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Adventure Havens: Library Lore
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Adventure Havens: Library Lore


The wizard decides to go to the nearest library to research a new spell, then asks you if there is anyone he can talk to. The bard wants to impress the local noble, and asks the librarian for information about the family. The party wants to see if there are any ruins in the vicinity, and decides to look for some old history books. You can handle these situations with a simple roll of the dice, or you can unlock access to dozens of unique side quests and adventures!

Adventure Havens: Library Lore is the second installment in this series designed to give GMs dozens of new NPCs and locations to add a new level of depth to any fantasy campaign. And if you think libraries are dull places full of whispering and dusty books, you're very wrong!

Each library includes basic information on number of books, major library topics, hours of operation, and more. Plus find dozens of NPCs with their own agendas, mini-quests, and story seeds.

Writer Mark Charke opens the doors to one dozen generic libraries that are anything but generic. Discover the otherworldly secrets of the Echo Library. Grab a cup of coffee and a quest at the Corner Store. Help the patrons at Gadget Hall research mechanical flight. And much more.

This Product includes:
*Full color, bookmarked PDF
*A printer-friendly grayscale version of the PDF
*Appendices 3-5, which sort all the NPCs by name, race, and Challenge Rating, in a separate Word file for quick reference.

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September 14th, 2008
I've had very good luck with Bards & Sages products in the past, but this one was, frankly, much less impressive. The problems begin already on p. 4--the first page of actual content--where the author refers to a previously unmentioned "multi- [...]
Nathan C. [Featured Reviewer]
February 13th, 2007
I like an adventure that encompasses more than hearing a rumor at a tavern and going into a dungeon. Adventure Havens: Library Lore, adds another location element to your Dungeons and Dragons games by providing 12 stocked libraries ready for implementa [...]
February 2nd, 2007
Library Lore is worth the price just for the NPCs alone. There are dozens on NPCs in this book, from challenge rating 1 all the way up to 30, and it even includes some dragons as NPCs. Some of the NPCs are generic guards, commoners, and such that are [...]
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