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GRAmel Books Savage Worlds Licensed Platinium  [BUNDLE]

GRAmel Books Savage Worlds Licensed Platinium [BUNDLE]

Due to a very positive response, this bundle will last additional week, until 17th of November! 

This special bundle product contains the following titles.

Beasts & Barbarians Game Master Screen
Regular price: $15.00
Hide your knowledge! This four-panel Screen have great art showing the glory of Dominions you love, while the GM's side has all B&B essential tables. But that is not all! With that Screeen...
Beasts & Barbarians Golden Edition
Regular price: $9.99
++++Important information about PoD - books are still black and white, but color books have better paper, that`s why we are printing them as color++++ Welcome to the dangerous Dread Sea Domin...
Beasts & Barbarians Heroic Tale #2: The Carnival of Nal Sagath
Regular price: $0.00
Nal Sagath is a town standing on a hill in the middle of large swamp, in the western part of the Borderlands. A former Tricarnian outpost, it was conquered and razed by the Iron Empire during the war...
Beasts & Barbarians Player's Guide
Regular price: $4.43
Welcome to the dangerous Dread Sea Dominions, a place where mighty barbarians combat with hideous monsters, dark warlocks whisper terrible sorceries in forgotten temples and noble amazons duel in the ...
Beasts & Barbarians Pregenerated Characters
Regular price: $0.00
We are proud to present our first fan product - a pregenerated characters prepared by Alessandro Yoshi Polliotti - a playterster of B&B. Those characters and pics used here were prepared for the ...
Beasts & Barbarians Steel Edition Game Master Guide
Regular price: $15.99
The Game Master Guide includes: A detailed history of the Dominions, expanded and focused on the last five years. A gazetteer of the Dominions, including old and new plot hooks for each region, a...
Beasts & Barbarians Steel Edition Player Guide
Regular price: $15.99
Beasts & Barbarians Steel Edition Player Guide includes: Summarized descriptions of the lands and the history of the Dominions Accurate descriptions of the various playable cultures, inc...
Beasts & Barbarians: Dread Sea Dominions Map
Regular price: $0.00
Welcome to the dangerous Dread Sea Dominions, a place where mighty barbarians do combat with hideous monsters, dark warlocks whisper terrible sorceries in forgotten temples and noble amazons duel in ...
Beasts & Barbarians Heroic Tale #1: The Cliffs Queen's Court
Regular price: $0.00
The heroes were crossing the Cairnlands as part of a caravan, either working as hired guards, or as passengers traveling from the Marquees to Valkheim. This morning the caravan was ambushed by a band...
Beasts and Barbarians Adventure Edition Update
Regular price: $0.00
Welcome back to the Dominions! Beasts & Barbarians Steel Edition (and Golden Edition too) were written for Savage Worlds Deluxe, but they are easy to update for the Sava...
Beasts and Barbarians Steel Edition Figure Flats
Regular price: $2.99
This set of Figure Flats contains over 50 flats (various characters, villains, and monsters) for your Beasts and Barbarians game....
Beasts and Barbarians Steel Edition Preview
Regular price: $0.00
This is a preview of upcoming Beasts and Barbarians Steel Edition, crowdfunding of which will start on Indiegogo on 5th of the June 2017. We present you 2 chapter openings from Player`s Guide and Gam...
Beasts and Barbarians: Archetypes of the Dominions and Jalizar
Regular price: $0.00
Welcome back to the Dominions! This supplement gives you thirty ready-to-play archetypes. They are premade characters, fifteen typical of the Dominions and fifteen from Jalizar, City of Thieves. You ...
Beasts and Barbarians: Tricarnia Map
Regular price: $0.00
Map of Tricarnia, from Tricarnia sourcebook.  Tricarnia, the land of the haughty Priest Princes, awaits you in this book! In these pages you’ll learn the ways of the Sons of Keron, for...
Beasts of the Dominions
Regular price: $9.99
The mysterious Moloke-tanu hunting in the tall grass of the Ivory Savannah… The Yellowfingers lurking in the darkest tombs of the Cairnlands… The Yarakan, or Great Devourers, dreaming m...
Citadel of the Winged Gods
Regular price: $6.79
Kyros, the fabled gateway to the East, a country of mighty elephants, ancient traditions. But also a troubled land, cursed by a mad king, and constantly at war with the savage Ivory Savannah Tribes. ...
Dark Places of the Dominions
Regular price: $9.32
Welcome back to the Dominions! This sourcebook is about the most important part of any adventure: locations. Among these pages you will find a number of detailed, ready-to-play mysterious places o...
Death of the Tyrant
Regular price: $6.79
Death of the Tyrant Beasts & Barbarians Adventure 1 Deep in the Red Desert, the cruel Tyrant of Quollaba rules the City of Gems with an iron fist. The population is terrified by the foreign s...
Enyia’s Song
Regular price: $5.99
Who is the mysterious girl locked in the fortress of Lord Vorakor the Hunter? And why is every man enthralled by the heartbreaking sound of her songs? Powerful lords, breaking in and out,...
Garden of Death
Regular price: $10.99
Welcome to the Garden of Death, the seventh adventure of the Beasts & Barbarians Savage Words setting! There is a place, among the dreaded mountains of the fallen Realm of Keron, ...
Gladiators of the Dominion
Regular price: $9.99
