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The Illuminated Edda
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The Illuminated Edda

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The Viking tales of gods, giants and heroes come alive within the pages of the Illuminated Edda. Visit the majestic city of Asgard- home of the gods. Fight legendary dragons alongside Sigurd, renowned hero. Witness the creation of the world tree Yggdrasil along with the awesome worlds that hang upon its branches. Get entwined in Loki’s schemes as he saves the gods from disaster, and then witness as he makes matters worse.

The Illuminated Edda contains a brand-new translation of the Poetic and Prose Eddas by Andrew Valkauskas. This illustrated translation has been rewritten using contemporary prose making it a pleasure to read. Get the authenticity and truthful ness of the stories without having to worry about the complexity of older academic translations. These faithful works have been painstakingly ordered into a chronology that offers a compelling overarching storyline. All the gaps in the narrative have been rounded out with the author’s own tales involving the heroes and villains of the Viking age.

Over 400 pages are devoted to the exploration of the ancient beliefs of the Viking age. Every page is illuminated with unique evocative art. Barriers are shattered as adjacent mythologies are explored in conjunction with the Norse myths. This offers a new and unique view into what these mighty explorers may have faced as they raided and traded with their neighbours. The Illuminated Edda contains…

• All 35 poems found in traditional Poetic Eddas

• The Prose Edda (Gylfaginning and Skaldskaparmal)

• Rare works such as Heidrek the Wise

• Select stories from the Celtic myths (Lebor Gabala)

• Handpicked stories from the Welsh myths (Mabinogion)

• Select stories from the Finnish epic The Kalevala

• Handpicked stories from the Baltic myths

• Select stories from the Inuit myths

• Bonus sagas that come from the imaginative mind of Andrew Valkauskas

• An extensive glossary of characters, magical items and places

• A simple story telling game using the Futhark runes

• Beautiful and inspiring artwork from talented artists to enhance and delight your senses.

Come and discover the genuine history of the Vikings, from the mind of the author who has researched and made Viking history his passion for the last 25 years.

Story video:

Full review video:

"Andrew Valkauskas and his talented team of artists have produced a truly remarkable and encyclopedic mythological compendium. Filling in the gaps in the surviving record with Valkauskas' own imaginative understanding of Viking Age mythology and providing supple and powerful retellings of traditional myth, along with parallel myths from other European cultures, this book gives vivid life to a lost thought-world that yet still resonates with us today."- Dr. