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Fate Accessibility Toolkit • Prototype Edition
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Fate Accessibility Toolkit • Prototype Edition


The Fate Accessibility Toolkit is a new toolkit for Fate Core that brings characters with disabilities into your game and supports players with disabilities at your table. We’ve assembled a team from disabled communities to ensure that this book speaks to you from their real, lived experiences.

You’ll also want a copy of Fate Core or Fate Accelerated to play; that said, we provide plenty of advice and perspectives you can use with any game system!

Inside the Fate Accessibility Toolkit you'll find:

  • An exploration of the challenges and experiences facing people with a variety of physical and mental disabilities, in their own words.
  • Advice on compassionately and respectfully playing characters with disabilities, as well as strategies for welcoming disabled players to your game table.
  • Discussion of specific disabilities, including blindness, D/deafness and hardness of hearing, mobility issues, dwarfism, chronic illness, autism, depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, bipolarity, and PTSD.
  • Options for representing disability in the Fate system, using a mix of aspects, stunts, and conditions, and including an exploration of adaptive devices available to characters across a variety of settings.
  • Appendices focused on creating safe spaces at your table, an ASL reference for common RPG terms, and a large-print character sheet for Fate Core.

This is the Prototype Edition of the Fate Accessibility Toolkit. What's that mean?

TL;DR: There's no art, but sales of this will help us get art, and once we get art, we'll upgrade your PDF to one with art at no added cost.

The Fate Accessibility Toolkit has been under development for several years at Evil Hat. During that time we’ve gone through a number of transitions. Towards the end of 2018, Evil Hat realized it was over-extended and needed to slim back its product offerings for the coming year. You can read more about this in our public blog post from then, found here:

Even facing some financial turbulence, we remained committed to Fate Accessibility. The mission of the book was too important to us to consider canceling it. We knew we would be able to ensure that the game’s text would be completed at the very least, and we knew we could make that text available to the public if all other avenues failed.

So for the Fate Accessibility Toolkit, we’re going to do a “Prototype Edition” release. While there isn’t budget to make the art happen at this time (let alone put the book into print), we can make the content of the book available to you now. So with that in mind, we’ll sell Fate Accessibility in this art-free form (the grey rectangles throughout the text are place-holders for eventual artwork) until it generates enough revenue to pay for the missing art budget (likely requiring several hundred sales as a baseline).

Once we have that, we can commission the art, and at least provide a final version of the book in electronic form. (If that happy event comes to pass, we’ll upgrade all purchases of the Prototype Edition PDF to the full final PDF version at no added cost.)

As to whether or not the book will see print, who knows? At the least, if we get the budget for art, we’ll be able to take a look at making it available as a print-on-demand title here on DriveThruRPG. If interest is high, we may go beyond that. Your purchase is your vote! (And thank you for your support.)

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Customer avatar
Patrick B June 16, 2020 4:33 pm UTC
I read the preview of the book and it contained one mention in passing of multiple sclerosis. I realize you can't possibly cover everything in this book but my partner and I are both disabled with this disease and I was excited to find a gaming product that might actually cover our condition and was disappointed that it appears the book contains no more about the disease than that one passing mention. That being said, I do applaud the time and care that went into this book. There are many expressions in the gaming community these days of support for marginalized people due to ethnicity, gender, or sexual orientation but scant attention is paid to those of us gamers who are disabled.
Customer avatar
Łukasz K August 21, 2019 7:56 am UTC
I am a GM, one of my regular players has a disability, so far this hasn't hindered our games in any meaningful way, but I'm interested if any info in this book would allow me to give him a better RPG experience or is it mostly about playing characters with disabilities?
Customer avatar
August 21, 2019 3:59 pm UTC
It covers both — worth taking a look as it may help see the world from his perspective.
Customer avatar
Isaac H August 11, 2019 2:42 pm UTC
I love this book immensely. It's so hard to find this kind of information to share with people! And it's written in such matter-of-fact terms, explaining thoroughly without giving any ground to arguments. This could have resolved so many conflicts I've had talking to people about disability in RPGs over the past few years.

That said, cluster b and learning disabilities need inclusion here. I'm learning disabled and could help on that. And I know people with cluster b conditions that can contribute. These groups are so badly overlooked, vilified, and stereotyped. Please, help us educate people on what our lives are really like, too.

