDF
350369-thumb140.jpgA Rainbow of Slimes - PDF
426703-thumb140.jpgA Rose for Erato (A Fantasy Scenario for TSRPG) - PDF
425124-thumb140.jpgA Violet Shade of Death (A Mythos Horror Scenario for TSRPG) - PDF
79282-thumb140.jpgAdventures in Wonderland: A Sourcebook for OGL Roleplaying Games - PDF
176187-thumb140.jpgAdventures of Hajji Baba of Ispahan - PDF
139868-thumb140.jpgAegean Regional Map (Swords of Kos Fantasy Campaign Setting) - Image
258666-thumb140.jpgAge of Night: Business Between Brigands - PDF
268027-thumb140.jpgAge of Night: Conspiracies & Cutthroats - PDF
263619-thumb140.jpgAge of Night: Love & Loyalty - PDF
217948-thumb140.jpgAigyptos: A Gazetteer for 5th Edition - PDF
377213-thumb140.jpgAlcohol & Other Intoxicants - PDF
364436-thumb140.jpgAmazonia - PDF
59639-thumb140.jpgArcanum Imperii: A Script for Cthulhu Live 3rd Edition - PDF
436496-thumb140.jpgArms, Armor & More (TSRPG Equipment Volume I) - PDF
264227-thumb140.jpgArtifacts of the Wastelands - PDF
409500-thumb140.jpgAt the Shrine of Othrys (A 5E Adventure & Sourcebook) - PDF
389589-thumb140.jpgAt the Shrine of Othrys (A Campaign Report) - PDF
252354-thumb140.jpgBiology for Fantasy Settings - PDF
226625-thumb140.jpgBlack Hat Magic - PDF
88725-thumb140.jpgBrainlashers (Cardstock Characters™) - PDF
58039-thumb140.jpgChevauchee: Rules for Battles with Medieval Miniatures - PDF
344712-thumb140.jpgCode Z (Zombie Survival Field Guide) - PDF
228239-thumb140.jpgColdblooded: A Player's Guide to Lizardfolk (Pathfinder Roleplaying Game) - PDF
215802-thumb140.jpgCompost Heap - PDF
59992-thumb140.jpgCooper’s Compendium of Corrected Creatures: OGL Monster Stats A – D (Aboleth – Dwarf) - PDF
60459-thumb140.jpgCooper’s Compendium of Corrected Creatures: OGL Monster Stats E – K (Eagle, Giant – Krenshar) - PDF
60991-thumb140.jpgCooper’s Compendium of Corrected Creatures: OGL Monster Stats L – S (Lamia – Swarm) - PDF
61349-thumb140.jpgCooper’s Compendium of Corrected Creatures: OGL Monster Stats T - Z (Tarrasque - Zombie), Along with the Appendices on Animals and Vermin - PDF
84253-thumb140.jpgCooper’s Corrected Summon Monster I-III - PDF
91723-thumb140.jpgCooper’s Corrected Summon Monster IV-VI - PDF
245175-thumb140.jpgCQB: Futuristic Skirmish Miniatures Rules - PDF
92943-thumb140.jpgCreatures of the Tropical Wastes (Mutant Future) - PDF
65034-thumb140.jpgCreatures of the Wastelands: A Menagerie of Mutants and Mutations - PDF
64698-thumb140.jpgCreatures of the Wastelands: Habitats - PDF
64625-thumb140.jpgCreatures of the Wastelands: Mutational Evolution - PDF
261381-thumb140.jpgCthulhu Conspiracy - PDF
56207-thumb140.jpgCthulhu Live 3rd Edition (LARP) - PDF
338235-thumb140.jpgDark Inheritance: Journey to Kos City - PDF
79095-thumb140.jpgDhanurvidya & Varman: The Arms & Armor of India (4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons) - PDF
272425-thumb140.jpgDvergar Warriors (A Faction for 'Ragnarok: Age of Wolves’) - PDF
377993-thumb140.jpgEpic Boons: A Sourcebook for 5th Edition - PDF
28798-thumb140.jpgExperts - PDF
229338-thumb140.jpgFestivals & High Holy Days - PDF
227019-thumb140.jpgFinders of Fortune: Three Treasure-Seeking Prestige Classes - PDF
359265-thumb140.jpgFounders' Monument Poster - PDF
120862-thumb140.jpgGame Retailer Guide - PDF
265799-thumb140.jpgGEBB 00 – Intro to GEBB - PDF
266017-thumb140.jpgGEBB 01 – Shithole Planet - PDF
266405-thumb140.jpgGEBB 02 – Probing Questions - PDF
266598-thumb140.jpgGEBB 03 – Chef's Surprise - PDF
267003-thumb140.jpgGEBB 04 – Taking Names - PDF
267169-thumb140.jpgGEBB 05 – Fixer Upper - PDF
267617-thumb140.jpgGEBB 06 – Alarming Reaction - PDF
267781-thumb140.jpgGebb 07 – Crisis Management - PDF
268220-thumb140.jpgGebb 08 – Taking a Mulligan - PDF
268562-thumb140.jpgGEBB 09 – Downstairs Downtime - PDF
269289-thumb140.jpgGebb 10 – Wardrobe Malfunction - PDF
349728-thumb140.jpgGEBB 100 – Intimations and Pretenses - PDF
350520-thumb140.jpgGEBB 101 – Dropping the Fig Leaf - PDF
351223-thumb140.jpgGEBB 102 – An Easy Sell - PDF
352286-thumb140.jpgGEBB 103 – Nowhere to Hide - PDF
353406-thumb140.jpgGEBB 104 – Hiding in Plain Sight - PDF
353889-thumb140.jpgGEBB 105 – Marching Ordures - PDF
355342-thumb140.jpgGEBB 106 – Uber and Out - PDF
357289-thumb140.jpgGEBB 107 – #ClubBouncersBeLike - PDF
360930-thumb140.jpgGEBB 108 – Dance Mix - PDF
362649-thumb140.jpgGEBB 109 – Hello, Goodbye - PDF
269530-thumb140.jpgGebb 11 – Magic Man - PDF
365306-thumb140.jpgGEBB 110 – Nacho Best Plan - PDF
368939-thumb140.jpgGEBB 111 – To Live a Day in LA - PDF
370433-thumb140.jpgGEBB 112 – Scraping Bottom - PDF
376814-thumb140.jpgGEBB 113 – Mano a 'Mandra - PDF
380852-thumb140.jpgGEBB 114 – A Lienzo Smackdown - PDF
382866-thumb140.jpgGEBB 115 – Kayfabe Cavalcade - PDF
384991-thumb140.jpgGEBB 116 – ARV Truck, Will Travel - PDF
386636-thumb140.jpgGEBB 117 – ET Exodus - PDF
391262-thumb140.jpgGEBB 118 – Fudging the Numbers - PDF
393211-thumb140.jpgGEBB 119 – Roasting Coffee and the Planet to Perfection - PDF
270070-thumb140.jpgGebb 12 – Administrative Headache - PDF
396972-thumb140.jpgGEBB 120 – A Holey Inaccurate Impression - PDF
399024-thumb140.jpgGEBB 121 – Slumber Party Casualty - PDF
270324-thumb140.jpgGEBB 13 – A Caffeinated Cure - PDF
270786-thumb140.jpgGebb 14 – Heightened Expectations - PDF
270976-thumb140.jpgGebb 15 – Very Important Personnel - PDF
271445-thumb140.jpgGebb 16 – Cutting Corners - PDF
271824-thumb140.jpgGebb 17 – Resource Management - PDF
272364-thumb140.jpgGebb 18 – Gray Matter - PDF
272537-thumb140.jpgGebb 19 – Mission Objectives - PDF
273086-thumb140.jpgGebb 20 – Rest and Relaxation - PDF
273299-thumb140.jpgGebb 21 – Not a Drill - PDF
273705-thumb140.jpgGebb 22 – Nuts and Bolts - PDF
273891-thumb140.jpgGebb 23 – Credible Threat - PDF
274317-thumb140.jpgGebb 24 – Old Gray - PDF
274534-thumb140.jpgGebb 25 – Mitigating Trauma (or Not) - PDF
274934-thumb140.jpgGEBB 26 – Contraband It - PDF
275118-thumb140.jpgGebb 27 – Born to Serve - PDF
275563-thumb140.jpgGebb 28 – Conditions of Release - PDF
275820-thumb140.jpgGebb 29 – Hazardous Complacency - PDF
276302-thumb140.jpgGebb 30 – Authentic Details - PDF
277501-thumb140.jpgGebb 31 – Just Spitballing - PDF
277926-thumb140.jpgGebb 32 – They Don't Tell Us Nuthin' - PDF
278125-thumb140.jpgGebb 33 – A Fresh Approach - PDF
278807-thumb140.jpgGebb 34 – Passing Notes - PDF
278986-thumb140.jpgGebb 35 – Taste at a Distance - PDF
279588-thumb140.jpgGebb 36 – Mr. By the Book - PDF
279748-thumb140.jpgGebb 37 – Appendix D! - PDF
280249-thumb140.jpgGebb 38 – Back to Work - PDF
280446-thumb140.jpgGebb 39 – Words of Advice for New Grays - PDF
280881-thumb140.jpgGebb 40 – The Ideal Workforce - PDF
281065-thumb140.jpgGebb 41 – Reasonable Force - PDF
281522-thumb140.jpgGebb 42 – The Limits of Positivity - PDF
281698-thumb140.jpgGebb 43 – A Bun in the Oven - PDF
282097-thumb140.jpgGebb 44 – Internal Composition - PDF
282322-thumb140.jpgGebb 45 – Hunting the Hunters - PDF
282909-thumb140.jpgGebb 46 – A Credible Witness - PDF
283173-thumb140.jpgGebb 47 – Animal Lover - PDF
283632-thumb140.jpgGebb 48 – Running on Empty - PDF
283827-thumb140.jpgGebb 49 – Every Ant-Like Alien Has Her Breaking Point - PDF
284205-thumb140.jpgGebb 50 – Walking Shadows - PDF
284433-thumb140.jpgGebb 51 – Ill-Fated Iteration - PDF
284895-thumb140.jpgGebb 52 – Alien Ex Machina - PDF
285061-thumb140.jpgGebb 53 – Props Where Props Are Due - PDF
285547-thumb140.jpgGebb 54 – Rinse and Repeat - PDF
285794-thumb140.jpgGebb 55 – Exits Galore - PDF
286215-thumb140.jpgGebb 56 – Inaugural Utterance - PDF
286436-thumb140.jpgGebb 57 – Nickname Veto - PDF
286862-thumb140.jpgGebb 58 – Starstruck Steve - PDF
287076-thumb140.jpgGebb 59 – Under the Hood - PDF
287522-thumb140.jpgGebb 60 – A Means to What End? - PDF
287725-thumb140.jpgGebb 61 – Dress for Success - PDF
288432-thumb140.jpgGebb 62 – A Plan with Appeal - PDF
288530-thumb140.jpgGebb 63 – Stressing Over Population - PDF
288892-thumb140.jpgGebb 64 – Lower Back Pain is No Joke - PDF
289112-thumb140.jpgGebb 65 – No Place Like Home - PDF
289551-thumb140.jpgGebb 66 – Opening Lines - PDF
289749-thumb140.jpgGebb 67 – A Skosh of Composure - PDF
290166-thumb140.jpgGebb 68 – Moving Right Along - PDF
290504-thumb140.jpgGebb 69 – Cue the Backstory - PDF
290853-thumb140.jpgGebb 70 – The Trap - PDF
291063-thumb140.jpgGebb 71 – Aggressive Escalation - PDF
291568-thumb140.jpgGebb 72 – Removed From Play - PDF
291798-thumb140.jpgGebb 73 – A Moving Target - PDF
292520-thumb140.jpgGebb 74 – Nietzsche Groks Wokeness - PDF
293394-thumb140.jpgGebb 75 – Thus Spake Fritz - PDF
294185-thumb140.jpgGebb 76 – Selection Criteria - PDF
294789-thumb140.jpgGebb 77 – Panning for Trash - PDF
295559-thumb140.jpgGebb 78 – Deplorably Equal - PDF
295939-thumb140.jpgGebb 79 – A Distinction Without a Difference - PDF
297243-thumb140.jpgGebb 80 – Hydration Protocol - PDF
301823-thumb140.jpgGebb 81 – Green is the Most Righteous Color - PDF
302746-thumb140.jpgGebb 82 – Bring It Down a Notch - PDF
304688-thumb140.jpgGebb 83 – What's in a Name? - PDF
305808-thumb140.jpgGebb 84 – AGI PDQ - PDF
306745-thumb140.jpgGebb 85 – In-Situ Resource Utilization - PDF
307915-thumb140.jpgGebb 86 – Trash to Treasure - PDF
309767-thumb140.jpgGebb 87 – Rules of Origin - PDF
310903-thumb140.jpgGebb 88 – Making a Difference - PDF
312565-thumb140.jpgGebb 89 – Corrective Bargaining - PDF
314494-thumb140.jpgGebb 90 – A Matter of Scale - PDF
342715-thumb140.jpgGebb 91 – The Planet is Fine - PDF
343198-thumb140.jpgGebb 92 – Occam’s Dull Razor - PDF
343701-thumb140.jpgGebb 93 – Medusa Boogaloo - PDF
344347-thumb140.jpgGebb 94 – Humanity's Core Competency - PDF
344829-thumb140.jpgGebb 95 – A Careful Excision - PDF
345330-thumb140.jpgGebb 96 – Relief & Rumination - PDF
347877-thumb140.jpgGEBB 97 – Too Nice to Believe - PDF
348016-thumb140.jpgGEBB 98 – Secret Agent "Men" - PDF
349107-thumb140.jpgGEBB 99 – One Banana Two Banana - PDF
393872-thumb140.jpgGEBB Cardstock Characters™ - PDF
301280-thumb140.jpgGöatter Dämmerung (Cardstock Characters™) - PDF
363962-thumb140.jpgGuns and Super-Guns - PDF
27947-thumb140.jpgH.G. Wells' Little Orc Wars - PDF
55589-thumb140.jpgH.G. Wells' Little Wars - PDF
55114-thumb140.jpgH.G. Wells’ Floor Games - PDF
303112-thumb140.jpgHavelok the Dane - PDF
124255-thumb140.pngHeroes and Monsters of the Necropolis (Cardstock Characters™) - PDF
51543-thumb140.jpgHouse of Pain: A Script for Cthulhu Live 3rd Edition - PDF
162554-thumb140.jpgHuman Troops (Miniatures, Tokens & Avatars) - PDF
203902-thumb140.jpgHuo Ji, the Fire Rooster (A Monster for 5th Edition) - PDF
310395-thumb140.jpgIn the Footsteps of Hercules - PDF
107072-thumb140.jpgInsults & Injuries: A Role-Playing Game Sourcebook for Medical Maladies - PDF
351289-thumb140.jpgInterplanetary Feats - PDF
428906-thumb140.jpgInto the Terrorium (A Post-Apocalyptic Scenario for TSRPG) - PDF
363331-thumb140.jpgIronclads: The Story of the Merrimac & the Monitor - PDF
125886-thumb140.jpgJester Dragon's Random Brothel Generator - PDF
340943-thumb140.jpgJinshu Niu, the Metal Ox (A Monster for 5th Edition) - PDF
299686-thumb140.jpgJinshu Shu, the Metal Rat: A Monster for 5th Edition - PDF
201188-thumb140.jpgKrampus (A Monster for 5th Edition) - PDF
199026-thumb140.jpgKrampusnacht: Night of the Krampus! (BASH) - PDF
171476-thumb140.jpgLizardfolk Warriors (Miniatures, Tokens & Avatars) - PDF
343829-thumb140.jpgMagic of the Old West - PDF
302575-thumb140.jpgMastering a Challenge (A Primer & Tips for Skills in 4th Edition D&D) - PDF
307351-thumb140.jpgMaterials of Ancient Empires - PDF
139968-thumb140.jpgMediterranean Campaign Map (Swords of Kos Fantasy Campaign Setting) - Image
176480-thumb140.jpgMen & Monsters of Ethiopia: An RPG Sourcebook for 5th Edition - PDF
247535-thumb140.jpgMen & Monsters of Polynesia - PDF
191249-thumb140.jpgMen and Monsters of Ethiopia (Cardstock Characters™) - PDF
77981-thumb140.jpgMILFS 2: Monsters I’d Like to F*** (Cardstock Characters) - PDF
68992-thumb140.jpgMILFS: Monsters I’d Like to F*** (Cardstock Characters™) - PDF
205486-thumb140.jpgMines of Moira: An Adventure for 5th Edition - PDF
234586-thumb140.jpgMoat Monsters: A Sourcebook for OGL RPGs - PDF
260550-thumb140.jpgMonstrous Hybrids: Three Halfbreed Character Races - PDF
81763-thumb140.jpgMorlocks (Cardstock Characters™) - PDF
79196-thumb140.jpgMuerte al Chupacabras!: A Script for Cthulhu Live 3rd Edition - PDF
56869-thumb140.jpgMurder at Miskatonic - PDF
251887-thumb140.jpgMutant Plant Monsters - PDF
228776-thumb140.jpgMutant Race (Pathfinder Roleplaying Game) - PDF
274477-thumb140.pngMutation Artifacts - PDF
250038-thumb140.jpgMyrmidons (Cardstock Characters™) - PDF
235068-thumb140.jpgMysterious Relics: Pantheon-Specific Temple Objects & Furnishings - PDF
139294-thumb140.jpgMythos Society Guide to New England - PDF
250488-thumb140.jpgNew Golems of the Labyrinth - PDF
354548-thumb140.jpgNewtlings (Cardstock Characters™) - PDF
352839-thumb140.jpgNithernos the Ale'er - PDF
54699-thumb140.jpgNoble Wild - PDF
365194-thumb140.jpgNoble Wild Holiday Bonus Pack - PDF
50544-thumb140.jpgNuisances: Director's Cut - PDF
27780-thumb140.jpgOld Man of Damascus: A Script for Cthulhu Live 3rd Edition - PDF
423562-thumb140.pngOn the Plane of Magma (A Fantasy Scenario for TSRPG) - PDF
409502-thumb140.jpgOn the Plane of Magma (An Adventure for 5E) - PDF
251167-thumb140.jpgOne Starry Night (Cthulhu Live) - PDF
162552-thumb140.jpgOrc Raiders (Miniatures, Tokens & Avatars) - PDF
208039-thumb140.jpgPlayer's Guide to the Aegean - PDF
356790-thumb140.jpgPost-Apocalyptic Barbarian - PDF
