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The Lexicon of the Throne
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The Lexicon of the Throne

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Unlock the Words of Creation for the Godbound role-playing game and arm yourself with mighty tools for the forging of new faiths for whatever games you play.

The Lexicon of the Throne is a sourcebook that contains not only a host of new Words of Creation for your Godbound game, but also extensive guidelines for creating new Words and gifts for your own campaign. In addition to these new Words, half the book is devoted to a set of GM tools for creating new religions and clerical hierarchies, tools that serve in the best Sine Nomine tradition for use in any game you play, whether fantasy, modern, or sci-fi. Even those GMs who don't indulge in the divine heroics of Godbound can profit by these polished and powerful tools.

Within these pages, you'll get:

  • Advice and guidelines for creating new Words and gifts.
  • New Words of Creation, including Birds, Cities, Dance, Deserts, Desire, Engineering, Entropy, Fear, Insects, Intoxication, Madness, Murder, Music, Networks, Protection, Theft, Underworld, Vengeance, War, and Winter.
  • Concept Words that encapsulate mythic beings in a single neat package, including Artificial Intelligence, Dragon, Faerie Queen, Lich King, and Peak Human
  • Guidelines for creating new Strifes, with the example Strife of the Hunger Within and new heroic-mortal lesser strife rules for elaborating on their less godly techniques.
  • System-agnostic tools for building new religions, from their humble origins to present world-spanning influence. Devise hierarchies, organize doctrines, and turn this preparatory work into the kind of conflicts, problems, and ambitions that make useful adventure grist.
  • Forty new religion tags to customize and complicate your faiths, giving them Friends, Enemies, Complications, Things, and Places proper to their holy cause.
  • Guides for building Godbound cults, the better to help players decide what kind of sacred duties they wish ti impress on their followers and to help GMs decide just how much Dominion these demands are worth.

So seize it now, noble reader! Godbound players and GMs will find a lush profusion of aids for their games, while even those who prefer other games will be armed with a mighty host of GM tools and helps for building religions in their worlds.

(Nota Bene: While the book is listed as standard heavyweight color, it is chiefly in black and white. I selected the standard heavyweight print method for its superior paper weight over the black and white print method.)

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June 15, 2018 2:53 pm UTC
Really like everything you make. Despite not being "all in", I can always find enough useful insight to make your products worthwhile and valuable.
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