The sun-scorched arenas of the Dread Sea Dominions await you in this book! In these pages you’ll fight ancient monstrosities from the pits of Tricarnia to entertain the bored Priest Princes, y...
Grains of Death
Regular price: $0.57
A Sword and Sorcery Savage Worlds Heroic Tale for Beasts & Barbarians, set in Jalizar, City of Thieves. For a party of 2-6 Seasoned heroes. Famine is spreading in the City of Thieves and grain is...
Green World
Regular price: $6.79
What is this strange forest you have woken up in? And who is the pretty girl lying next to you?But, more importantly, why don’t you remember how you came here? Ancient sorceries, alien creat...
Heroes of the Dominions
Regular price: $1.99
What are the Dominions without a band of heroes? In this booklet you’ll find ten pre-generated characters for Beasts & Barbarians Steel Edition, each of them ready-to-play and lavishly illu...
Imago Mortis
Regular price: $11.99
Old world’s metropolis are getting wicked, night after night. There is more corruption, more violence, more madness than usual, and the criminals are becoming crueler. In the meantime, in the...
Imago Mortis Preview
Regular price: $0.00
This is a preview of Imago Mortis - it is not a full game!  In this preview, you will find first chapter of Imago Mortis. Yes, first 32 pages!  What is Imago Mortis, you ask? Good quest...
In the name of Progress
Regular price: $0.00
A old friend is missing. Only our brave heroes can save him from a terrible death! A Nemezis One Sheet™ by Umberto Pignatelli...
Jalizar, City of Thieves
Regular price: $9.99
Jalizar, City of Thieves, the Rotten Flower of the North, is revealed to your eyes in this book! In its pages, you’ll learn the seedy ways of the Thieves’ Guild. You’ll smuggle go...
Moonless Night Over Grimdell
Regular price: $2.25
  The heroes are mercenaries at the service of Baron Grotho of Grimdell, a bannerman of the Count of Felantium. One night, a bar brawl gone wrong and you are waiting for an execution. But, the...
Regular price: $9.99
The ancients foresaw the coming of vile beasts. Monstrosities born at the dawn of the universe that would awaken from their millennia-long slumber to destroy the Earth and humankind. These monsters w...
Nemezis Adventure Generator
Regular price: $0.00
Studio 2 decided to print Nemezis, and because of page requirements, the book (and also updated pdf, which will be posted very soon) will have index (which didn`t make it earlier) and adventure gener...
Nemezis Pregenerated Characters
Regular price: $0.00
The Beta Agency The Beta Agency, often simply known as “the Beta”, is a private investigation and security agency based on Ash, but operating throughout the whole Horizon system. The serv...
Nemezis: Cyborgs
Regular price: $5.32
Do you want to live forever? When you undergo the transformation to become a cyborg, your old life is over. You become a war machine. Better. Faster. Stronger. Balancing on a thin line bet...
Nemezis: Galaxy
Regular price: $7.99
Welcome back to the Horizon System. Load your plasma pistol, and  charge up your energy shield: it's time to explore the worlds you need to save. Nemezis: Galaxy is a companion for Savage ...
Nemezis: Hunt for the Hercules
Regular price: $3.99
Hunt for the Hercules is a one-shot adventure for Nemezis set in the freezing wastelands of Cor, allowing your heroes to test their mettle in a clash with an insane experimental cyborg! You can play ...
Nemezis: Optional Wealth rules.
Regular price: $0.00
This additional ruleset can be helpful if you want to skip the use of money, keeping resource accounting more abstract. Each of the following systems can function independently, or you can use them a...
Nemezis: Soundtrack
Regular price: $0.00
Three planets, three different moods, twelve background music pieces written for the Savage Worlds setting - Nemezis, but which can be used in any modern rpgs. Those tunes, done by Baej "Barz&qu...
Nemezis: Web of Intrigue
Regular price: $0.00
Andre Ching, a young Barizian noble, defied his family and escaped to Cor, where he served in the military, showing his worth in the war with Horde. After two years of service Andre was assigned to a...
Old Blood
Regular price: $5.99
A Pulp horror for any setting!  A city is troubled by two waves – one of crime, the other one of vampirism! Decent citizens begin to commit crimes and an occasionally ...
Peacekeepers: Savage Worlds edition
Regular price: $10.56
A horde of super-powered troopers attacked Earth, demolished the most important cities, killed the major superheroes... but a masked supervillainess somehow drove them back. We survived the invasion....
Pirates of the Dominions
Regular price: $14.99
Notice: Due to a long title, which didn`t fit to spine, this book has a very small spine text. I hope that you will understand this and accept this :)  Welcome back to the Dominions! In this&n...
Prahos Thrice Bitten
Regular price: $0.83
Prahos Thrice Bitten The Crippled Nomad Prahos is a Brown Nomad in his late forties. His skin is as brown as his robes, and it is hard to tell where the garments end and his sun scorched skin st...
Prison of the Dragon God
Regular price: $7.99
Welcome to Bailongan, jewel of the southern seas. There are secrets here, from the nefarious Sky Pirates preying on the helpless, the strange jellyfish people, nefarious Imperial Japanese forces unde...
Regular price: $2.59
Welcome back to the Dread Sea Dominions, the swords and sorcery setting for Savage Worlds, for another Beasts & Barbarians adventure! Nature, and its cycle of life-and-death, is e...
Rifles of Atlantis
Regular price: $10.65
Rifles of the Atlantis Rifles of Atlantis is a 32-page long pulp adventure for Savage Worlds, set in an alternate reality where Atlantis is about to join WWII. The players are American spe...
Shadows over Ekul
Regular price: $6.79
Ulesir Shah, Lord of Shan’Ammar, a coastal city in southern Ekul, is going to marry the beautiful Karmella, daughter of the powerful Lord of Teluk’Ammar, in a dynastic marriage that will...
Skinner of Syranthia
Regular price: $2.49
No Hero Lives By His Sword Alone! In the best tradition of sword and sorcery, Gramel is proud to present a new investigative scenario set in the world of Beasts and Barbarians! What evil lurks in...
Soul in the Water
Regular price: $5.99
A one night job in Jalizar, the City of Thieves: you must sneak in the palace of Val Catha, a dangerous sorceror if one ever existed, and ransack it. You can keep everything you find, apart the con...
Sword of Izim
Regular price: $7.92
Welcome to The Sword of Izim, a Heroic Tale for the Beasts & Barbarians Savage Worlds setting. Somewhere in the Zandorian wastelands, there is a lonesome peak, like a giant senti...
Tattered Banners - Bandit Lords and Mercenary Captains
Regular price: $9.99
Some of them are dirty, their weapons rusty, their bellies rumbling with hunger, but more deadly than snakes. Others are splendid in their shimmering bronze armor, their swords impressive, and are lo...
Terror Planet of the Amazon Queen
Regular price: $7.99
Terror Planet of the Amazon Queen is a 35-page long pulp adventure for Savage Worlds, where the player characters have to face an invading army of warrior women from the innards of alien planet... in...
The Amulet of Dogskull
Regular price: $7.92
It all begins with a theft in the night, and the jewels of a rich lady. But there is no honor among thieves, and this crime will lead the heroes on a restless hunt beyond the Godaxe River, only to di...
The Crying Mother
Regular price: $6.79
It should have been an easy job: a rich merchant, his fatty purse, a dagger in the night and spending the ill gained loot in one of the worst taverns of Jalizar. But life in the City of Thieves isn&r...
The Dark Creed: Cultists
Regular price: $6.99
The universe of Nemezis is a technological one. Omnipresent global networks and advanced technologies, including genetic engineering and nanoid treatments, redefine humanity and its li...
The Dread Shard
Regular price: $2.25
Our heroes visit a great festival only to discover that it’s a trap devised to trigger a powerful demonic ritual. The feast soon becomes a slaughter as a Valk horde charges into the city. ...
The Eye of Xalath
Regular price: $5.99
Human sacrifices are always a messy thing, especially if you are the chosen victim!  Trapped in a very dangerous situation in Tricarnia, the Land of Demons, you’ll have to make a fligh...
The Justice of Kerir Shar
Regular price: $4.49
“You can flee to the world’s end, Jazimar, but for what you did to my son, I’ll find you and rip your heart out!” Kerir Shar said. The threats of a father are a...
The Queen of the Lost Valley
Regular price: $7.92
Welcome to The Queen of the Lost Valley, the sixth adventure of the Beasts & Barbarians Savage Words setting! The pass through the Iron Mountains has been impassable for months due to the bandi...
TimeZero: Operative`s Manual.
Regular price: $13.32
Time Emergency! Operations teams Alpha, Beta and Gamma to the briefing room! Prepare to intervene on the timeline!   Welcome to TimeZero! TimeZero is the new, exciting time travel setting fro...
Tricarnia: Land of Princes and Demons
Regular price: $9.99
Tricarnia, the land of the haughty Priest Princes, awaits you in this book! In these pages you’ll learn the ways of the Sons of Keron, forged from betrayal, lust and age-old sorceries, and yo...
Regular price: $5.99
There is a vale, deep in the Northlands, where people live under the constant shadow of a huge glacier. They fear the mass of ice, but even more they fear the ancient creature dwelling in it: th...
Regular price: $11.99
Important notice - if you bought any GRAmel product - you should receive a discount. If you didn`t get it - email me at pkorys (at) I will send it to you. Once upon a time in the Caribbe...
Tropicana: Die Fast... (or die trying)
Regular price: $2.65
On the sunny road that goes along the beautiful beach of Bahia del Sol, the heroes find themselves in the middle of a shooting, a hail of lead pouring onto an old Kombi cabover panel van. A...
Tropicana: Gorillaconda
Regular price: $2.65
LowFy TV Studio is shooting its new monster movie in San José, featuring a giant prehistoric gorilla-anaconda hybrid. But on the set things keep going wrong day after day ...
Tyrnador JumpStart
Regular price: $0.00
Imagine a land where men, dwarves and elves vie for supremacy, trying at the same time to survive the threat of the goblinoids and the dangers of the wilds. This place is the Kingdom of Ventar, found...
Wolves in the Borderland
Regular price: $0.00
"Nobody goes into Black Forest willingly. Only those that's taken, and they don't be returning." - Old Borderlands Saying The story is simple: Fort Vanguard, a small but sturdy fortificat...
Regular price: $9.99
An average gamer is sitting at his desk, scribbling "My setting" on the first page of his notepad. He has prepared in advance: in his mind, he has a plan for the setting, its history, inkl...