56557-thumb140.jpgQuactica: Battles for the Soul of Middle Aesopia - PDF
186649-thumb140.jpgQuantum Flux: Unique Superscience Artifacts - PDF
239126-thumb140.jpgRagnarok: Age of Wolves - PDF
362535-thumb140.jpgRay Guns & Ruins - PDF
357991-thumb140.jpgRogue's Nightmare - PDF
81092-thumb140.jpgSex Cult of Cthulhu (Cardstock Characters™) - PDF
382271-thumb140.jpgShui Hu, the Water Tiger (A Monster for 5th Edition) - PDF
58875-thumb140.jpgSight Unseen: A Script for Cthulhu Live 3rd Edition - PDF
358681-thumb140.jpgSir Orfeo - PDF
312304-thumb140.jpgSix Spells: Alchemists - PDF
352116-thumb140.jpgSix Spells: Blood - PDF
262704-thumb140.jpgSix Spells: Festivities - PDF
273212-thumb140.jpgSix Spells: Kobolds - PDF
245934-thumb140.jpgSix Spells: Lizardfolk - PDF
249253-thumb140.jpgSix Spells: Monster-Making - PDF
355286-thumb140.jpgSix Spells: Mythos - PDF
304019-thumb140.jpgSix Spells: Orcs - PDF
59159-thumb140.jpgSkirmish! - PDF
373453-thumb140.jpgSpeed Round 5E: A Guide to Streamlining Remote Tabletop Games - PDF
357419-thumb140.jpgSpeed Round: Tips for Playing Virtual Tabletop RPGs - PDF
269404-thumb140.jpgSpontaneous Generation Monsters - PDF
353887-thumb140.jpgSteampunk Archaeologist - PDF
57991-thumb140.jpgStevenson At Play - PDF
369149-thumb140.jpgStories from the Northern Myths - PDF
193686-thumb140.jpgSwords of Kos Fantasy Campaign Setting - PDF
266476-thumb140.jpgSwords of Kos: Bloodsuckers - PDF
276405-thumb140.jpgSwords of Kos: Hekaton - PDF
102196-thumb140.jpgSwords of Kos: Necropolis - PDF
300591-thumb140.jpgSwords of Kos: Pateon Fnordseeker and the Day He Gave Up Drinking - PDF
231086-thumb140.jpgSwords of Kos: The Dinner Party - PDF
264779-thumb140.jpgSwords of Kos: The Misadventures of Bjoric - PDF
275270-thumb140.jpgSwords of Kos: The Price of Land - PDF
261907-thumb140.jpgSwords of Kos: The Rite - PDF
270258-thumb140.jpgSwords of Kos: Unfamiliar Ground - PDF
431165-thumb140.jpgTemple of the Banished Suns (An 'Age of Night' Scenario for TSRPG) - PDF
59861-thumb140.jpgTests of Skill (An OGL Adventure and Sourcebook) - PDF
236301-thumb140.jpgThe Ageless (Cthulhu Live) - PDF
360999-thumb140.jpgThe Dragon and the Dragoon - PDF
58357-thumb140.jpgThe Green Fairy: A Script for Cthulhu Live 3rd Edition - PDF
275723-thumb140.jpgThe Hunting Party (A Scenario for 'Ragnarok: Age of Wolves’) - PDF
94658-thumb140.jpgThe Island: A Script for Cthulhu Live 3rd Edition - PDF
246739-thumb140.jpgThe Jester Dragon's Bag of Beans - PDF
106743-thumb140.jpgThe Jester Dragon's Guide to Defects - PDF
124467-thumb140.jpgThe Jester Dragon's Random Cult Generator - PDF
122130-thumb140.jpgThe Jester Dragon's Random Tavern Generator - PDF
270889-thumb140.jpgThe Jester Dragon's Trove of Trinkets - PDF
301928-thumb140.jpgThe Kitsune (A Race for 4th Edition D&D) - PDF
274003-thumb140.jpgThe Kobold Lair (An Encounter Area for 5th Edition) - PDF
262478-thumb140.jpgThe Living Building - PDF
265323-thumb140.jpgThe Magician’s Daughter - PDF
282772-thumb140.jpgThe Prince of the Sea - PDF
305092-thumb140.jpgThe Prop Room - PDF
223294-thumb140.jpgThe Return of Cyris Crane (Cthulhu Live) - PDF
347390-thumb140.jpgThe Story of the Golden Fleece - PDF
64697-thumb140.jpgThe Thrasher Gang (Cardstock Characters™) - PDF
366682-thumb140.jpgThe True Story of the Obelisk - PDF
238671-thumb140.jpgTheir Blood Is the Sea - PDF
279656-thumb140.jpgThings That Go Bump in the Spaceship - PDF
