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[WOIN] The EONS Collection

[WOIN] The EONS Collection

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94 EONS supplements gathered in one place! The ultimate collection of supplementary WOIN material. Ths epic collection contains rules, races, gear, adventures, careers, and more for fantasy, modern, and sci-fi games. Here's what you get. Note that some of these articles were later incorporated into core rulebooks. This collection includes over a dozen adventures!

  • #94. Four N.E.W. Alien Races III. Welcome to another four alien PC races for your sci-fi WOIN games! As before, you can easily use these in fantasy games, too! This time, you’ll meet: Clockmen, clockwork mechanoids who repair themselves with spare parts; Drahzik, a hunter culture of trophy seekers and bounty hunters; Fornians, a fungal race with the ability to emit hallucinogenic spores; Garga, a race of amphibious frog like beings.
  • #93. The Power of Christ Compels You! WOIN takes a darker turn as it adopts some themes from horror movies such as The Omen or The Exorcist. This article deals with demonic possession, and the exorcism thereof. Learn how to prepare for an exorcism, and how to connect the ritual itself. Also includes the new Exorcist career.
  • #92. Four N.E.W. Alien Races II. Following last week’s four new alien races, we have another four for your campaigns! This time, we introduce the Bragi, a cephalopod race, experts at piloting and astro-navigation; Changelings, naturally amorphous, creatures which have evolved to be able to mimick the shapes of others; Charons, a humanoid race mutated by radiation; and Chorax, eight-legged cannibalistic spider-people who experiment on others.
  • #91. Four N.E.W. Alien Races. This article, the first in a series, introduces four new alien races suitable for player characters. Acorax, humanoid bird-men; Adraxi, winged, featherless humanoid aliens who resemble pterodactyls; Argons, tall, fur-covered humanoids who live in tune with nature; and Betrux, stocky, beetle-like aliens with thick shells and waving antennae.
  • #90. Encounters in the Frigid Wastes. As the cold weather in the real world continues, we add some frigid encounters into your fantasy WOIN games. Avalanches, frozen bridges, mammoth warriors, winter riders, and wolves in the storm await in this article by James J. Haeck; illustrated by Ellis Goodson.
  • #89. The Trade War. The second adventure in the Code of Honor trilogy by Jacob Rodgers (a trilogy which started with The Palermo Gambit last month). In the Galileo Sector, settled by the ne-er do wells and "Businesses" of the Union, a trade war erupts between The YOEN Conglomerate and and Capitolia Business ... and when a trade war begins the Galileo Sector, the laser pistols follow quickly after. Illustrated by Ellis Goodson, Victoria Oliveira, Phil Stone, and Indi Martin.
  • #88. SolSpace: A Brief Timeline. Welcome to the first overview of SolSpace, the "core" setting for science-fiction What's OLD is NEW games. This document contains a short introduction to the setting, a timeline of the setting's history so far, and maps of known space. The maps are also included separately as image files for convenience. Note that all of our settings, including this one, are available for use by creators selling content in the WOIN Community Publishing Syndicate.
  • #87. Deep Space Encounters. Spice up your space travel with these encounters in deep space! escape pods, space restaurants, debris fields, and rogue shots all present intergalactic challenges, and each has a handful of variations so that you can use them again! By Michael McCarthy; illustrated by Sade, Giacomo Marchesi, and James Gary.
  • #86. Urban Noir. WOIN covers a wide range of genres. Space opera, dark fantasy, modern action, spy thriller, and more. This article takes a look at the noir genre, offering game and setting advice as well as four new exploits suited to such settings. By Charlie Brooks; illustrated by Indi Martin.
  • #85. Behold My True Form! It can be hard to make solo "boss" monsters which are interesting enough to stand up to an entire party, while not making them a big bag of endless HEALTH which requires tedious chipping away. This article gives you some options for traits acquired when the monster hits half HEALTH, and when it hits zero HEALTH. By James Haeck; illustrated by Ellis Goodson.
  • #84. The Last Star Knight. The Star Knight career is expanded with a plethora of new powers, some inspired by a recent sci-fi movie which recently appears in cinemas! Learn how to call lightning, project your consciousness, or turn off your targeting computer....
  • #83. The Palermo Gambit. From writer Jacob Rodgers comes the start of a new trilogy! Set in the Galileo Sector, an area of space settled by criminals and ne'er-do-wells, the PCs will play scoundrels working for the gangster Boss Nadir. Can they locate Danos Petrar, and then infiltrate the warehouse in Palermo City? And how will they fare at the firefight at the Bull's Eye club? And finally, can they protect the freighter Gentileschi during the New Venice Run? Illustrated by Phil Stone, Indi Martin; cartography by Derek Ruiz.
  • #82. Faces of the Grotesque. This collection of five magical masks, fashioned out of a monstrous creature's visage, imbue your characters with the powers of the monsters they depict. Each mask has a history, powers, plot hooks, and curses and drawbacks -- the Goblin Mask, Mask of the Dragon, Dire Bear Mask, Hill Giant Mask, and Octopoid Mask.
  • #81. The Judicial Legion of Adventurers: Swift. Part of the Judicial Legion of Adventurers, Swift is the fastest person alive! Imbued with superhuman speed, he can run faster than the blink of an eye; so fast, in fact, that he can even walk on water or run up walls!
  • #80. The Judicial Legion of Adventurers: The Dark Avenger. The Judicial Legion of Adventurers is a group of powerful heroes dedicated to fighting evil and injustice. Their epic abilities, global renown, and awe-inspiring reputations are enough to make even the most depraved arch-villain think twice, and give alien invaders pause to reconsider the wisdom of going up against them.
  • #79. Faces of Hallow's Eve. These five dark artifacts are suitable for fantasy or sci-fi campaigns. Each is a grisly mask with evil powers and dangerous drawbacks - the Ghost Hood, the Hag Mask, the Mask of the Shamed Royal, the Visage of the Vampire, and the Slashed Faces. By Kiel Chenier; illustrated by Kim Van Deun.
  • #78. ZEITGEIST #: Island at the Axis of the World (Part 3). The ZEITGEIST adventure path continues! Can the party infiltrate Axis Island, and open the way for Risur's navy to take down the treasonous duchess?
  • #77. Psionic Gear. Twenty new psionic items, including grenades, companion stones, crystal masks, mainlines, psionic detonators, perception torcs, psi crowns, psychic cuffs, and much more.
  • #76. ZEITGEIST #1: Island at the Axis of the World (Part 2). The critically acclaimed adventure path continues! In this Act, the heroes will open the way for Risur's navy to take down the treacherous duchess by infiltrating Axis Island. Espionage and skullduggery abound!
  • #75. Life Events. These rules add to the career lifepath character creation system, adding personal, social, and extra-curricular events to your character's history, increasing the depth and richness of your character's backstory. Simply roll one life event for each career grade when first creating your character. You might get married, have an accident, win the lottery, or take up a new hobby.
  • #74. Rank & File. If your character belongs to an organisation, it's likely that they'll have a rank of some kind. Whether a fantasy pirate captain, or a veteran star knight, a grizzled watch commander, or a modern marine, a character's rank adds an extra level of immersion into the setting. These rules tie rank to REP for a wide variety of fantasy, modern, and sci-fi organisations.
  • #73. You're All Doomed! An abandoned wizard's tower resting atop a hill. A peaceful village threatened by the undead. Rumors of vast treasure buried in forgotten crypts. Sounds like the perfect start to an adventure! A little too perfect...
  • #72. Give Chase! Chases can be hard to run! In you're mind, they're an exciting cinematic adventure; in reality, they can end up being a tedious, plodding plotting of minis on a grid. The core rules explain how to run a chase; this article goes into a little more depth, describing how to make sure your chase scenes run smoothly!
  • #71. Danuki: Mischievous Shapeshifters. This new race for both OLD and NEW games introduces a diminutive race of mischievous changelings. These prank-loving beings are not known for their bravery, nut they love to take down the pompous and the aloft. By Carl Cramér; illustrated by Ellis Goodson.
  • #70. Racebuilding Engine. Are you players bored with the core races? Here's their chance to design their own unique alien or fantasy race using a point-based system. They'll choose its type, size, attributes, skill choices, and exploits and create something exotic and personal to them!
  • #69. Summoners. A brand new magical career, along with a new magical enhancement and a range of summonable fey spirits form this article by Nathan Thurston!
  • #68. Monster Design. Struggling with creating WOIN monsters and NPCs? This system takes you through the steps by choosing a template and power level and going from there.
  • #67. ZEITGEIST #1: Island at the Axis of the World (Part 1). The first part of the critically acclaimed adventure path is here! In factories throughout the city of Flint, months of ceasless toil by mages, engineers, and shipbuilders have finally concluded. Now well-wishers from across the nation of Risur have come to witness the launch of the world’s mightiest vessel of war: the R.N.S. Coaltongue, impervious to spell and cannon and armed with fire that could slay even a dragon. On the docks, constables keep a close eye on celebrants and troublemakers; in the shadows, conspiracy and betrayal threaten this technological titan on its maiden voyage.Meanwhile, on an island in the lush Yerasol Achipelago, enemy spies put their plans into motion, clouded with secrecy...
  • #66. Deadly Traps. From acid pools to trash compactors to cursed glyphs to poison needles, traps are a staple ingredient in any adventurer's diet. This article tells you how to create a trap for your WOIN game, and includes 15 example traps ready to use, along with a (simple) trap generator.
  • #65. The Goddess Within: Playing Nymphs. These three new fey races for fantasy settings allow you to play an immortal forest, earth, or water nymph. These magical creatures are physical spirits of nature, with natural magical abilities. By Josh Gentry; illustrated by Tamara Cvetkovic.
  • #64. Black Powder Conjurer. This new magical career for fantasy games combines the arts of evocation with the explosive potential of gunpowder. The Black Powder Conjurer can use her guns to throw fire, as her weapons crash like rolling thunder.
  • #63. Trappist. Trappist-1 is a real star system about 30 light years from Earth, believed by astronomers today to have seven rocky planets in the star's habitable zone. Little do they know that in the future, humans will discover the crowded and vibrant system that is Trappist, with its seven populated planets. This 15-page article details the Tarppist system, its seven worlds, and the races who live on them.
  • #62. Conditions & Critical Hits. Some people like their critical hits to be a bit more "in your face". This alternate system of critical hits (and status tracks in general) makes them a little more dangerous, as well as a little quicker to use.
  • #61. Ten Magical Careers. WOIN fans have been asking for new magical careers for a while now, and so we present you with TEN of them! The Archmage, Battlemage, Enchanter, Healer, Icemage, Illusionist, Magician, Shaman, Soothsayer, and Witch/Warlock add to the seven magical careers in the core rules, taking you up to 17.
  • #60. Union Space Force. This short PDF contains the overall career structure diagram of the USF (Union Space Force). While the WOIN career structure is very freeform, specific organisations may have their own prerequisites. The diagram in this PDF indicates the order in which USF officers may take careers.
  • #59. Catalogus Naeniam. Got your copy of OLD and eagerly devouring the Elements of Magic spell building system? This article by Nathan Thurston contains 21 new spells all created using the WOIN rules! Ranging from the 3 MP Strike Through Stone to the mighty 37 MP Curse of the Beast, these spells cover a wide variety of magical skills and secrets.
  • #58. The Virosa Accord. The third and final adventure in the Nereid Trilogy, which began with The Last Survivor, and continued in Harvester Moon. The Virosa were first encountered in The Last Survivor; now the PCs are invited to join a First Contact mission to their homeworld. But can they deal with radical factions, assassins, and more? By Jacob Rodgers; illustrated by Indi Martin, Ellis Goodson, Giacomo Marchesi, Phil Stone, and Kier Lyles.
  • #57. Laser Swords. Laser swords in the N.E.W. core rulebook are a fairly basic affair. For those who enjoy their science fantasy, this article provides upgraded rules for laser swords -- six distinct sword colours, four weapon traits, and information on the Star Knight tradition of building and upgrading their own swords
  • #56. Incident at ICEREACH-1. In this adventure by Rob Nuttman, the PCs will find themselves investigating events at a lunar mining outpost. Can the heroes discover what happened at ICEREACH-1? What did North Atlantic Heavy Industries find below the ice of the Atinken Basin? Illustrated by Peter Woods, Xanditz, and Huy Man Van.
  • #55. Game Modes. Regular and Cinematic Mode are two ways to modify the tone of your WOIN game. This article offers two new ways to play substantially different styles of game - Grit Mode (suitable for survival horror, or hard sci-fi) and Cartoon Mode (suitable for light-hearted games with ridiculous action). Also presented is a new ammunition tracking rule using the countdown pool mechanic.
  • #54. Small Ships. One thing often requested for the WOIN system is support for vessels smaller than 1,000 tons. This article provides statistics for smaller vessels, along with select range of ship components from the Chen-Zua Corporation designed for ships of that size. Of course, those ships can use larger components, as long as they can fit them in, but these have been specifically engineered to accommodate smaller sized vessels. Also included are two sample ships, the Newton Class 0-I Shuttle and the Stingray Class 0-II Freighter.
  • #53. Size Matters! A shorter article this time, after the recent two adventures! This two-page article illustrates the different creature size categories in the WOIN system, from tiny housecoats to titanic monsters which crush entire buildings beneath their feet! Illustrated by Michael McCarthy.
  • #52. Harvester Moon. Harvester Moon, by Jacob Rodgers, is the second in the Nereid Trilogy which began with The Last Survivor. In this adventure, the PCs will track down the Ogron slaver Bauk and discover the ominous reason why ship crews have been captured in the region. New monsters, two new starships, and a brand new psionic-based starship weapon are included in this 15-page adventure. Can the heroes infiltrate the Harvester Moon, explore the slaver facility, survive the Reapers, and escape again? Illustrated by Victoria Oliveira, Ellis Goodson, James Gary; cartography by Meshon Cantrell.
  • #51. Into the Dreaming. A fey-themed fantasy adventure for starting PCs! The adventurers are trapped in a strange land - can they find their way home? And can they navigate the labyrinthine Hedgegrove, domain of Princess Daneliean Dandelion? By Kiel Chenier; illustrated by Egil Thompson.
  • #50. Ranged Brutes. Our 50th article! In settings which focus on ranged combat, especially sci-fi or modern settings, it can be hard to balance an encounter against melee opponents, especially those big brutes which make mincemeat out of sword-wielding PCs in fantasy RPGs. When you can perch at cover and snipe a T-Rex to death, it's not much of a threat. Of course, WOIN already addresses the encounter reward by basing it on how hard the encounter actually was, not on how hard some equation says it should be, but sometimes you just want your brutes to give your ranged PCs a hard time. This article will help you do that with advice on existing exploits and a range of new exploits like Come Here, Living Shield, Monstrous Leap, and more.
  • #49. Light & Dark. When Vader warned Luke that he underestimated the power of the Dark Side, he was not joking. As the Ring slowly corrupted Frodo, it had visible and mental effects on him. As clerics fail to uphold the ideals of their god, their patrons turn away.This short set of rules introduces the Shadow Track - a way of tracking Light and Dark points. As characters ascend into the light or descend into the darkness, they gain manifestations.
  • #48. Uplifted. Six new PC races for your WOIN games! These uplifted species are descended from dogs, crows, pigs, rats, chimpanzees, and elephants! They join the existing Felan in the ranks of WOIN uplifted races.
  • #47. Trader Captains. Taking up a career as a trader, merchant, smuggler, or pirate? Then this document is for you! Details on trading rules, cargo types, permits, fuel costs, and more enable you to begin trading right away!
  • #46. Cauldron Cant. Instead of an article, this week we're giving you a font file. Cauldron Cant is a futuristic font created by Darren Morrissey which you can use in your games for player handouts and the like. Simply install the font (that's the .ttf file attached) and use it as a letter/number substitution.
  • #45. Tartarus. Welcome to Tartarus, the greatest space station in the galaxy! Located in The Cauldron, Tartarus is home to 7-million people and aliens. This 12-page document gives an overview of the station, a handful of notable locations and NPCs of note, random encounter tables, and a sample starscraper floor, 323 Maple Grove, with details of the 40 business to be found there and plot hooks to bring it alive.
  • #44. Specialist Armor: 37 New Armor Types. Is the basic armor list in the NEW core rulebook not quite doing it for you? Would you rather be showing off the latest TD85 Scorpion Flexible Armor Suit, a Guardian A9 Energy Sheath, or prize of the rich socialite, the DE76 "Ninja Machine" Molecule Mai? Or perhaps some of the latest Price-Arakaki Rubber Armor or some Carapace Body Armor (don't run into any insectoids while wearing that....) 37 new armor types ranging from SOAK 3 all the way up to a mighty SOAK 26... if you can afford it!
  • #43. Damage Report! Want to add a little more detail to ship damage during starship combat or crash landings? These advanced rules enable PCs to track damage to their vessel on a system-by-system basis.
  • #42. Variant Humans. The universe is a large place, and humans spread everywhere. After a while, they adapt to their new environments - high gravity, low gravity, asteroids, planets orbiting black holes, even clones born in chemical tanks. This article introduced four variant human races for sci-fi games: the Belters, who come form low-g envirnments such as asteroids, starships, and small planets; the Jovians, who come from planets with crushing gravity; Clones, who are created in tanks and emerge fully formed into the world; and the Warped, crazed humans who live near black holes.
  • #41. Premum Non Nocere. This sci-fi adventure from writer Jason Watson deals with an abandoned medical freighter and its missing crew. What happened aboard the ship, and can the PCs locate and rescue the crew? Including full colour maps, and a tough new monster (the Kremlin Beast), this adventure is designed for advanced characters of grades 10+. Illustrated by Meshon Cantrill, Indi Martin, Phil Stone, and Egil Thompson.
  • #40. Reputation, Contacts, & Credit. Your REP score is more important than you realise. It's not just fame - it also controls your credit rating, and your access to aid in the form of contacts. Using these simple rules, your characters can obtain goods on credit, and request assistance from people they have known in their lives. Need that old college roomate to leave the door to the museum wher ehe now works unlocked? Want to call in the expertise of your old xenobiology professor? Can't quite afford that new laser gatling gun? If so, this article is for you!
  • #39. Minotaurs, Goblins, & Clockmen. Three new PC races for your games! These races fit in with any fantasy setting, and ar ealso suitable for sci-fi games. Minotaurs make great gladiators, sailors, pirates, and lair guardians; goblins are cunning, thieving little scrappers; and the mechanical clockmen believe in order and structure. Also included are two new careers and two new weapons.
  • #38. ZEITGEIST Player's Guide. There's quite the treat today for EONS patrons! A 67-page setting book, detailing the ZEITGEIST campaign setting for the WOIN rules. Those of you who know of ZEITGEIST may have noticed its influence in the OLD rules, and this book lays out the full world, details the principle city of Flint, and delves into the Royal Homeland Constabulary, an organization that PCs in ZEITGEIST might belong to. Also included are 3 new races and 9 new careers, such as the Docker, Gunsmith, Technologist, Eschatologist, Vekeshi Mystic, Skyseer, Yerasol Veteran, and Martial Scientist. ZEITGEIST is a world on the brink of an industrial revolution, with central themes of conflict between the old ways and the new, magic and burgeoning technology.