Total value: $378.82
Special bundle price: $20.00
Savings of: $358.82 (95%)
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Customer avatar
Mike S October 14, 2019 12:43 am UTC
I am amazed by this amount of amazing content for this price! I’ve been a big fan of GRAmel’s Savage Settings for years and kept at the chance to fill in my collection.

My only question is why and why now? You aren’t going out of business or no longer producing Savage Worlds stuff are you? I’ve been eagerly awaiting Tyandor!
Customer avatar
October 14, 2019 9:08 am UTC
Year of my own company and I have to gather money as I have lost a lot when my flat got flooded few weeks ago - I lost a lot of books (SW books).
Customer avatar
J. W October 11, 2019 9:50 am UTC
"Timekeepers Operatives Manual" (
"Peacekeepers Savage Worlds Edition" (
links are bad.

They should refer to :
Customer avatar
October 11, 2019 10:06 am UTC
Stupid drive thru. I am trying to correct it. Can you check it now?

They gave automatic bundle build, but it doesn`t work well, as it seems.
Customer avatar
Juan Manuel G October 11, 2019 10:30 am UTC
The links included in "My library" to download those two products are still wrong.
Customer avatar
October 11, 2019 10:32 am UTC
I will write to OBS to correct them, also please write to them, as customer can do more than a publisher. Email me at with your Drive Thru email and I will give you free copies.
Customer avatar
October 11, 2019 10:43 am UTC
Dear Juan - I have sent a free versions of those two pdfs. Please confirm that you got i.
Customer avatar
Juan Manuel G October 11, 2019 10:44 am UTC
Yes, I've received them and downloaded them. Thank you very much for the incredibly fast answer!
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