281179-thumb140.jpgThor and the Giant Skrymir - PDF
345470-thumb140.jpgThree Alien Vegetable Monstrosities - PDF
360250-thumb140.jpgTo The Dragon Apeiron - PDF
283448-thumb140.jpgTroll Warband (A Faction for 'Ragnarok: Age of Wolves’) - PDF
278980-thumb140.jpgTroll Warband (Cardstock Characters™) - PDF
423387-thumb140.jpgTSRPG (Travel-Sized RPG) - PDF
233727-thumb140.jpgTu Gou, the Earth Dog (A Monster for 5th Edition) - PDF
262988-thumb140.jpgTu Zhu, the Earth Pig (A Monster for 5th Edition) - PDF
59422-thumb140.jpgUpdated Animal Familiars: An OGL Supplement Inspired by 'The Noble Wild’ Animal Player’s Handbook - PDF
28601-thumb140.jpgUSSMC FM 7-22: Space Boarding Operations - PDF
343079-thumb140.jpgVault of the Sea Goddess - PDF
271657-thumb140.jpgViking Warriors (A Faction for 'Ragnarok: Age of Wolves’) - PDF
268406-thumb140.jpgViking Warriors (A Sourcebook for 5th Edition) - PDF
265921-thumb140.jpgViking Warriors (Cardstock Characters™) - PDF
71618-thumb140.jpgWan-Ti Snakemen (Cardstock Characters™) - PDF
55823-thumb140.jpgWarriors: A Comprehensive OGL Sourcebook for Fantasy Role-Playing Games - PDF
430391-thumb140.jpgWhiskey in the Jar (A Whiskeypunk Scenario for TSRPG) - PDF
101077-thumb140.jpgWisdom from the Wastelands Issue #10: Monsters That Improve with Age 2 - PDF
101237-thumb140.jpgWisdom from the Wastelands Issue #11: Optional Combat Rules - PDF
101685-thumb140.jpgWisdom from the Wastelands Issue #12: Parasite Mutations/Transformations - PDF
102138-thumb140.jpgWisdom from the Wastelands Issue #13: Medical Devices - PDF
102923-thumb140.jpgWisdom from the Wastelands Issue #14: Aggregates - PDF
103553-thumb140.jpgWisdom from the Wastelands Issue #15: Robots Part 1 - PDF
106201-thumb140.jpgWisdom from the Wastelands Issue #16: Robots Part 2 - PDF
106669-thumb140.jpgWisdom from the Wastelands Issue #17: Artifact Conditions - PDF
107239-thumb140.jpgWisdom from the Wastelands Issue #18: Robots Part 3 - PDF
107873-thumb140.jpgWisdom from the Wastelands Issue #19: Robots Part 4 - PDF
99107-thumb140.jpgWisdom from the Wastelands Issue #1: Artifacts, Manuals, and Toolkits - PDF
108556-thumb140.jpgWisdom from the Wastelands Issue #20: Mutation Modifiers - PDF
109438-thumb140.jpgWisdom from the Wastelands Issue #21: High-Tech Melee Weapons - PDF
109658-thumb140.jpgWisdom from the Wastelands Issue #22: Personal Shields - PDF
110155-thumb140.jpgWisdom from the Wastelands Issue #23: Sea Monsters - PDF
110795-thumb140.jpgWisdom from the Wastelands Issue #24: Weapon Modifications - PDF
111381-thumb140.jpgWisdom from the Wastelands Issue #25: Metamorphosis I - PDF
112108-thumb140.jpgWisdom from the Wastelands Issue #26: Energy Weapons - PDF
112475-thumb140.jpgWisdom from the Wastelands Issue #27: Metamorphosis II - PDF
113518-thumb140.jpgWisdom from the Wastelands Issue #28: Nanotechnology I - PDF
116717-thumb140.jpgWisdom from the Wastelands Issue #29: Mutualists I - PDF
99291-thumb140.jpgWisdom from the Wastelands Issue #2: Monsters That Improve with Age - PDF
117265-thumb140.jpgWisdom from the Wastelands Issue #30: Nanotechnology II - PDF
121450-thumb140.jpgWisdom from the Wastelands Issue #31: Nanotechnology III - PDF
122051-thumb140.jpgWisdom from the Wastelands Issue #32: Shapeshifters - PDF
123323-thumb140.jpgWisdom from the Wastelands Issue #33: Drugs - PDF
124774-thumb140.jpgWisdom from the Wastelands Issue #34: Plant Mutants I - PDF
125432-thumb140.jpgWisdom from the Wastelands Issue #35: Terror Weapons - PDF
126189-thumb140.jpgWisdom from the Wastelands Issue #36: Plant Mutants II - PDF
127278-thumb140.jpgWisdom from the Wastelands Issue #37: Plant Mutants III - PDF
127738-thumb140.jpgWisdom from the Wastelands Issue #38: Radiation Sickness - PDF
128301-thumb140.jpgWisdom from the Wastelands Issue #39: Unique Superscience Artifacts - PDF
99522-thumb140.jpgWisdom from the Wastelands Issue #3: High-Tech Weapons - PDF
130657-thumb140.jpgWisdom from the Wastelands Issue #40: New Races 2 - PDF
131357-thumb140.jpgWisdom from the Wastelands Issue #41: Alternate Forms of Radiation - PDF
135420-thumb140.jpgWisdom from the Wastelands Issue #42: Unique Superscience Artifacts II - PDF
137604-thumb140.jpgWisdom from the Wastelands Issue #43: Optional Combat Rules II - PDF
138299-thumb140.jpgWisdom from the Wastelands Issue #44: Unique Superscience Artifacts III - PDF
138939-thumb140.jpgWisdom from the Wastelands Issue #45: Mutant Dinosaurs - PDF
139520-thumb140.jpgWisdom from the Wastelands Issue #46: High-Tech Weapons 4 - PDF
140462-thumb140.jpgWisdom from the Wastelands Issue #47: Underwater Rules - PDF
141658-thumb140.jpgWisdom from the Wastelands Issue #48: Unique Superscience Artifacts IV - PDF
143090-thumb140.jpgWisdom from the Wastelands Issue #49: Unique Superscience Artifacts V - PDF
99720-thumb140.jpgWisdom from the Wastelands Issue #4: New Races - PDF
145073-thumb140.jpgWisdom from the Wastelands Issue #50: Artifact Quality - PDF
158545-thumb140.jpgWisdom from the Wastelands Issue #51: Mutated Animal/Plant Genotypes - PDF
191758-thumb140.jpgWisdom from the Wastelands Issue #52: Nanotech Undead - PDF
99928-thumb140.jpgWisdom from the Wastelands Issue #5: Domesticated Creatures - PDF
100188-thumb140.jpgWisdom from the Wastelands Issue #6: Factions - PDF
100439-thumb140.jpgWisdom from the Wastelands Issue #7: Planar Creatures & Concepts - PDF
100686-thumb140.jpgWisdom from the Wastelands Issue #8: Diseases & Medical Options - PDF
100912-thumb140.jpgWisdom from the Wastelands Issue #9: High-Tech Weapons 2 - PDF
63415-thumb140.jpgWitchFinder: A Script for Cthulhu Live 3rd Edition - PDF
279041-thumb140.jpgXenogenesis in Fantasy Settings - PDF
364853-thumb140.jpg~ A Christmas Dinner with the Man in the Moon ~ - PDF
261094-thumb140.jpg~ Christmas Inn ~ - PDF
141991-thumb140.jpg~ La Baionnette No. 34: Le Systeme D (The Bayonet No. 34: System D) ~ - PDF
386822-thumb140.jpg~ Menschen & Monster von Äthiopien: Druckbare Figuren für Rollenspiele & Kriegsspiele („Cardstock Characters“) ~ - PDF
390262-thumb140.jpg~ Monster zum V.: Druckbare Figuren für Rollenspiele & Kriegsspiele („Cardstock Characters“) ~ - PDF
390266-thumb140.jpg~ Ork-Plünderer: Druckbare Figuren für Rollenspiele & Kriegsspiele („Cardstock Characters“) ~ - PDF
438660-thumb140.jpg~ Un Tono Violeta de Muerte (Un Escenario de Terror de Mythos para TSRPG) ~ - PDF
383759-thumb140.jpg~100 Oddities für einen Kerker (Kuriositäten für Rollenspiele)~ - PDF
388194-thumb140.jpg~100 Oddities pour un Donjon (Bizarreries Pour Jeux de Rôle)~ - PDF
427999-thumb140.jpg~Auf der Ebene des Magmas (Ein Fantasy-Abenteuer für TSRPG)~ - PDF
141366-thumb140.jpg~Der Leere Blick: Ein Skript für das Cthulhu Live Rollenspiel 3. Edition (Sight Unseen: A Script for Cthulhu Live 3rd Edition)~ - PDF