  • #37. What Does My LOGIC Score Mean? Wondering whether you can read or write? How many lnaguages you can speak? How best to roleplay your LOGIC attribute? This article is here to answer those questions, taking at look at what each LOGIC score means for your character.
  • #36. The Devil On Your Shoulder: Careers for Antiheroes. This article presents new criminal careers with potential for reputation and wealth, but accompanied by risk - the Anarchist, Criminal Informant, Forger, Money Launderer, Psionic Interrogator, and Vandal. By Anthony Jennings.
  • #35. Explosive Ordnance. Want some heavy weaponry in your sci-fi game? This selection of bazookoids, mortars, and rocket launchers will be sure to create a heck of a mess! Burst weapons come to WOIN with a bang - literally!
  • #34. Creatures of Nightmares. Horrific creatures suitable for fantasy or sci-fi settings, these nightmarish beings embody your darkest dreams and touch your deepest fears or shame. A deadly foe for any horror-themed scenario. By Simon "Skipp" Morin and Mike McCarthy; illustrated by Xanditz.
  • #33. Trailblazer 9 Heavy. The Trailblazer Heavy vessels are over a hundred years old and were designed to cut routes through the nightmarish hazards that fill the space of the Cauldron. When TB9H becomes a runaway train headed straight for the planet of Diana, can the PCs figure out what is going on and stop the ship before distaster strikes? By Alasdair Stuart; art by Sade, Ellis Goodson, and Indi Martin.
  • #32. Against the War Mind. This adventure by Mark Kernow puts the PCs on the trail of a renegade AI and a sinister corporation. Will they manage to stop the War Mind before it enacts its deadly plan of revenge? Illustrated by Phil Stone, Sade, and Egil Thompson. Cartography by Michael McCarthy.
  • #31. The Kryte. The Kryte are a psionic race of interplanetary raiders - Viking-esque creatures of floating crystal. This article contains a new PC race, a typical Kryte Raider starship, and a Kryte Marauder creature stat block.
  • #30. The Last Survivor. This 21-page adventure, by Jacob Rodgers, is designed to be dropped into any WOIN sci-fi game. The PCs will investigate a mysterious ship, battle an Ogron slaver, and rescue the ship's crew. Also includes a sector map, deck plans of the SS Selkirk, stats for the Selkirk and the Ogron All-Master Warship, and a new alien species, the Virosa. Illustrated by Michael McCarthy, Darren Morrissey, Gicaomi Machesi, Sade, and Indi Martin.
  • #29. Houseki, Pajak, Jamila, & Zetan: 4 NEW Alien Races. The Houseki are a race of good-natured, ponderous crystalline beings. The Pajak are greedy insectoids. The Jamila are beautiful humanoids who exude strong pheromones. And the Zetans are a race of phased beings who move with incredible speed. All of them are official new player-character races.
  • #28. Royal Blood: The Divine Right of Kings. This article introduces royalty into your WOIN games, whether it is a fantasy or far future setting. It contains the new Monarch career, and the Royal Birth origin, with information on legitimacy, featly, and an expansive section on royal titles and how to build your own like Her Revered Majesty, Agathe the Lawgiver, Queen of Andalor, Custodian of Heaven, Tribune of the West, or His Serene Excellency, Mandallan the Pious, Hammer of the Gods, Commander of the Nine Kingdoms, Heir of the First Men.
  • #27. Wild West Weapons. Take up your Colt Peacemaker, Winchester Rifle, or a stick of dynamite and bring a little of the Old West into your WOIN games! This article introduces a range of handguns, longarms, and explosives.
  • #26. Racial Paragons. This is a free article; you will not be charged for it (though you do need to be a patron to access it). It is being presented as a playtest concept, and may make it into a WOIN rulebook in the future. This simple one-page article presents a way of buying new grades in your race rather than your career. Please give it a try and let us know how it goes - your feedback will determine whether it makes it into a future book!
