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Nemesis I: Vampires
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Nemesis I: Vampires


Every Hero Needs a Nemesis-

Each installment of the Nemesis series will include 5 ready-to-use adversaries for your party to battle. Unravel their histories, plots, and agendas in order to keep them from their evil goals. Game Masters can use any of these adversaries to launch new adventures, or as an emergency action plan when the existing adventure doesn't go as planned. Now never worry about what happens if the party destroys your villain too soon in the game. You'll have plenty of villains waiting in the wings to step in.

Nemesis I: Vampires features five of the Vampire Lord Marcos Hayden's most trusted minions. Each with his or her own agenda. Use them individually or as part of a great conspiracy by the Vampire Lord to open the portal to his god's plane!

Nissa Thornfellow, gnomish rogue vampire. Nissa travels the world searching for forgotten relics, and chances are she is after the same item the party is searching for.

Dego Vatgog, half-orc fighter vampire. Dego commands a band of loyal mercenaries. His undead state has allowed him to enjoy his lust for battle for three centuries. And he is always looking for new challenges, and the party may be just what he is looking for.

Lord Frederick Gorbendar, human aristocrat vampire. Lord Gorbendar enjoys a life of decadent leisure and depraved entertainment. His taste for the blood of beautiful women may put him directly in the party's path as they investigate a series of disappearances.

Velda Marcanos, human sorcerer vampire. The former Lady Tardran changed her name in devotion to her beloved Marcos. Her adoration of Marcos only rivaled by her lust for arcane power, a desire she pursues at all costs.

Lasander Moonstalker, elven ranger vampire. Though cut off from the divine magics of the land due to his undead state, he still opposes those that would harm the natural world. His judgment has clouded over the centuries, making him a deadly and relentless foe for the slightest injury to the land-even if it is just a campfire to keep the party warm.

Each NPC includes:
*A background history to explain his or her origins and motivations
*Story seeds with detailed dialogue suggestions to easily integrate the NPC into your game.
*Stats at multiple levels to allow easy adjustments depending on your party's current power.

 Plus this product includes a list of relics and tomes to employ along with the NPCs, as well as a printer-friendly grayscale version of the complete PDF.

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Nathan C. [Featured Reviewer]
May 9th, 2007
Nemesis: Vampires presents five NPC write-ups of adversaries you can throw at your party. The 48-page PDF, by Bards and Sages, contains some great writing, but ironically is held back and dominated by its own biggest nemesis, bad layout. Vampi [...]
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