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ABS12 Fact Generator 2e
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ABS12 Fact Generator 2e

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musky (odor), sweet (flavor), face (social perception), learning (perceptive force), awe-slows down time (time).

This sounds like a good tavern setting. But it isn’t just a plain tavern setting. Something tastes sweet. A musky scent is in the room. Someone has a face that stands out. Something in the room is unfamiliar and requires learning. Something in the room makes time slow down causing an awe-stricken state.

Procrastinate and build a sandbox-setting quickly randomly based on 4 levels of setting significance. Generate the recommended number of keywords and follow 4 principles of good sensory information.

This system could even be used for impromptu perception, search, investigate, or spot checks.

This is a fact generator that is meant to aid or take the place of a Gamemaster (GM) for answering questions or finding the clues, information, or describing situations & settings. Eight charts with results for 1D20, 3D6, and d100 systems is included.

This system is meant to give keywords, that when put together help to generate story places and situations. The keywords are meant to help trigger thoughtful and inspirational ideas.

This system works well for adding random ideas a settings for story writing, solo gaming, or to aid a GM.

This 2nd edtion expands and includes the 1st edition. 30 pages, 8 charts, 23 types of facts, 10 pages of Senses from Roget's Thesaurus. Compared to the original which was 1pg chart & instructions.

ABS12 Fact Generator

This is a sensory based fact generator that is meant to take the place of a Gamemaster (GM) for describing settings from a character’s point of view with keyword results from rolls. A chart with results for 3D6, 1D20, and 1D100 systems is included.

Types of Setting Facts

If using selectively, the type of setting facts that you want will determine which table and column you consult.

Perceptual Process – Characters form opinions of the unfamiliar to familiar through sensory information.

Elements of Perceiving – Three ingredients are important in the perceiving process.

Perceptual Forces – Three forces influence in the perceiving process.

Perception Features – Three features are important in the perceiving process.

Perception Errors – Two types of errors might hinder proper perception.

Social Perception – Characters recognize and understand people and groups within the world.

Black and White; Dark and Light; Shades of Gray – This is the most basic of visual information.

Colors – Colors range from a single color, to groupings such as primary, secondary, and expanded colors.

Nouns – Characters see people, places, things, or ideas.

Basic Flavors – Things have a general taste.

Basic Sounds – Sounds can be used to find find out what a character hears.

Basic Textures – Many words describe how things feel by touch.

Temperature – Some things might feel to the touch hot or cold.

Solidity – Some things might feel soft or hard.

Basic Odors – Many words describe how things smell.

Mental Processes – Mind processes are remembering, learning, choosing, realizing, observing, and creating ideas.

Stuff Changes – Things change and characters sense these changes.

Time – Things can have relative timing such as quickness, speed, newness, age, and date.

Movement – Things move, act, and react.

Movement Sense – Things help determine life-form movement.

Emotions & Motivation – Intuitive and internal influences help determine character focus.

Connections – Things connect to, are valued, and relate to other things in different ways.

Dimensions – Forms observed have lengths, width, size, shape, and direction.

Solo RPG Tools 2nd Edition Series

ABS12 Flexible Solo Game Engine 2nd edition

ABS12 Fact Generator 2e

Description Generator: Objects 2e

Gamemaster Surrogate, 100 Shades of Nay...and Yea Theme Generator 2e
ABS12 Flexible Solo Game Engine 2e

ABS12 Fact Generator 2e

Description Generator: Objects 2e

Gamemaster Surrogate,
100 Shades of Nay...and Yea

Theme Generator 2e

Comparison of Solo RPG Tool editions—1e to 2e

Solo RPG Tool →

Solo Game Engine

(GM Surrogate - play without a GM)

Fact Generator

(build settings sensory-based)

Description Generator

(object & item designer)

Gamemaster Surrogate,
100 Shades of Nay...and Yea
(derived from 1e Modifier Generator + Solo Game Engine)

Features ↓ Version → ABS12 Solo Game Engine (1e) ABS12 Solo Game Engine 2e ABS12 Fact Generator (1e) ABS12 Fact Generator 2e Description Generator (1e) Description Generator: Objects 2e Modifier Generator Gamemaster Surrogate ,
100 Shades of Nay...and Yea
•Pages 5 pages 18 pages 1 page 33 pages 3 pages (actually 2 1/4th) 52 pages 2 pages 4 pages
•Charts 1 chart 6 charts 1 chart 8 charts (1 chart is the 1e chart) 1 chart 9 charts (1 chart is the 1e chart) 1 chart 1 chart of 100
•Question types 1 type of answer = Yes or No 15 types of answers 12 types of answers 23 types of answers 11 types of description 33 types of descriptions 7 types of modfiers 100 yes or no answers with varying degrees,
tangents, expectation, and/or speed
•Thesaurus 1 page thesaurus 1 page thesaurus 0 10 pages of thesaurus 1/4th of a page thesaurus 23 pages of thesaurus 0 0
Solo RPG Tool → Theme Generator
Features ↓ Version → Theme Generator (1e) Theme Generator 2e
•Pages 2 70
•Theme Subjects
288+ 1,000
•Theme Domains 1 Domains:
3 Domains:
Personal, Abstract World, World
•Theme Subdomains 10 Subdomains 23 Subdomains
•Theme Manifestations 0 Just under 6,000
•Character Personality Truths
0 9 archetypes, 9 archetype elements
•Good Information Principles
0 4 principles
•Challenging Keyword Techniques
0 9 techniques