  • #25. Hobbies & Quirks: New Hooks. The hook part of a character's descriptor gets a boost in this article, which describe two types of hook - hobbies and quirks, along with new rules for the use of each. Also included are random tables to help players select each.
  • #24. Ageing With Grace. This article takes a look at playing older characters - along with a range of exploits only available to old characters, two new careers for old characters, and special XP-gaining Bucket List rules and Life Events to help flesh out your PC.
  • #23. Solspace: A Guide to our Stellar Neighborhood. This short document contains a hex map depicting the positions of the dozens of (real) star systems within 10 parsecs or so of our own Sol system, along with a list of each star's stellar classification. This is conceived of as a tool for those designing settings based on real astronomical data. The hex map is scaled at the standard 1 hex = 1 parsec size used for WOIN space travel. The document also contains a brief recap of the stellar classification found in N.E.W. The Science Fiction Roleplaying Game, and WOIN Space.
  • #22. People of the Fey Realms. This article for fantasy campaigns (or sci-fi campaigns with fantasy elements) introduces three new player races - the musical faun, the mischievous gremlin, and the plantlike spriggan. All three races are fey races.
  • #21. Drahzik. Another new alien species for N.E.W. games (or any sci-fi WOIN game), the Drahzik are a race of hunters. This article includes the Drahzik race, the Drahzik Hunter origin, and the Drahzik Manhunter career, along with a selection of Drahzik weapons and armor.
  • #20. Solurials. EONS' 20th article! This new alien species for futuristic campaigns is a plant-based race with thick bark for skin, lashing vines, and a healthy respect for fire. Here you'll find the Solurial race, the Solurial Sharmarin Class VI Scout (a organic starship), and the Solurial Shepherd origin career.
  • #19. Revenants: Death or Vengeance. This new race for fantasy, modern, or future campaigns allows you to play one of the living dead, a walking corpse driven by revenge, justice, or unrequited love. 
  • #18. Tomb Worlds: Graveyards of the Elder Races. Designed to slot into the WOIN world creation rules found in Building A Universe and the N.E.W. roleplaying game core rulebook, this article by Anthony Jennings introduces the remnants of long-dead civilizations, with tables to determine how the civilisation fell, the current state of the ruins, and more. Also included is a sample world, Clarke VII.
  • #17. Flintlocks & Bayonets: New Archaic Pistols. For those who like a little archaic gunpowder in their WOIN games, or who enjoy the thought of Grand Elf Musketeers, this article introduces the axe-pistol, bayonet, blade pistol, duelling pistol, hold-out pistol, hilt pistol, ogre pistol, shield pistol, and the twin-barrel pistol, as well as four magical pistols.
  • #16. 3.x Spell Conversions: Level 1 Arcane. From writer John Lynch comes this collection of over 40 spells converted from the original 3E/Pathfinder/d20 rules to WOIN's Elements of Magic system. This collection contains all of the core 1st-level arcane spells from the aforementioned games.
  • #15. Knowledge Checks: What We Know. What do you do when your players ask "What do I know about that creature?" You ask them to make an attribute check, of course. The difficulty of that check is defined by two things: how common or rare the creature is; and how famous or infamous it is. A fire dragon is very rare, but it is very well-known. 
  • #14. An Axe to Grind: New Archaic Axes. The core WOIN rules contain a small handful of axes. This article expands on the list, increasing the number of different axes to over 20. From boarding axes to Danish axes to Dwarven axes to the Amazonian Sagaris, these new axes are accompanied by the Woodcutter origin and two magical axes (the Executioner's Axe, and the Royal Dwarven Waraxe), along with a range of new weapon properties.
  • #13. RESOLVE: Horror, Sanity, & Social Combat. The RESOLVE score is a combination of sanity and social combat rules. These rules allow characters to charm, persuade, intimidate, and more, and also allows special magical effects (like a ghost's keen) directly attack RESOLVE rather than HEALTH.
  • #12. Heroes of the Far East: Ninja. The ninja is a favourite career for fans of Eastern settings or characters. This article presents two new careers: the ninja (a master of shadow) and the shinobi (a master of disguise). These two careers are adept at espionage and infiltration. Also included are details of the ninja's equipment, including smoke bombs and shuriken. This is the first article in an occasional series which will also include the samurai, wu-jen, and more.
  • #11. Elemental Magic: Transforming the Terrain. Use transformation spells to transform the very terrain around you! Whether turning the floor to lava, ice, or writhing plants, these uses for transformation magic are ideal for battlefield control. Also includes a selection of sample spells - entangling vines, greasepatch, lava field, vine chains, and watery grave.
  • #10. Emergency: Divert All Power! "Divert power to the engines and get us out of here!" - a command many have heard uttered on their favourite sci-fi TV show. These advanced rules for WOIN starship combat allow vessels to divert power to Engines, Shields, Weapons, or Point Defences, or to access emergency Auxiliary Power when in dire straits. Next time somebody tells you that the rear shields are down to 30%, you know what to do!
  • #9. Bastards & Apprentices: Six New Fantasy Origins. Adding to those in the core rules are the Apprentice, Bastard, Chosen One, Feral, Nomad, and Villager origins for fantasy/archaic characters.
  • #8. En Garde! Melee Combat Stances. This article adds an additional tactical element to melee combat. Different stances can not only grant warriors benefits, but they can also be used to negate the advantages gained by an opponent's choice of stance.
  • #7. Runewright. A brand new career for fantasy settings! The runewright uses runes and spells to set traps, enhance weapons and armor, and more, resulting in a spell caster who can stand toe-to-toe with more skilled martial opponents.
  • #6. Endeavour Class XI Cruiser. This item is a freebie to EONS patrons - you won't be charged for it, though you need to be a patron to access it. The Endeavour is the navy's flagship exploration class vessel; 12 of these ships were built, and the first - the FSS Endeavour itself - mysteriously vanished during its second multi-year mission. This article presents the Endeavour Mk I and Mk II cruisers, along with full stats, background information, speed trials, and a list of Endeavour class cruisers and their current status.
  • #5. Junker Class I Courier. The quintessential starting ship, the Junker Class I Courier is small, cheap, and commonplace. Originally designed mainly for inner-system travel, the Junker's operational range is limited. However, later models included FTL engines which extended its range and helped transform the little vessel into something more suited to intergalactic travel. If you are just starting up a WOIN sci-fi campaign, this little ship is an ideal starting vessel for your PCs.
  • #4. New Universal Exploits. Nearly 30 new universal exploits which allow you to fight blind, cleave, lunge, sunder, throw anything, and much more.
  • #3. The Face of Treachery: Night Elves. Evil has a face, and it is the night elf. Night elves - cousins of the wild sylvan elves and the stoic grand elves - are known for their lies, their treachery, and their poisons. Rarely venturing from their pale white citadels, these evil fey are sometimes encountered in small bands led by the feared magisters. This article introduces the night elf, both as a PC race and as an enemy or foe, with stat blocks for the night elf and the night elf magister, along with details of the famed night elf blinding poison.
  • #2. Children of the Earth. This free article is a taste of the sort of material you can expect from EONS magazine. Designed for fantasy campaigns, this article introduces three new dwarf races - the resolute flint dwarves, the exalted jade dwarves, and the dark, flesh-eating obsidian dwarves.
  • #1. New Upgrades for Androids. This free article is a taste of the sort of material you can expect from EONS magazine. Designed for sci-fi campaigns, this article contains over 30 new upgrades for android characters, along with guidelines on how to turn the numbers on an android's character sheet into technical specifications. The article also includes rules on designing and building robots - non free-willed mechanoids.

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C'mon! All I want is Trader Captains. Is the only way by paying $100 for this pack? Is there any way I can buy just that one alone?
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