170775-thumb140.jpg~Dwarf Soldiery (Miniatures, Tokens & Avatars)~ - PDF
389539-thumb140.jpg~Echsenvolk-Krieger: Druckbare Figuren für Rollenspiele & Kriegsspiele („Cardstock Characters“)~ - PDF
435012-thumb140.jpg~Eine Rose für Erato (Ein Fantasy-Abenteuer für TSRPG)~ - PDF
435330-thumb140.jpg~En el Plano de Magma (Un Escenario de Fantasia para TSRPG)~ - PDF
144004-thumb140.jpg~La Baionnette No. 32: Raemaekers~ - PDF
137969-thumb140.jpg~La Baionnette No. 44: Les Bleuets (The Bayonet No. 44: The Blueberries)~ - PDF
140161-thumb140.jpg~La Baionnette No. 47: Nos Marins (The Bayonet No. 47: Our Marines)~ - PDF
387042-thumb140.jpg~Molchlinge: Druckbare Figuren für Rollenspiele & Kriegsspiele („Cardstock Characters“)~ - PDF
387935-thumb140.jpg~Morlocks: Druckbare Figuren für Rollenspiele & Kriegsspiele („Cardstock Characters“)~ - PDF
389541-thumb140.jpg~Myrmidonen: Druckbare Figuren für Rollenspiele & Kriegsspiele („Cardstock Characters“)~ - PDF
386356-thumb140.jpg~Troll-Kriegsbande: Druckbare Figuren für Rollenspiele & Kriegsspiele („Cardstock Characters“)~ - PDF
429658-thumb140.jpg~TSRPG (Travel-Sized RPG/Juego de Rol Compacto)~ - PDF
426539-thumb140.jpg~TSRPG (Travel-Sized RPG/Kompakt-Rollenspiel für Unterwegs)~ - PDF
429924-thumb140.jpg~TSRPG (Travel-Sized RPG/Невелика Рольова Гра для Подорожі)~ - PDF
431937-thumb140.jpg~Una Rosa para Erato (Un Escenario de Fantasía para TSRPG)~ - PDF
387697-thumb140.jpg~Wan-Ti Schlangenmenschen: Druckbare Figuren für Rollenspiele & Kriegsspiele („Cardstock Characters“)~ - PDF
385500-thumb140.jpg~Wikinger Krieger: Druckbare Figuren für Rollenspiele & Kriegsspiele („Cardstock Characters“)~ - PDF
385897-thumb140.jpg~Zwergensoldaten: Druckbare Figuren für Rollenspiele & Kriegsspiele („Cardstock Characters“)~ - PDF

Total value:$815.78
Special bundle price:$81.00
Savings of:$734.78 (90%)

~ TSRPG (Travel-Sized RPG) ~

Be sure to check out Skirmisher Publishing's popular and Platinum-bestselling TSRPG (Travel-Sized RPG)! This improv storytelling game designed for a storyteller and one or more players can easily be played anywhere, from the airport waiting area you are stuck in, to the overnight in some hotel where there is nothing to do (and also, of course, in your own home). All the basic rules fit on one page; no dice are needed; characters have just two stats; and any bookkeeping that might be required can be done on a cocktail napkin with a pen borrowed from a waiter. TSRPG is fully supported with sourcebooks that include "Arms, Armor & More," along with seven compelling scenarios, "A Midsummer Night's Scheme," "On the Plane of Magma," "A Violet Shade of Death," "A Rose for Erato," "Into the Terrorium," "Whiskey in the Jar," and "Temple of the Banished Suns," all of which include pregenerated characters and the basic rules for the game, allowing them to function as quick-starts for it. We have also had TSRPG translated into a number of other languages, including German (along with two adventures, „Eine Rose für Erato“ and „Auf der Ebene des Magmas“), Spanish (along with three adventures, "Una Rosa Para Erato," "Un Tono Violeta de Muerte," and "En el Plano de Magma"), and Ukrainian

TSRPG  On the Plane of Magma  A Violet Shade of Death  A Rose for Erato  Into the Terrorium   TSRPG   Temple of the Banished Suns  TSRPG  TSRPG


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