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ICONS Iconic Legends Bundle [BUNDLE]

ICONS Iconic Legends Bundle [BUNDLE]

This special bundle product contains the following titles.

Iconic Legends: Adonis
Regular price: $1.95
Smile Ezekiel Novak is a hedonist, mastermind of vice crime, and amoral nemesis to the Jersey Devil. Though physically not a significant threat, his mind control powers almost always get him what h...
Iconic Legends: Agent Chase
Regular price: $0.37
For Queen and Country! Agent Christine Chase worked for the SIS during WWII. Her efforts to assist the super powered heroes of the day helped win the war for the Allies, and placed her in the categ...
Iconic Legends: Apparition
Regular price: $1.95
Fear Leads to Suffering ... This fear-mongering villain uses hallucinogens to induce terror and horrific visions in the populace and law enforcement while he carries out his true crimes. The Appari...
Iconic Legends: Arctic FoXX
Regular price: $0.37
Based on an original character by Pin-Up model, cosplayer, and roleplayer Jenny Poussin (and used with her permission), Arctic Foxx is Jenny Poussin's heroic alter-ego, a cold based heroine seeking t...
Iconic Legends: Ares
Regular price: $1.95
Prince of Olympus, God of War! Ares’ power has been held in check since the fall of the Roman Empire. Since he was banished to Earth, he wanders the world in search of conflict to i...
Iconic Legends: Atlantis
Regular price: $0.37
Unda Da Sea! Prince Ravas (AKA Sea Devil) rules Atlantis. But how did he become king? What else is down there? What would you run into if you were to visit? This issue outlines a little more Atla...
Iconic Legends: Baron K'oz
Regular price: $1.95
I am immortal "I have all the time I need to rule everything. The Kiton Empire is already mine. The rest of the Nanoverse will follow. And then, I shall move on to conquer all other realities....
Iconic Legends: Celestial
Regular price: $0.37
Up and Away! Celestial is an alien of mixed heritage with vast powers that could turn him into a nearly unstoppable tyrant. But he was raised in a simple farm life by parents who loved him, and imb...
Iconic Legends: Chipmonk
Regular price: $1.95
Critter Whisperer Cheryl Dipsee grew up in the crime-ridden streets of Chicago, unafraid because she was the daughter of the notorious super villain Mammal Master! Initially a part of her father'...
Iconic Legends: Chuck Mallard
Regular price: $0.37
It’s Not His World. He Just Has To Live In It. Look, it’s tough to be a Duck in a Human’s world. Chuck Mallard was just a magazine layout artist on the planet of Avair… u...
Iconic Legends: Count Khabal
Regular price: $1.95
While searching for a dark force to help rescue his family from the Thule Society, Reuven Khabal was approached by the Merlin of Earth. Warning him against using dark magic, the Merlin took Reuven on...
Iconic Legends: Count Orlok
Regular price: $0.37
The Power behind the Vampire Throne Count Orlok has sought dominion of the world through vampire slaves since the second century AD. In the 1400s, he turned hundreds by promising immune to the Blac...
Iconic Legends: Coyote
Regular price: $1.37
The Daughter of a Man without a Past! Coyote was created by M-Division to be one in an army of “war wolves.” However, once the War Wolves transformed into full Metas, gaining the p...
Iconic Legends: Crime Czar
Regular price: $0.37
A Finger in Every Pie Augustus Shaw, AKA Crime Czar, became a social philanthropist after entire neighborhoods of Manhattan were destroyed in the 2004 battle between the Sentinels and the forces of...
Iconic Legends: Daenara
Regular price: $1.95
I'm Just Glad I Didn't Turn Purple! An accountant for the Challenger Foundation, Dana Chandler was quiet, unassuming, and professional. Transformed from a meek young lady to an amazonian powerhouse...
Iconic Legends: Death Stalker
Regular price: $0.37
Michael Garfield is one of the world's deadliest assassins. He specializes in killing his targets with scorpion venom; earning him the name “Death Stalker.” Eventually, Death Stalker was ...
Iconic Legends: Decibel
Regular price: $1.95
Get Ready for High Frequency Crime! The Decibel suit was created by the Rameses Corporation to battle the Recluse. This suit of armor could create vibration waves that shattered steel, co...
Iconic Legends: Der Weisse Shaedel
Regular price: $0.37
Klaue is a FOOL! A powerful member of the SS, Ludvig Weisse, demanded that he be the first to become a German ubermensch. Not caring that Doctor Jeste's formula was not yet tested, he consumed the ...
Iconic Legends: Dragon Fist
Regular price: $1.37
Immortal Fighter of the Innocent Despite being one of the most talented martial artists in the world, Jonathan Rockford was seen as nothing more than a Hollywood B-movie action star. John’s l...
Iconic Legends: Gan Astral Knight
Regular price: $0.37
For the Forge! For thousands of years the noble Astral Knights stood guard against the Manes, a race of starfaring shapeshifters bent on conquest of the galaxy. Eventually the Manes created the Dre...
Iconic Legends: Geist
Regular price: $1.95
I Will Find You in the Dark The Geist is a legend dating back to World War Two. A soldier, keen criminologist, and cunning infiltrator, the Geist has clung to the shadows for a generation to keep a...
Iconic Legends: Gold Lion
Regular price: $0.37
A King Defends His People Ade Mujambe Lisimba, King of Ophar, is his people's protector, and the country's greatest treasure, the Gold Lion. His birthright stolen by interlopers, Ade fought to ge...
Iconic Legends: Grand Emperor
Regular price: $1.95
The Dragon King, seeking an heir to his empire, found a young boy in a Chinese orphanage named Guang Yi. He was the last heir to the Chinese throne and that someday he would ascend to ...
Iconic Legends: Grendel
Regular price: $0.37
“Grendel CRUSH!!” Sometimes what your campaign needs is a hero of legend, who everyone recognizes, even though they’ve never met her before. Grendel is a radiated monster, the u...
Iconic Legends: Harrier
Regular price: $1.95
Birds of a Feather A veteran of the Air Force, Curtis Hawkins designed a flying suit that used jet propulsion for thrust and wings for guidance. General Nathan Storm of CASTLE saw th...
Iconic Legends: Hauptman Klaue
Regular price: $0.26
"TO RESIST MEIN OFERLORDS IS AN EXCERSISE IN FUTILITY!!" A relic of WWI and WWII, Hauptman Klaue has returned to a world he no longer recognizes. His homeland has forsaken the Nazi Reich,...
Iconic Legends: Headsman and Spellbinder
Regular price: $1.95
Titan vs. Titan!! Two more of Hauptman Klaue's Overlords, Olympian sorceress Spellbinder (PL 10) is obsessed with possessing Jupiter's heart. Her companion, Headsman (PL 13), is a constant, fanatic...
Iconic Legends: Hecate
Regular price: $0.37
"I swear by the black pits of Tartarus that I WILL release the Titans, I WILL claim the throne of Olympus, and I WILL. DEFEAT. JUPITER!" Hecate is a powerful titan who was raised as the g...
Iconic Legends: Jersey Devil
Regular price: $1.95
WHO IS the Jersey Devil?! As a child, Matilda Mangold was blinded by a chemical truck explosion when she risked herself to save the driver. Her father, a brilliant neurosurgeon, designed sensor hor...
Iconic Legends: Jupiter
Regular price: $0.37
You thought to enslave mortals? To betray the gods, and your family? NO, Hecate, your reign of evil ends now!" Jupiter is a powerful goddess who was raised by a mortal human family when she wa...
Iconic Legends: Lord d'Arc
Regular price: $1.95
"All shall be safe, and all shall OBEY, under the rule of d'Arc!" Lord d'Arc is a genius tyrant who believes only under his iron rule can the world survive. A master of science and sorcer...
Iconic Legends: Lord Orkus
Regular price: $0.37
The Embodiment of Evil For those familiar with the occult world, Lord Orkus (PL 16) is well known for his strength, his brutality, and his fondness for personally executing his enemies. W...
Iconic Legends: Mako
Regular price: $0.00
"I Shall Rule the World beneath the Waves!" A disgraced Olympic swimmer who was turned into a monster by the fiendish Doctor Jeste, Mako Shark has abandoned the surface world to focus on ...
Iconic Legends: Manes
Regular price: $0.37
The Stuff of Nightmares The Manes (pronounced “Mah-nez”) are a race of vampiric shapeshifters who are feared across the known galaxy. For thousands of solar cycles, the M...
Iconic Legends: Mercury and Violet
Regular price: $1.95
He's Swift. She's Lucky. Before they were Mercury and Violet, the Niemczyk twins were just Pavel and Wioletta, Polish orphans living a harsh life of foster homes and abuse. When their Meta powers f...
Iconic Legends: Myrmidon and Vespa
Regular price: $0.37
Big Heroes come in Small Packages! Myrmidon and Vespa are insect-themed shrinking heroes who have used their powers to fight evil in our world as well as travel to the microscopic Nanoverse to figh...
Iconic Legends: Nathaniel Night
Regular price: $1.95
Looking for Some Strange? On a visit to London, Nathaniel Night discovered magic in the scrolls of Le Mort du Arthur, and unfortunately, gained the attention of the agents of Lork Orkus. Earth's Me...
Iconic Legends: Outrider
Regular price: $0.26
Servant of the Sun-Eater Rhan Gaar was an astronomer on the Freespace world of Suul. When he discovered Secundus approaching his home world, he contacted the Sun-Eater and pleaded for him...
Iconic Legends: Pendragon
Regular price: $1.99
Sometimes what your campaign needs is a hero of legend, who everyone recognizes, even though they've never met her before. Pendragon is one of the Great Heroes of WWII, a patriotic defender of just...
Iconic Legends: Polarity
Regular price: $0.37
Bow Before the Master of Magnetism! A potent meta, with the powers of magnetism, Jakob used his powers in his youth to hunt down and destroy the Nazis who had destroyed his family. During...
Iconic Legends: Princess Sthenia
Regular price: $1.95
You Know NOTHING of My Power An Inphinite, born on a Dynasty Citadel, and sent to Earth as an infant, Princess Sthenia (PL 13) was raised as a child of the gods. She led her people to many victorie...
Iconic Legends: Pteranodon
Regular price: $0.37
Using Hero Tech for Crime! When superhuman beings began to appear in massive numbers Arnold Vex knew that to compete in this new age, one needed an edge. He and his crew stole advanced technology f...
Iconic Legends: Raptor
Regular price: $1.37
A Man without a Past! The earliest memory "Gabe" has is of violence and survival in the Sacred Lands – an isolated region on Earth concealed within a dimensional fold where dinosaur...
Iconic Legends: Recluse
Regular price: $0.37
Recluse is a young, idealistic hero granted the powers of the spider, which are great when facing a villain, and of no use whatsoever when dealing with every other aspect of life. Iconic Legends. B...
Iconic Legends: Rector Zhaar
Regular price: $1.95
Leader of the Pact As various alien races gathered the fragments of Xenos, they formed a religious faction dedicated to the rebirth of the living planet. This faction is known as the Pact, which is...
Iconic Legends: Red Cap
Regular price: $0.37
Having trouble squashing that pesky spider? Heheheh ... I'm sure you and I can have a BLAST tracking him down and dowsing him in flaming oil!!! AAAHAAAAHAHAHAHAhahaha ... Red Cap is a bitter, yet b...
Iconic Legends: Sea Devil
Regular price: $1.95
Prince Ravas was first believed to be a villainous ocean menace, named Sea Devil by the press, when he appeared naked in New York City demanding answers to why his home was being threatened by sinkin...
Iconic Legends: Semiramis
Regular price: $0.38
Her Name Brings Death An ancient entity with ancient powers, Semiramis (PL 21) (pronounced "Shamiram”) is survived the Atlantean Wars to eventually become one of the most powerful creatu...
Iconic Legends: Spartan
Regular price: $1.99
I am Spartan Sometimes what your campaign needs is a hero of legend, who everyone recognizes, even though they've never met him before. Spartan is a carousing playboy by day and an armor suit-cla...
Iconic Legends: Superior and Troglodyte
Regular price: $0.37
I -WILL- FIND THE RIGHT FORMULA!!! After secretly creating the monstrous, purple Grendel, Doctor Seymour Stevenson continued to experiment with his mutagen serum, hoping to turn his own frail body ...
Iconic Legends: The Challenger Foundation
Regular price: $1.95
Family First! The Challengers aren’t just a tight-knit group of heroes with a shared history, they’re also a family. Though Byron Stern (Brute), Amber Gale (Ember), Savannah Gale (Veil)...
Iconic Legends: The Sentinels
Regular price: $0.37
Welcome to the Sentinels! The Sentinels Agenda is a program overseen by CASTLE (the "Committee of Advanced Strategy, Technology, and Law Enforcement") to bring together extraordinary indi...
Iconic Legends: Triceratops
Regular price: $1.95
"This time, it’s YOUSE gettin' extincted!" Boerio “Barry” Oberto was just another hired thug working for the Cartels, until he was selected to be a test subject in the R...
Iconic Legends: Volt
Regular price: $0.37
Volt, a synthetic human decommissioned just after WWII, was rediscovered by Kraken, when the tentacled villain was in search of a new hidden laboratory. Kraken reactivated Volt and convinced him...
Iconic Legends: Warp Speed Warriors
Regular price: $1.95
Jump to Warp Speed! Between the dominion of the militaristic Khor and the shapeshifting Faez empire sits Freespace, and unclaimed stretch of inhabited stars threatened by the god-like Inphinites, t...
Iconic Legends: Xenos
Regular price: $0.38
The Living Planet On the fringes of Known Space sits a world unlike any other. This planet is Xenos... and it’s alive! Xenos uses fragments of its body, now scattered across space, to co...

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