As a bit of an aside, I'd really like to see a companion book - well, pamphlet maybe - on making Fate more accessible to different neurotypes (which is kinda what I first expected this book to be based on the title). For example, I'm autistic and I had to leave a Fate game because I need specific prompts to build a character on and I wasn't getting that from...See more
Customer avatar
August 11, 2019 4:00 pm UTC
If you have a proposal to make, Isaac, you can find us at :)
Customer avatar
Hector C August 02, 2019 8:07 pm UTC
I'm going to go ahead and support this book with my money. On the Internet, anyone can assume any identify in order to silence representation and voice. The only card that truly represents us in discussions such as these is our arguments and what they advocate for, nothing else. The bottom line is do we want silence and obscurity or do we want voice and clarity? So many times in face to face conversations, I've been told, "If you care about women so much, why don't you help them and be quiet". The anti-dignity argument always favors silence and anonymous "doing" in dark. I work in a service profession ( you're just gonna have to take my word for it) where we work in educational inclusion of people with mental and physical disabilities. While their IEPs (look them up if you don't know what they are) are confidential, the day to day inclusion of these students is very public and open. Inclusion can not work in any other way. We need books and materials to train parents and staff on...See more
Customer avatar
Katherine L August 02, 2019 7:47 pm UTC
First of all, I want to make a disclaimer that I have not purchased this book and am going by the full-sized preview.

I appreciate the intent and angle of this book, but I as someone with multiple disabilities myself I find it concerning that the book so far leans heavily into the idea of disability as an identity with only brief mentions of other ways people view their disability as.

I hope that there is further discussion of people who view their disability as a sickness and not a difference to be celebrated, especially those of us who have been close to death or destitution because of it (especially when it comes to mental illness like in my case). I also don’t like to see medical researchers being demonized for wanting to better treat or cure disabilities in general. I understand that my disability experiences have shaped who I am, but in a way more similar to how a survivor of abuse is shaped by their experience than someone shaped by their ethnicity. Disability is a very wide...See more
Customer avatar
August 02, 2019 8:21 pm UTC
Thanks for this, Katherine. If you're limited in your ability to acquire the book so you can see the full scope of it, please reach out to and let us know what's up, we can likely get you a copy of the prototype PDF.
Customer avatar
Hector C August 02, 2019 8:32 pm UTC
Greetings Katherine. As a service provider, I work with people born with disabilities and some developed by way of abuse or traumatic experience. What people whose experience differs from the majority have in common is too often anonymity, silence and invisibility. In regards to the product, all I have to say is there have got to be worse things out there than attempting to give voice to those who are often dismissed. I respect your strength and bravery. Stay strong and support others when you can. Your presence and words helps us all.
Customer avatar
Isaac H August 11, 2019 1:08 pm UTC
The book does include your preferences.
Customer avatar
Marja E August 01, 2019 6:16 pm UTC
Will this come out in Epub and Mobi? I know pdf is traditional for game rules, but it can't really be resized or reflowed.
Customer avatar
August 01, 2019 6:25 pm UTC
That's one of the objectives we'd like to fund with sales of the prototype edition. As of this writing, we're at about 480 sales out of a target of 900-1000 to fund the "finishing work" on the book (artwork, alternative formats).
Customer avatar
Ross L July 31, 2019 10:57 pm UTC
I'm a person with mobility issues and chronic physical and mental illnesses and while it was clear even without the note that the mobility section wasn't written from first-hand experience, that was only because every other section was so good. Even then it still treated the issue with respect and accuracy that a lot of things don't! Everything has been spot on and even though I've never played FATE all the general advice and information is very useful and I'm recommending this to anyone who wants to expand their player and character base.
Customer avatar
July 27, 2019 5:52 pm UTC
In case it helps anyone who wants to comment on this book without purchasing it, but with the information that comes from reading part of it, I've turned on the Full-Size Preview option here, which will let you see the first 28ish pages of the PDF. This includes Elsa's introduction and the immediately following section, which together I believe make a better case for this book's existence than anything I might have to say on the matter.
Customer avatar
Thomas B July 26, 2019 1:28 pm UTC
Awesome idea. And in our group of mainly disabled people with open minds, this will be a fresh new wind. Thanks for the idea and the courage to tackle this topic.
Customer avatar
Wayne R July 25, 2019 6:14 pm UTC
I have been disabled since 1995. I do not want others to experience, even vicariously, what being disabled means. Love and compassion do not require shared experience. Moreover, the notion that a role-playing game could convey, in any meaningful way, what it is like to have one's faculties taken away from them is insulting. It trivializes the disabled individual. Evil Hat is trying to sell a product which lets players flatter themselves into believing that they have somehow "gained insight" into a world they can not share, and have putatively become better, more compassionate people without expending any effort. Does anyone really think they know what it's like to be a hobbit just because they've role-played one? Care or don't care, but don't think you can reduce my experience to a couple of rules.
Customer avatar
July 25, 2019 7:40 pm UTC
You might benefit from having a conversation with the disabled authors of this text who definitely felt that the world can be made better through this sort of book. Maybe you can find some common ground, or at least appreciate why they felt it was vital to make this book happen.
Customer avatar
Wayne R July 25, 2019 9:32 pm UTC
They are entitled to their opinions, and to whatever compensation they earned from their work. I probably know and have had discussions with far more disabled individuals than you have ever met - particularly in rehab classes. Most of those I know are not interested in being put into a special victim category and condescended to by those who wish to wrap themselves in their own self-righteousness. I don't know of any who wish to be exploited so others can profit. None of us became disabled to help someone else make a buck.
Customer avatar
Wayne R July 25, 2019 9:47 pm UTC
If Evil Hat wants to actually do something positive, go out tomorrow, find a couple of talented people with disabilities, hire them, and put them to work on a project unrelated to their disabilites, just as if the were ordinary human beings.
Customer avatar
Geoffrey W July 26, 2019 1:27 am UTC
I think the people who wrote the book get to decide whether the experience was positive or not. That's not really your call.

Frankly, if this book makes someone happy, then it's done something good. And if it makes you unhappy, all you have to do is not buy it.

The existence of something you don't want isn't hurting you. Let the people who want this product have it without trying to make them feel worse about it.
Customer avatar
Wayne R July 26, 2019 1:45 pm UTC
Geoffrey W, would you approve of a Fate module set in the Antebellum South, which would give players the "experience" of being a slave? Or one which let players be an inmate at Auschwitz? How about roleplaying a cancer patient struggling to survive? Now, some people might be offended by the trivialization of such situations - including at least some descendants of slaves, Holocaust survivors, and cancer patients - but, as you so casually put it, they don't have to buy it.
The existence of something which trivializes a key element of my existence, and reduces it to a gameplay artifice for thoughtless people to "experience" does cause hurt. Surely, that is not a difficult idea to grasp.
Customer avatar
Richard B July 26, 2019 3:30 pm UTC
"Now, some people might be offended by the trivialization of such situations"

That's begging the question. Does presenting horrendous crimes against humanity in the format of a roleplaying game automatically trivialise it?

Does making a work of art, a novel, a movie about crimes against humanity trivialise them?

I think the answer to that question is, "It depends". It depends on how the material is presented, how accurate it is, whether there's some kind of insidious concealed agenda, and on many other factors.

I believe we have to judge each individual work on its own merits instead of attempting to place blanket bans on such content out of fear it might be offensive.
Customer avatar
July 26, 2019 6:26 pm UTC
This concern is directly addressed by Elsa’s introduction where she talks about past difficulties feeling like it was rarely possible to represent someone like herself in the mechanics of whatever RPG she was playing. The system components are in there because the disabled authors of the book wanted the system components in there! I would strongly recommend actually reading the book rather than commenting on your assumptions about its content.
Customer avatar
Geoffrey W July 26, 2019 6:41 pm UTC
Wayne R, if a group of holocaust survivors got together and decided to make a Fate module about it? You bet I'd be fine with it.

And if this kind of game had EXISTED in the late 1800s, and a group of former slaves wanted to make that thing? Yup, sounds fine to me.

You seem to be disregarding the description up above, where it says that the people who wrote this book are, themselves, people who live with these things every day. Nobody has the right to tell them they can't make a book about how to portray those things, what things they go through, etc.

This is no more inappropriate than Art Spiegelman making a graphic novel about his father's experiences in a Nazi concentration camp during World War II. I'm sure people complained about Maus when it came out too. And I'd say the same thing to them.
Customer avatar
July 26, 2019 6:47 pm UTC
Peter, same offer as I made to Wayne. Email me at the address I gave if you want to comment on the actual content rather than your assumptions about it.

Worth noting: I don’t have any power to delete comments. If comments disappear it’s because DriveThru decided a comment needed to be moderated.
Customer avatar
July 26, 2019 7:04 pm UTC
Right now the controversy is a total of two people who haven’t read the book they’re talking about, using up the vast majority of vertical inches here in the comments section.

