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Modular Inn - Map-Tile Set

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Numberless Inns, Taverns and Restaurants in one set!

Look at what you can build from it:

sample gif

Save your time and money

What if I gave you a set that you can use for any cities and villages visited by your team? Instead of seeking more new resources, you should spend your time populating the inns and taverns you've already figured out. Believe me, this is something your players would prefer.

An inn or tavern is not only a place you can find in any smaller-larger settlements or where your adventure can begin or end, but its also ideal for bringing in new NPCs or gamers, collecting gossips, eat or drink, get some rest, trade or gamble.

If you want to show these places to your gamers in a more spectacular way, whether its a smaller smoky tavern or a larger complex, then this is the set you need.

Play a more atmospheric game

The areas are on 6 inch by 6 inch sized tiles with seamless borders that make it possible to mix them with each other. Furthermore, the cut-out doors, wall and corner pieces will provide you more modularity and freedom. You will find different exciting areas in this set like tavern pieces with tables and chairs, bar, stairs, fireplace, rooms with corridors, bath, cellar, kitchen, stable and toilets. And you can mix all of them with each other, you will get 33 totally different tiles, no two are alike.

sample_modular_inn_tiles_bar.jpg sample_modular_inn_tiles_rooms.jpg sample_modular_inn_tiles_bath.jpg sample_modular_inn_tiles_toilet.jpg

Hey, I totally understand if you dont want to fit your story to the content of these tiles.
Its not a problem, every tile has an empty unfurnished version you can use with your own paper-craft models, 3D printed models or other props. (You will find the empty version on the other side of the tiles in the physical card-tile version.) These tiles will give your furniture a very atmospheric base.

sample_modular_inn_double_sides_2.jpg sample_modular_inn_double_sides_1.jpg

What will you get with this set?

A modular base that you can use to create many inns or taverns.

36 completely different tiles, because diversity matters!

Scenic graphics that your gamers will love for sure.

More time that you can spend on your storyline instead of seeking new maps.
Satisfaction Guaranteed!
If you dont like what you see, then I will refund you without any question.

arrow_orange.pngAbout the digital version:

Image format:
- JPG files for virtual tabletop players: 100dpi (1 inch=100px)
- Layered PDF files with the tiles: 300DPI (with less saturation on layers - optional)
- Draft-tiles: PDF, 200DPI

arrow_orange.png About the printed tiles:

You will get 38,double-sided Modular Inn tiles.

- 2 description tiles (cover, addresses + content, sample map)
- 3 tiles with cut-outs (walls, doors and corners)
- 33 Inn tiles (tables and chairs, bar, stairs, fireplace, rooms with corridors, bath, cellar, kitchen, stable and toilets)

content of the printed set

arrow_blue.pngRe-usable and modular.
Buy it once and use them for any adventure! The tiles are available with two sides, you will find the empty un-furnished version printed on the back of card-tiles.

arrow_blue.pngDouble-sided UV-coated
You can draw on them with wet-erase felt-tip pens because this surface makes it possible to erase.

WOW! Satisfaction Guarantee

Try it out!

Don't take any risk, order your physical copy now and if you don't like it, or you don't hear a single WOW! around the table when you draw your newest charge, just send it back to me (shipping cost will be on me) and I will refund you without any question! (I will pay back the price of the digital version, too.)

This is my WOW! Satisfaction Guarantee I provide for all of my products.

Is this too good to be true?

My Patreon supporters received their copy a few weeks ago, read what they and others have written about it my products:

qmark_start.pngqmark_end.pngI absolutely love the modular inn set! It's gorgeously rendered and is useful for other interiors, not just as an inn.

by Kirk F. viaClick here!

qmark_start.pngThe artwork from Black Scrolls Games is some of the best I've seen. If you are into RPG gaming, you owe it to qmark_end.pngyourself to check out their products.

by K. Williams

Behind the tiles

I've created my products because they make my work easier as a Game Master, and game sessions are more enjoyable with them. As usual, this set has become much bigger than I planned, but I didn't want to give you a half-finished product or earn money on later expansions. I've forged all of my experience and knowledge I collected as Game Master and 3D artist in the past years into these tiles and I hope you will enjoy them at least as much as I enjoyed working on them. If you still have questions, please read the FAQ below or write to me in the comment section, I will try to reply you as soon as I can.

Have a good game, my fellow gamers!

Modular Inn Sample - details Modular Inn Sample - details
Modular Inn Sample - details Modular Inn Sample - details
Modular Inn Sample - details Modular Inn Sample - details
Modular Inn Sample - details Modular Inn Sample - details


- Can I write on the printed version?
These tiles are finished with a low-gloss UV coating on both sides, which makes them water-drop resistant. You can write on them with wet-erase markers, ; you can remove them without any stains.