Multi-Core Series & Bundles

Multi-Core Series
Core Sets
Solo RPG Tools: Story & Character 3-Pack [BUNDLE] RPG Tools: Story & Character [BUNDLE] Solo RPG Tools: Story & Character 4-Pack [BUNDLE] Mechanism Series:Character, Story, and Setting - 4 pack [BUNDLE] Solo Tools: Character, Story, and Setting [BUNDLE] Solo Tools: Character, Setting, Story, Words, & Combat [BUNDLE] Solo: Character, Setting, Story, Genre, Words, & Combat [BUNDLE]

Buy the 9-core set (with Essential Tools, character, setting, story, genres, dialogue, and combat tools) Solo: Character, Setting, Story, Genre, Words, & Combat [BUNDLE]

Buy the 8-core set (with Essential Tools, character, setting, story, dialogue, and combat tools) Solo-Tools-Character-Setting-Story-Words--Combat-BUNDLE

Buy the 5-core set (with the Essential SoRoPlay Gamtools = Beginner book) in the Solo Tools: Character, Story, and Setting [BUNDLE]

Buy the 4-core set only (Character 1 & 2, Story, and Setting) in the Mechanism Series:Character, Story, and Environmental Setting - 4 pack [BUNDLE]

Buy the 4-core set only (Essential, Character 1 & 2, and Story) in the Solo RPG Tools: Story and Character 4-pack [BUNDLE]

Buy the 3-core set only (Essential, Character 1, and Story) in the Solo RPG Tools: Story and Character 3-pack [BUNDLE]

Buy the 3-core set only (Character 1 & 2 and Story) in the Character and Story Tools [BUNDLE]

Title, Cover, & link Essential SoRoPlay GamTools Character Mechanisms Character Mechanisms II Story Mechanisms

Environmental Mechanisms

Remnant RPG Tools, All-in-One
Description Essential SoRoPlay GamTools Character creation, dialogue
& behavior
Character attributes, traits
thinking, relations, & reactions
Story plot, theme, mood, foe,
and twist. Flash (fiction) RPG
Setting tools for outdoor, indoor,
& animals
Descriptive violent and blood combat system; skills; otherworld beings
The Mechanisms volume books includes the following and even * titles
  1. ABS Solo Game Engine
    ; ; ; 2. Character Generator
    ; ; ; 3. ; Motivation Generator
    ; ; ; 4. Relationship, Mood, Emotion, & Encounter Gen
    ; ; ; 5. ; Essential Gamestory Adventures
    ; ; ; 6. Essential Adventure Seed Engine
    ; ; ; 7.Conflict (Plot) Generator
    ; ; ; 8. Fact Generator
    ; ; ; 9. Item Description Generator
    ; ; ; 10. Indoor and Outdoor Gen
  1. Relationship Generator
  2. Character Behavior Engine
  3. Dialogue Engine
  4. Motivation Generator
  5. Mood-Emotion Generator
  6. Body Language Generator
  7. Character Generator
  8. Fact Generator - with an additional page full chart
  9. Modifier Generator
  10. Human Generator
  11. Character Communicator
  12. Knowledge Generator
  13. Career Generator
  14. Dream Generator
  15. Sound Generator
  16. also includes a combined engine
  1. New Mechanism Master Screen (GM screen)
  2. Character Reaction Engine
  3. Emotional Reaction Generator
  4. Character Thinking Engine
  5. Thinking Generator
  6. Character Flaws
  7. Character Relationship Engine
  8. Social & Emotional Trait Generator
  9. Physical Trait Generator
  1. Three Conflict Chain RPG
  2. Deep Dive Engine
  3. Scene Action Generator
  4. Transition Generator
  5. Solo Game Engine
  6. Flash RPG
  7. Plot Generator
  8. Twist Generator
  9. Theme Generator
  10. Foe Generator
  11. Motivation Generator
  12. Mood-Emotion Generator
  13. Modifier Generator
  1. Fact Generator 1e
  2. Minimalist Fantasy Worlds
  3. Color Generator & Wheel
  4. Sound Generator
  5. Minimalist Descriptive Coniferous Forest
  6. Minimalist Descriptive Deciduous Forest
  7. Minimalist Descriptive Rainforest
  8. Minimalist Descriptive Grassland & Shrubland
  9. Minimalist Descriptive Mountains
  10. Minimalist Descriptive Cave
  11. Minimalist Descriptive Wetlands
  12. Minimalist Descriptive Desert
  13. Minimalist Descriptive Tundra
  14. Minimalist Force of Nature: Ground
  15. Minimalist Force of Nature: Air & Heat
  16. Wing Generator
  17. *Description Generator 1e, via Setting All-in-One
  18. *Outdoor Setting Generator, via Setting All-in-One
  19. *Indoor Setting Generator, via Setting All-in-One
  20. *Animal Generator, via Setting All-in-One
  1. 1d12 Descriptive Combat System (based on the Complete Minimalist Descriptive Combat)
  2. Slicing Critical
  3. Crushing Critical
  4. Piercing Critical
  5. Minimalist Descriptive Skills
  6. Minimalist Elemental Effects
  7. Minimalist: Fear, Disgust, & Madness
  8. Minimalist: Ghosts, Angels, & Demons

Precursors, Mergings, and Assembler bundle
The Assembler bundle contains the individual tools, mergings, and precursors separately and the plus Mechanisms book for a little bit more. A merging combines tools to be used in a assembler bundle.
A precursor is a group of basic separate tools found in one
or more mechanism books.