Take a breath, folks.
Customer avatar
Jeffrey G July 30, 2019 12:24 am UTC
Completely untrue Peter C, reading comments for clarifications of content in Q&A format is precisely what most (reasonable) people on DTRPG do to help make more informed purchasing decisions... and it's pretty unhelpful to see culture war political agitators taking up the scrolling real estate. Leave this sort of whining on Twitter where it's actually wanted.
Customer avatar
Wayne R July 25, 2019 5:09 pm UTC
As a disabled person, I thought that my point of view on this material might have some relevance. Apparently, the mods here disagree.
Customer avatar
Charles L July 26, 2019 1:54 pm UTC
Then NOTHING will ever get done...
Customer avatar
Wayne R July 26, 2019 2:26 pm UTC
Yes, Charles L, you know what needs to be done to help other people, better than they do themselves.
Customer avatar
Richard B July 26, 2019 3:08 pm UTC
It feels like you're taking it upon yourself to represent all disabled people, Wayne. This book only exists due to the fact that it was pitched to Evil Hat by a disabled individual, and written by her and other disabled individuals, all of whom DO think this is a way to help other people like themselves, and to encourage members of the roleplaying community as a whole to treat the subject of disability in a more thoughtful way during their games.

There has also been a positive reaction from several disabled people, many of whom have read the book so are going off more than its description page on DTRPG.

I get it that you personally don't like the idea of the material, and that you won't be alone in that opinion, but you don't get to tell other people what they want or need.
Customer avatar
Wayne R July 26, 2019 3:37 pm UTC
A comparison of your picture, compared to an earlier post, and your knowledge of the business arrangements involved in development, strongly suggests that you are not merely a "purchaser" but a representative of the publisher. You, Evil Hat, and the authors desire to make money bybtrivializing the experience of the disabled. What's next? Roleplaying cancer patients? I'm sure there are gamers who would love to fantasize that they are gaining insight into the lives of others by a shallow gaming experience.
Games are games. Reality is reality. You are selling the fiction that a gaming experience has some heuristic value. No matter how many EPs you get for learning to use a walker, you still don't have a clue.
Customer avatar
Richard B July 26, 2019 3:45 pm UTC
The description of how the book came to be commissioned is in the introduction to the prototype edition of the book, no insider knowledge required! I've worked with Evil Hat as a freelance writer, but I wasn't involved in this project, and I don't have a financial interest in the book. My opinions are my own, and I bought my copy of this book here on Drivethru like everyone else.
Customer avatar
July 26, 2019 5:26 pm UTC
Wayne, it's pretty clear you're upset about your idea of what's in this book, rather than its actual content. I'd be happy to send you a free copy so you can speak from a more informed perspective. Drop us a line at referencing this message and I'll make it happen for you.
Customer avatar
Charles L July 27, 2019 9:39 pm UTC
Peter C. I mean that there is always someone to be offended by anything that was ever put out that is at least remotely interesting. If people stuck to making sure not to offend anyone we'd still be thinking Elvis' dance was too suggestive for TV, that proper women should not show skin past the ankle, and that there should be different bathrooms for black and white people... Controversy just means that not everyone agrees... it doesn't mean that anything WRONG is happening.

Being offended isn't a valid point, it doesn't make you right. People don't need to conform to anyone's feelings. Judging by this thing's place in the "best sellers" list on the front page, most people seem to get it...

The space toolkit isn't controversial, this toolkit apparently is... but being controversial or not is besides the point.

Is this toolkit controversial ? Sure!
Does that make it bad or wrong ? Absolutely not
Customer avatar
Charles L July 27, 2019 9:56 pm UTC
It's your idea that " If there’s a chance, even a small one that it could elicit a negative reaction from the community it is designed to portray then it probably shouldn’t have been done "

That I call into question.

1: there was no such outcry: appart from Wayne, I have heard nothing but good comments
2: Even if there were more voices, how many complaints are truly representative of a community ?
3: And if the product comes FROM said community, where does that put the ethics around it to say it shouldn't have been made ?
4: how is a "negative reaction" a valid argument in and of itself ?
Customer avatar
Jeff M July 23, 2019 6:35 pm UTC
interesting concept, as a disabled person, i already create several disabled charact, i m really currious to see what you wrote inside this book
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