- How can I attach the tiles to each other?
You can easily attach them with transparent tape strains. Due to the finish of the surface, they will not remove the paint and will be almost invisible. Or you can use tablecloth, tiles will slide less on it.

- Isn’t it too complicated to plan a map from these tiles?
Not at all, I’ve attached printable draft pages that contains the tiles in B&W and in a smaller format. They also include the page number where you can find the tile. You can print and cut them out to plan your big map, and when you finish, you will see which tiles you need for your map and what page you can find them on.

- I’m from Europe, can I still order printed cards?
Hey, I live in Europe (Hungary), too! Because the tiles will be printed in the U.S., the only way to lower your cost of shipping is if you order more printed products from me, because you will get them in one package and shipping fee will not change. Look around among my products below, perhaps you will find something that you would also like to see on your tabletop.

Who creates these maps and what makes them "3D"?

Hi, my name is Antal Kéninger, a graphic artist from Central Europe.
I’m the guy behind Black Scrolls Games and I’ve been in the tabletop game business for seven years, working with other publishers and playing with friends on the weekend (when we all have time for it).

As you can see, I don’t really like the full top-down view. In most of my maps you can see the side of the walls, too. It makes the area look more alive, lets me add more details and make a “3D game” feeling for the players around the table.

I use professional programs to sculpt the models, set the scene and render the final image. Every model that you can see in the maps/tiles is modeled and textured by me. If you are interested in the process, read more on my site.

I hope you will also enjoy my maps and tiles, at least as much as I enjoyed working on them!

City of Tarok: 3D printable series


Available pieces:

3D_printable_ruined_windmill  3D_printable stone and wooden fences  3D_printable ruined healers house  3D_printable trees and bushes  3D_printable ruined alchemist house  3D printable alchemist house  3D printable modular bridge  3D printable ruined medieval mansion City of Tarok  3D printable ruined medieval home City of Tarok  3D_printable_blacksmith  365445-thumb140.jpg  361146-thumb140.jpg  331844-thumb140.jpg  320252-thumb140.jpg  316242-thumb140.jpg  306157-thumb140.jpg  304356-thumb140.jpg  296084-thumb140.jpg  301157-thumb140.jpg   294249-thumb140.jpg  288627-thumb140.jpg  291195-thumb140.jpg   286007-thumb140.jpg  282329-thumb140.jpg  275169-thumb140.jpg

Other 3D printables:

3D printable trolls  3D printable market wagon  3D printable Pumpkinhead halloween  3D printable harpies  3D printable modern ences  3D printable war wizard  3D printable mushrooms  3D printable chests and crates  3D printable crabs  3D printable carnovorous plants  3D printable leeches


Visit our Facebook group if you have any questions or you want to see more printed and painted models:


FREE sets

free city gate map by black scrolls games  free 3D printable cottage  free 3D printable pumpkin monster halloween  3D printable dug-in markers  map-tile tuck box


Cities of the Black Scrolls - Modular Map-tile series:


256706.jpg  235722.jpg  242298.jpg  256710.jpg

261818.jpg  261815.jpg  261820-thumb140.jpg  266023-thumb140.jpg

Other maps and map-tile sets:

map-tile bundle battlemap

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Reviews (4)
Discussions (12)
Customer avatar
Michael R October 20, 2019 6:54 pm UTC
1. Higher resolution jpgs would be nice. 100 dpi doesn't look all that great on an HD TV - which is what I use for all my battle maps during a game. 300 DPI - like you use for your PDFs would be great. 1. PNGs of the furniture (tables, chairs, etc.) would also be a nice addition. The empty rooms are great but I would love to populate them on my own using the same style furniture - just in different arrangements. Again 300 DPI for these would be awesome. I use a lot of Heroic Maps jpgs which I can manipulate, add to, or rearrange using Photoshop. Their jpgs are 300 DPI and they look great on the HD TV. 100 DPI looks kind of MEH.
Customer avatar
Michael R October 20, 2019 4:28 pm UTC
I love this set and intend to use it for a large inn in my next campaign. The main flaw with these tiles, however is that all the bedrooms have windows with light coming in. So, if you need a larger inn with a lot of bedrooms to rent, all the rooms have to be an outside wall, leaving a whole bunch of unused space in the central part of the inn. This set really needs internal bedrooms without windows.
Customer avatar
Chason L October 06, 2019 3:56 pm UTC
The tiles look great but unfortunately are not flexible enough for my needs. Perhaps if the furnishings and scene objects were available as backgroundless .png files so they could be moved around and arranged as needed. I do not regret my purchase as the tiles are beautiful and I'm sure I will find some use for them eventually.
Customer avatar
Brahm C August 16, 2019 6:23 pm UTC
I purchased both the digital and printed card version. The cards arrived a few days ago and I just opened them up today. The cards I received look great. However, I only received 17 cards...18 of them are missing. Specifically, the following are missing: both "Cut-Outs", both "Stables", 4 of the "Sidewalls", all of the "U-shapes" (5 cards), "Room", "Kitchen", "Cellar", "Bath", and "Toilet". How do I go about getting the missing cards? Thanks in advance for your attention to this issue.
Customer avatar
Brahm C August 18, 2019 2:26 pm UTC
UPDATE: I've since sent a note via the DMG red "Contact Us" button. Within less than 10 mins, I received a very nice email back from DMG Customer Service, that replacement cards would be sent out to me soon. Very impressed with the DMG Customer Service.
Customer avatar
Nate W January 15, 2019 3:34 am UTC
Your tilesets are the best I've seen!

In the video, you show us how to put rooms together, and you have long and narrow walls by themselves. And you have a one piece small corner all by itself. Did you cut these out of the printed version? Or are they their own tiles?

The reason I ask is because I don't know if this can be done with the digital version. Does the digital version have these basic wall and corner wooden piece as separate .jpg images also? I really want to buy this, but I'm just concerned that the walls and the corner part might have to be edited and taken out of other images and cut and pasted together in the digital-only version.
Customer avatar
Antal K January 16, 2019 6:59 am UTC
Hi, thank you for the question!
These are smaller cut-out pieces in the printed version, I attached a few tiles full of these pieces that gamers can cut out.
These pieces are also included in the digital version as JPG images and printable PDFs, so you can mix it with the tiles in any VTT or image editor program. 1", 1x2, and 1x6 inch sized different doors, corner pieces, and stand-alone walls are included in the digital version, too (just like the empty versions of the tiles). I hope I could help, thank you!
Customer avatar
Nate W January 21, 2019 4:28 pm UTC
Awesome, thanks! I'll buy it since I know I can set it up that way. Keep up the high-quality work! You're at the top of my favorite VTT artists.

Also, until I looked closer at your picture just now, I had always thought it looked like you were wearing chain and leather armor or something LOL!
Customer avatar
Steve N November 20, 2017 2:52 pm UTC
I love the addition of toilets and baths! Too often forgotten. But do any of your sets include stables for horses?
Customer avatar
Antal K November 20, 2017 2:57 pm UTC
Thank you! Yes, I have added stables, too, check out the third row in the included tiles picture of the physical product.

Or this picture:
Customer avatar
David K November 14, 2017 7:02 pm UTC
I love the look of this set. Do you have stairs for the inn? I didn't see any in the details on the description.
Customer avatar
Antal K November 14, 2017 7:11 pm UTC
Hi David, Thank you! There are a U-shape and a Corner tile that have stairs, both in empty and in furnished versions:

You can see them in some of the photos in the description.
Customer avatar
Jason O July 15, 2017 9:52 pm UTC
Natal you are to be commended I love these. Can you do a modular gothic mansion and a castle set. I'm running curse of strahd and would love to switch it up on my players
Customer avatar
Joshua W March 07, 2017 7:17 am UTC
God man it's so amazing that you can actually buy the physical cards pre-printed. I've been tearing my hair out trying to find anything outside of D&D's older tilesets and so far your Black Scrolls Games has been the only one, and they look fantastic! Guess who's getting my money?!?
Customer avatar
Antal K March 07, 2017 5:25 pm UTC
Thank you, Jerry, I'm glad you like my maps! :)
I hope your team will enjoy it too, during your following campaigns. If you have any question or recommendation please don't hesitate to contact me here or via my other pages.
Customer avatar
Daniel R February 20, 2017 12:31 pm UTC
Hi, what is the difference between zip and card download? thanks
Customer avatar
Antal K February 20, 2017 3:42 pm UTC
Hi Daniel, if you order the card version you will actually get printed physical card tiles. With the zip version, you will get the printable files as PDFs and other JPG files for online gaming.

You can see the features of the printed card-tiles here:

(This is my Crypt product, but this one will come with the same features like double sides, cutout walls and you can draw on them with wet-erase markers.)
Customer avatar
Daniel R February 20, 2017 4:55 pm UTC
Customer avatar
Gary N December 14, 2016 11:23 pm UTC
I live alone and do not play tabletop games of any kind. But I just had to buy this set because it is so damn beautiful! And believe me, they don't just look like that on the computer screen... these mini works of art are just as amazing-looking once they're printed out. I sincerely hope Mr. Kéninger plans on a long line of upcoming releases.
Customer avatar
Antal K December 15, 2016 10:45 am UTC
Thank you very much, Gary!
I'm so glad you like these tiles, despite the fact you will not use them in your games. Yes, I'm planning to release more and more interesting stuffs for tabletop gamers. :)
Customer avatar
Carl B December 11, 2016 11:41 pm UTC
Hey Antal...... Can you add more larger bar tiles? Or bar objects so we can add more sections to the bar.

Maybe even create a fully fleshed out Inn map.
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