Buying a Mechanism book and ignore the other types of bundles includes all the tools listed numerically on a Mechanism book product page.

Precursor: Essential SoRoPlay GamTools Parts, or Precursor: Basic Solo RPG Gaming & Writing Tools bundle

Precursor: Essential SoRoPlay GamTools Parts, or Precursor: Basic Solo RPG Gaming & Writing Tools bundle

Precursor: Essential SoRoPlay GamTools Parts, or Precursor: Basic Solo RPG Gaming & Writing Tools bundle

Precursor: Essential SoRoPlay GamTools Parts, or Precursor: Basic Solo RPG Gaming & Writing Tools bundle

Grammar Fuel Series

Title, Cover, & link Grammar Fuel: Parts of Speech Grammar Fuel: 12,000 Phrases & Idioms
Description Parts of Speech (8,583 results) 12,000 Phrases & Idioms
Includes the
Following Tools
Noun Fuel,
More Noun Fuel,
Verb Fuel,
More Verb Fuel,
Adjective Fuel,
More Adjective Fuel,
Adverb Fuel,
Pronoun & Preposition Fuel,
Article, Determiner, & Conjunction Fuel,
Interjection Fuel

Prepositional Phrase Fuel,
Idioms A-Z Fuel,
Idioms F to L Fuel,
Idioms L to P Fuel,
Idioms P to S Fuel,
Idioms Se' to Sp' Fuel,
Idioms Sp' to Sw' Fuel,
Idioms Sw' to Th' Fuel,
Idioms Tha' to Ther' Fuel,
Idioms Ther' to Top Fuel,
Idioms Top to W Fuel,
Idioms W to Z Fuel

Also available in a combined tool piece and volume bundle

Random Parts of Speech, Phrases, & Idioms - Value [BUNDLE]

Grammar Fuel Tools volume bundle

American Name Fuel
by Generation bundles
American Names Millenial Y & Z [BUNDLE] American Names Generation X [BUNDLE] American Names Boomers [BUNDLE] American Names Silent [BUNDLE] American Names Depression Era [BUNDLE] American Names Prohibition Era [BUNDLE]

Grammar Fuel Series Individual Tools

Verb Fuel Adjective Fuel Noun Fuel Adverb Fuel Pronoun & Preposition Fuel Article, Determiner, & Conjunction Fuel

Interjection Fuel

More Verb Fuel More Adjective Fuel More Noun Fuel Prepositional Phrase Fuel Idioms A - F Fuel Idioms F to L Fuel Idioms L to P Fuel Idioms P to S Fuel Idioms Se' to Sp' Fuel
Idioms Sp' to Sw' Fuel Idioms Sw' to Th' Fuel Idioms Tha' to Ther' Fuel Idioms Ther' to Top Fuel Idioms Top to W Fuel Idioms W to Z Fuel
American Name Fuel 1920 American Name Fuel 1930 American Name Fuel 1940 American Name Fuel 1950 American Name Fuel 1960 American Name Fuel 1970 American Name Fuel 1980 American Name Fuel 1990 American Name Fuel 2000
American Name Fuel 1910 American Name Fuel 1900 2,000 American Male First Names 4,500 American Female First Names American Last Name Fuel
Rhyming Fuel Vulgarity Fuel
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Customer avatar
ken W February 13, 2020 7:30 pm UTC
Update to version 2.1 is now available. See the update notes in your My Library for the major changes.
Customer avatar
September 29, 2019 1:38 am UTC
I'm a bit confused.
1 - Is this a complete self contained product to generated facts or do I need another product to go with it?
2 - Starting on page 10 are charts. How and when do I use them? Why are charts missing...chart 1, 7, 9-15?
3a - Situation is not explained on page 12 under types of facts.
3b - What are all these charts referred to? Where are they? Example Charts A, B, C, D, E, F, G, eye 144, mouth 144, ear 144, hand 144, nose 144, pondering-a-question 144, circle-to-square 144, hourglass 144, foot 144, person-within-a-person 144, network-squares 144, square-and-compass 144, emotions & time charts
4 - What am I suppose to do with the Roget Thesaurus pages?
5 - On page 28 how do I determine which type of die to use (referring to Directions #2)?
6 - Page 29, can you name the icons as I don't know what some of them are plus they are very tiny and the green and purple colors make them hard to see also.

I bought two of your other products "Gamemaster...See more
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