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City Modular Map-Tiles (COTBS)

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The Cities of the Black Scrolls - City tiles are finally here! 
Thanks to our awesome Kickstarter backers this set is containing now a modular Arena Set (9 tiles), burning houses, a magic shop, gallows, cellars and market items, too. Thank you!

Where will a tried adventurer rest and find new quests? 

Of course, a fantasy or medieval city is not only about its tavern, but it is also a living community with diverse buildings and people. Living houses, shops, the blacksmith, bakery, taverns, inns, the main square and the poor neighborhood with dark and dirty alleys are all parts of a bustling and noisy city, and these richly illustrated tiles will help your gamers to feel like they are involved in an incredible adventure.

You can use these tiles to quickly shape your entire city or only a part of it, you don’t have to care how these tiles, the buildings, and streets will fit together because as a result of our unique design you can place the streets and houses at the same time. This set contains 78 different tiles with their night variants!


arrow_orange.pngPlay a more atmospheric game 

The areas are on 6 inches by 6 inches sized, double-sided tiles with seamless borders that make it possible to mix them with each other. Furthermore, the cut-out market items and roads will provide you more modularity and freedom. If you are the type who likes the wonderful and breathtaking visual worlds of movies and games, then you can relive them on your gaming nights sitting around a table in your home (or online) with your friends.

rpg medieval city map tile set rpg medieval city map tile set rpg medieval city map tile set rpg medieval city map tile set

You’ll find the night or alternative version on the other side of the tiles!  

What happens when the night falls? What kind of creatures and adventures are waiting for you and your team in the darkness of a seemingly sleeping city? You can find out because all of the tiles have an alternative and unique night version! 


arrow_blue.pngFeatures of the digital tiles:

- Easy to print PDF files, print out as many tiles as you need for your game! You’ll get them in 300 dpi, high-quality format. (1 inch=300px)
- Small printer-friendly draft tiles to help you plan your areas (PDF, 200DPI)
- JPG and PNG files that you can use in online Virtual Tabletop programs (300dpi, 1 inch=300px)

arrow_blue.pngFeatures of the printed tiles:

>>> This product will come with grid overlay in printed format, if you need the printed cards without grid lines please click here to add it to your cart. 

You will get 87, double-sided City tiles.

- 4 description tiles (cover, addresses + content, sample map)
- 9 modular arena tiles
- 7 tiles with cut-outs
- 67 city tiles (all houses have an inside area and roof tile, some of them have an extra level, too)

City Areas: 
Five homes, 6 cellar pieces, Tavern with additional burning roof, 2 tiles with general shops, bookshop, magic shop with two levels, construction site, bath, butcher, brothel, two empty houses, two slum house tiles, storage, two square tiles, City Hall tiles (two tile wide with two levels), stable, jail, blacksmith, Inn, healer, hunter's house, bakery and a burning roof.

Cut Outs: Market items, gallows, stake, billboard, 2x6 and 2x2 "street" areas to make the space between houses wider.

- Double sided and UV coated durable tiles with the night version on their other sides where it is suitable. 
- You can draw on them with wet-erase markers! 
- Connect them easily with transparent tape or use tablecloth to prevent tiles from sliding 
- The smaller cut-out elements like doors and corridors will not be pre-cut to keep our prices low but you can easily cut these few items around with sharp scissors.

arrow_orange.pngDetailed, lovingly crafted graphics which will make your gaming nights more thrilling!

The design of the tiles is the result of our eight years’ experience we spent in the mobile game and tabletop game business. We hope that the 3D rendered graphic we use will represent a higher standard in tabletop gaming and provide a more thrilling gaming experience for our customers at a more affordable price. 

rpg medieval city map tile set rpg medieval city map tile set

Variate, re-usable and modular tiles to help you create diverse cities quickly and easily and to save you time and money. Spend more time with the adventure and NPCs instead of seeking new maps to the different adventures. These tiles will always be handy. 

"Fog of war" on your tabletop! 
Without any accessories, blanket, paper sheets or anything you've used before to hide undiscovered areas of your map. 
You only have to place those areas that are visible for your players! 


You can place only the roof then reveal the other tiles when your gamers go inside the houses.

arrow_orange.pngThe Modular Arena Set

Give the people what they want! 9 tiles of pure joy, fight, blood and death. These tiles are also modular; you can make a smaller arena from 4 tiles which can be even a podium for your theatre or a bigger place as well as huge 9-tile (or more) arenas with stands. 

modular arena medieval city

modular arena gif

rpg medieval city map tile set rpg medieval city map tile set

arrow_orange.pngMore pictures with details:

rpg medieval city map tile set rpg medieval city map tile set
rpg medieval city map tile set rpg medieval city map tile set
rpg medieval city map tile set rpg medieval city map tile set


"The quality of the artwork and colors blew my players away." by J.F. Kelly via Geek Dad

"The artwork from Black Scrolls Games is some of the best I've seen. If you are into RPG gaming, you owe it to yourself to check out their products." by K. Williams

"Just got these in the mail today and they look FANTASTIC!" by Nathan D. via DriveThruRPG for our Modular Inn tiles

"This is one of the best battlemats that I've ever seen. It features the same gorgeous near-photorealistic look that you find in both Lord Zsezse Works and Black Scrolls Games products. Each tile is distinct and many have elements that help inspire your storytelling... Just get it..." by Jacob R. for our Tropical Islands set

"I ordered them just to see if the product was as good as said.... WOW. Great map design. It is really great en realistic 3D, and that on a flat surface. The material is great and of high quality. And has a handy format. Also being able to just tape them together and use dry-erase pens... I am a big fan and will order more of these." by  Roy B for our Keeper of the Realms map


I've created my products because they make my work easier as a Game Master, and game sessions are more enjoyable with them. As usual, this set has become much bigger than I planned, but I didn't want to give you a half-finished product or earn money on later expansions. I've forged all of my experience and knowledge I collected as GM and 3D artist in the past years into these tiles and I hope you will enjoy them at least as much as I enjoyed working on them. If you still have questions, please read the FAQ below or write to me in the comment section, I will try to reply you as soon as I can.

Have a good game, fellow gamers!

Cities of the Black Scrolls series


256706.jpg  235722.jpg  242298.jpg  256710.jpg

261818.jpg  261815.jpg  261820-thumb140.jpg  266023-thumb140.jpg


- Can I write on the printed version?
These tiles are finished with a low-gloss UV coating on both sides, which makes them water-drop resistant. You can write on them with wet-erase markers, ; you can remove them without any stains.

- How can I attach the tiles to each other?
You can easily attach them with transparent tape strains. Due to the finish of the surface, they will not remove the paint and will be almost invisible. Or you can use tablecloth, tiles will slide less on it.

- Isn’t it too complicated to plan a map from these tiles?
Not at all, I’ve attached printable draft pages that contains the tiles in B&W and in a smaller format. They also include the page number where you can find the tile. You can print and cut them out to plan your big map, and when you finish, you will see which tiles you need for your map and what page you can find them on.

- I’m from Europe, can I still order printed cards?
Hey, I live in Europe (Hungary), too! Because the tiles will be printed in the U.S., the only way to lower your cost of shipping is if you order more printed products from me, because you will get them in one package and shipping fee will not change. Look around among my products below, perhaps you will find something that you would also like to see on your tabletop.

Limited late pledge!

3D print your own Portals!

Get a FREE portal and 30+ animated terrain pieces:



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Reviews (2)
Discussions (11)
Customer avatar
yarkey B May 11, 2022 10:23 pm UTC
finally printed all of them, made some custom street tiles, and glued them on cardboard with anti slip pads on the bottom. One thing I noticed is that I have no idea what is under the roofs because the shop signs cannot be seen top down. So if I set out a entire map and a player wanted to go to the book shop. All you see is roofs and you would need to take off the top layer to see which ones which, revealing how incompetent you are and revealing the interiors of the buildings. So I'm photoshopping some near invisible details on the roof to indicate what shop is what.
Customer avatar
Antal K May 12, 2022 7:03 am UTC
Thank you for your comment! You'll find a folder called 'Draft Tiles' in the ZIP files. These are the same tiles as the big ones but in a smaller black and white printer-friendly format. You can use this to plan your city before you print the final tiles, and even to create a map for only yourself to mark and write anything on it. I hope it helps!
Customer avatar
yarkey B May 13, 2022 5:32 am UTC
Any idea on how to keep the 110 lb heavy cardstock I printed on from curling? Since this is normal cardstock and not your super good coated paper, I can't use tape because it would tear off the paper. I sprayed it all with clear acrylic sealer though. It really makes the colors pop and fills in the gaps and protects the paper from minor water damage, but it doesn't laminate the paper. I printed about 60 tiles already but I realized one big problem is the curling of the edges. I put them into a vice between two wooden boards but they still bow upwards at the ends, making them really hard to use as tiles. Also I have no way to connect these cardstock pages because I can't use tape, even tablecloth doesn't prevent it from slipping and sliding. I can put it on cardboard or foamcore, but it would make the tiles super thick and hard to store. I could put a giant clear mat covering on top but it would nudge the cardstock around on the smooth table and have ugly gaps in-between that anyone OCD would deem unacceptable....See more
Customer avatar
Antal K May 13, 2022 5:51 am UTC
Thank you for sharing your experience!

My guess would be to connect the tiles underneath with normal tape at the same spots (corners) then just cut through the tape to disassemble the map. The next time, you can glue them together on the tape you already used and left on them.
Customer avatar
Ryan S June 21, 2022 8:42 pm UTC
I print mine on photo paper and invested in a $30 lamination machine at Wal-Mart. You probably dont need photo paper but the lamination would stop the card stock from curling. Photo paper does add weight but i use more for the resolution.
Customer avatar
yarkey B May 02, 2022 8:27 pm UTC
One of my biggest gripes is that there are no road tiles. Like, Cobble is nice and all but theres no sense of cohesion without roads. Could you make a quicky set for flat stone street tiles to append to the city pack? Like the transition tiles you gave out for free. Well no worries, I'm well versed in photoshop. I'm sure I can whip up a custom one for later. I need to also find a way to inject more greenery into the city. A 4-5 tiles and it looks great. But once you get an entire city going it starts to look bland. Because of the spacing. I'll probably discover better ways as I purchase and print more of your packs though. I only have 1 so far and plan to get the entire thing as I go through my campaign.
Customer avatar
yarkey B May 02, 2022 8:30 pm UTC
I have alot of 3d papercraft buildings from fatdragon games and dave graffam. Over 25 buildings and dozens more planned. I'm trying to figure out a viable way to combine 2d with 3d. Having stand alone ground texture files would help massively in that. I haven't bought the village pack yet but I hope theres some tiles with just grass so I can build a 3d village ontop of it.
Customer avatar
Antal K May 12, 2022 6:59 am UTC
Thank you for your feedback! Yes, the Village tiles have only grass options. Please check the 'publisher preview' link under the cover to see the content.
Customer avatar
Simon B September 23, 2021 4:14 pm UTC
How thick is the card for the printed tiles, please?

Also, what does COTBS stand for?
Customer avatar
Simon B September 23, 2021 7:58 pm UTC
I may have answered my first question as I now understand the card to be around 0.3mm thickness. This is way too thin for what I am looking for as I would expect the tiles to curl somewhat over time and to therefore not lay flat on the table (I do not wish to use tape on the cards).<br />
The artwork looks stunning. If an option to purchase printed versions on thicker card become available before I commit to purchasing map tiles from a different producer (I am still searching for sets with the fog of war roofs) then I shall certainly commit to these instead.<br />
Beautiful though.<br /><br />
I will still appreciate having my second question answered though.
Customer avatar
Antal K September 24, 2021 10:24 am UTC
Thank you for your questions, yes, these have standard card thickness and they are a bit slippery on the table. (11.4-pt. thickness, 310 gsm black core card stock from German paper manufacturer Koehler.)

COTBS means the Cities of the Black Scrolls series, this is the City set from the series.
Customer avatar
Eric E February 23, 2021 3:29 pm UTC
The design is gorgeous. The product I received was printed on flimsy playing card stock.

When factoring shipping, to a tune of nearly $50 (!) I effectively acquired some beautiful looking oversized playing cards... It's about $20 more than I would have spent had I known the stock quality I would receive. No storage box even included... so yeah... a bunch of flimsy cards I spent 50 bucks on that I'm afraid to use at the table.

Was I expecting WOTC Dungeon Tile quality? No. But when I purchase "tiles," I expect some degree of "tile" stock. Not cards. Black Scrolls has clearly spent a LOT of time an effort into designing these... why the quality is being diluted in this way is beyond my comprehension. Subsequent purchases were assured until I received the product.
Customer avatar
Paul C November 27, 2020 2:14 am UTC
As an original kickstarter backer am I to understand that I should pay an additional fee for these tiles ?
Customer avatar
Antal K November 27, 2020 7:42 am UTC
Thank you for asking, if you backed our Kickstarter project for these map tiles then you will find download links sent via emails, or in your Crowdox account among the downloads attached to the txt files at the products. If you write us a message on our site ( or Facebook with the email address you used we can provide you the download links personally. Thank you!
Customer avatar
Matthew P November 26, 2020 6:17 pm UTC
The information file that is included with this set is for the wrong product.
Instead of being for the city, it is for the "Medieval Fantasy Docks and Canals" product.
Customer avatar
Antal K November 26, 2020 6:46 pm UTC
Thank you, I've uploaded and updated the orders with the correct version!
Customer avatar
Matthew P November 26, 2020 6:47 pm UTC
That was fast. Thank you for updating it.
Customer avatar
Maarten K August 14, 2020 11:05 am UTC
Could you please also add the isometric visual aids, I found them posted somewhere else online, but would like the origin res image. Thanks
Customer avatar
Michael W July 02, 2020 3:16 am UTC
I just bought these about 2 weeks ago and finally got a chance to put them into my Fantasy Grounds. I noticed today you sell on the FantasyGrounds store and are LOS included. Will these get updated to include LOS? Are they already and I just missed it?
Customer avatar
Antal K July 02, 2020 5:50 am UTC
Hi, Sorry, but Fantasy Grounds has an exclusive license so I cannot sell those files anywhere else, these files on DriveThruRPG will not be updated with the Fantasy Grounds compatible files. We are new at FG, we started selling these there only a few days ago. The only solution could be asking a refund here, or if you write to us on our Facebook page or contact us via our site then we can send you a coupon you can spend on our other products at our site. Thank you!
Customer avatar
Dale E February 10, 2019 12:45 am UTC
I'm not able to rate this for some reason, but this is possibly the best map pack I've seen on here. It's extreme high in detail, the VTT files are hi-res, and it's a fair price for so much content. Thank you!
Customer avatar
Felix J January 13, 2019 7:36 pm UTC
Looks very interesting!
Customer avatar
Andrew J November 23, 2018 6:13 pm UTC
I'm confused. (Yes, in spite of the incredible amount of text in this listing... although a lot of it is marketing/promotional.) Are the details, like furniture and rugs, a part of the digital tiles, or can they be added, romoved, modified, etc.? I prefer to use tiles without any details as I have tons of miniature furniture and scenery.
Customer avatar
Antal K November 23, 2018 6:47 pm UTC
Hi Andrew, thanks for the question!
There are two houses that are empty and unfurnished, other houses and areas are all furnished. You cannot modify the furnished houses or remove/hide their content. The cut-outs with this set are only for the market areas and some smaller items like gallows and so.
Perhaps you should try out our Modular Inn, the Castle or the Fortress sets if you prefer playing on the mats without any pieces of furniture, those sets have an empty-unfurnished version on their other side so you can use them with your scenery (empty versions are also available in the digital version). This is mostly a use-as-it-is set, you can check out the content, click on the "Publisher preview" link under the cover.
I hope I could help you!

- Antal Kéninger
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