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Cavaliers of Mars Core Rulebook
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Cavaliers of Mars Core Rulebook

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Return now to dying Mars in its last age of glory. A world of flashing swords and choking sands, of winking courtesans and lantern-lit canal cities. Mars, where romance and heartbreak are two sides of the same obsidian chit.

Where lost cities are buried in the dunes, and dry oceans stretch out between the last daring bastions of civilization. Where the First Martians, the monument-builders, are but a faded memory. And the Red Martians have become decadent and capricious in their last days. 

Find yourself digging for someone else’s treasure in the lost tombs of Chiaro, or spitting defiance at the Roundhead priests of wild Ziggur, or dashing across the towered crypts of Vance with your long-lost lover. Lock steel with the Princess Invincible, even as your hand reaches towards your flintlaser for insurance.

Cavaliers of Mars includes:

  • A vibrant setting with cultures, careers, characters, and dozens of locations, all organized to get you right into the world of Mars!
  • An all-new system combining your character’s motivations, history, and beliefs with strategic swashbuckling action!
  • Astrology, crafting, psychic powers, and much more!

Created by Rose Bailey

Written by Rose Bailey, Benjamin Baugh, Storn Cook, Steffie de Vaan, Meghan Fitzgerald, Jordan Goldfarb, Danielle Lauzon, Ethan Skemp, Lauren Stone, Travis Stout, and senior writer Audrey Whitman

Note that while Cavaliers of Mars is a black & white book, we are two Hardcover versions. The usual black & white edition, plus a version using the Standard Color Heavyweight process to offer a book on a heavier paper stock for more vibrant printing.


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Rezensionen (1)
Diskussionen (5)
Customer avatar
E.T. S April 22, 2019 7:45 pm UTC
I very much like this game, and am glad to have gotten it in hardcover, but that pleasure is a bit greyed because of two issues with the text.

The first is minor: putting the two page world map near the center of the book, where the binding's bulk eats up about a half-inch column of the map's middle graphic, was a clumsy layout choice. Fortunately having the PDF mitigates this.

The second problem is a more critical issue: the index is a gory disaster. It's so jumbled I at first thought it was a printing error, but it's the same in the PDF, so the cause must be the primary formatting of the text. The least of the problem are entries that were supposed to be sub-entries but almost never indented properly. The worst problem is that at least half the subjects are scattered seemingly randomly in no accordance with alphabetical or conceptual sense.

To illustrate, the first part of the "Z" section is reproduced as follows (skipping the page numbers):

Zaius...See more
Customer avatar
Matias B April 09, 2019 9:26 pm UTC
My story with Cavaliers of Mars
I backed the game for a physical copy. I was excited with the setting and given the experience of Rose Bailey I was confident to get a good swashbuckler game in Mars.

I received the book and when I was ready to test the game with friends a week ago I started to read the rules with more detail.

I liked the ideas of the combat when I read the jumpstart but I was expecting some tweaks in the corebook. Having three Motivations and three Methods, I felt the combat was a game of chance and the only attribute valid was Speed beside some talents.

I decided to give it a chance and see how it works but when I was reading the talent Pistoleer I trigger a chain-reaction of frustration. Let me explain:

The talent gives you the change of reducing the Reload cost in Stunt dice. Sounds interesting but the problem is the Ranged Weapon section says reloading is automatic in the Break phase (the end of the round). So why I need stunt dice?...See more
Customer avatar
Rose B April 10, 2019 5:33 pm UTC
Hi, Matias! To answer your questions:

1) The Pistoleer Talent is in error. It should read:

"You may spend a stunt die to reload rather than waiting until the break phase."

That means that you can use a stunt die to reload and attack again with the weapon.

2) Most weapons do 1 damage, as described in the Combat section. You can use the equipment table to approximate anything else you need.

3) Most large animals are viable mounts for cavaliers, as are large objects in general. The bestiary includes several.
Customer avatar
Matias B April 10, 2019 7:49 pm UTC
1. Is an errata of the game?
2. Does the Spider Rifle do the same damage as a flint laser or a dagger?
Customer avatar
Rose B April 10, 2019 8:25 pm UTC
1. There is no errata at this point.

2. Use the flintlaser stats.
Customer avatar
E.T. S April 11, 2019 5:37 am UTC
Anyone reading Matias B's comment above, be warned the poster has been banned from multiple other forums for copy-posting this screed and attacking "Cavaliers of Mars" in general. Their dull-witted outrage isn't worth your time.
Customer avatar
Dillard R May 17, 2019 5:49 am UTC
I am thinking of purchasing. I love Planets and Romance books like John Carter. Do you think you could post a more even handed review?
Customer avatar
.. . December 26, 2018 9:19 am UTC
The Standard Heavyweight edition does NOT have color interior, correct?
Customer avatar
Rose B January 11, 2019 8:18 pm UTC
No versions of the game have color interiors.
Customer avatar
Angel T October 19, 2018 8:19 am UTC
What's the engine/system powering the setting?
Customer avatar
Ilias T October 19, 2018 10:54 am UTC
Customer avatar
Rose B October 19, 2018 12:44 pm UTC
DEIMOS is a new set of rules for the setting. I'd call it medium complexity, on the same level as Cortex Plus or Cinematic Unisystem.

For most situations, you have traits rated in stepped dice: motivations like For Self and For Love, methods like With Grace and With Force, and careers like Priest and Cavalier. You roll them as a pool, then add the highest two together.

For combat, you use a "hand" of 10-sided dice in different colors for strikes, parries, and stunts. Everyone rolls their dice, and then the GM counts down from 10. When the number hits one of your dice, you get to act.

Crafting under pressure is similar to combat, with different dice representing different actions.

There are also systems for psychic powers and astrology.

I hope that helps!
Customer avatar
Angel T October 19, 2018 6:15 pm UTC
Thank you!
Customer avatar
Charles S October 19, 2018 6:45 am UTC
The Exhausted Condition on the character sheet is missing its "T".

Thanks for the very cool game!
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