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Night Horrors: Conquering Heroes
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Night Horrors: Conquering Heroes

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Sure, you can do what you want, feed from the locals, and go back to hiding in your lair when you’re done. 

You may think you’re safe there, it sure feels safe. 

But, you aren’t the only thing connected to the Primordial Dream, and no lair is safe from what lurks beyond. 

Don’t fool yourself.

— Naomi Walker, Ugalla

A Night Horrors Sourcebook for the Beast: the Primordial RPG

This book includes: 

  • An in-depth look at how Heroes hunt and what makes a Hero, with eleven new Heroes to drop into any chronicle.
  • A brief look at why Beasts may antagonize one another, with seven new Beasts to drop into any chronicle.
  • Rules for Insatiables, ancient creatures born of the Primordial Dream intent on hunting down Beasts to fill a hunger without end, featuring six examples ready to use in any chronicle.

Dark Eras

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Customer avatar
Joseph C January 16, 2017 11:08 pm UTC
As someone who finds the Heroes far more interesting and playable than Beasts, this book is of great use to me and my gaming buddies.

Thank you, Onyx Path.
Customer avatar
Joshua A January 13, 2017 2:08 am UTC
Choice passage from this book:

The Blind Man’s blotted clothing is as result of a thick trail of what resemble fish eggs progressively leaking from his navel, urethra, and XXX. Particularly around his navel area, a coagulated mass of pink and black eggs comes forth when the Blind Man strains his abdominal muscles. Horrifyingly, the Blind Man has from time to time passed these eggs off as salmon roe or sturgeon caviar, as they bear a sour, fishy odor. Those who consume his “produce” have their fertility dramatically increased, and gradually produce their own eggs in a similar fashion to the Blind Man, the only difference being that mortal-produced eggs possess a coat of thin white fur. This invariably drives the afflicted unfortunates insane, as they cannot stop the egg production, resulting in self-destructive harm. The Blind Man believes that by participating in the birthing, they increase the speed at which the Primogenitor will be reborn.

Matt's done it again folks.
Customer avatar
Matthew D January 13, 2017 4:17 pm UTC
It's a lovely image.
Customer avatar
Matthew M January 16, 2017 7:00 pm UTC
Wasn't me.
Customer avatar
Raymond S March 30, 2018 4:28 pm UTC
This paragraph is enough to sell me on a hard copy. Well done.
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