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States of Bearing
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States of Bearing

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Morality has always played an important role in Vampire. Whether playing a kind-hearted Kindred who desperately clings to Humanity, or a monstrous Cainite who follows the Path of Power and the Inner Voice, the character relies on morality to keep their personality intact and keep the Beast from taking control. Any vampire who has not fallen to the Wassail subscribes to some form of morality in order to preserve the self and keep the Beast at bay.

States of Bearing is a supplement intended to bolster the concept of bearing and integrate the effects of morality a bit deeper into the game’s mechanics. The rules presented herein are designed to expand upon the bearing system to increase the impact of a character’s morality trait on gameplay and downtime activities. These rules are utterly optional and modular. Feel free to use what you like and discard the rest. If an idea presented herein enriches your Vampire story, then States of Bearing has done its job. If you find something in these pages to be unwieldy, clunky, or difficult to integrate into your game in a meaningful fashion, simply ignore it.

States of Bearing includes:
•     Morality and Advancement: A set of alternate rules for Character Advancement that are tied to the character’s Humanity/Path of Enlightenment score.
•     Morality and Blood: Alternate rules for hunger, frenzy, and Embracing new Kindred.
•     Merits and Flaws: A list of suggested Merits and Flaws for use in a morality-centric campaign as well as two new Merits and one new Flaw for use with Vampire: The Masquerade 20th Anniversary Edition.


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December 4th, 2017
States of Bearing really is a very good idea, imho. I'm happy to include it in my library and its system should at least be available for Storytellers and Players to consider using. For one thing, it harkens back to what I [...]
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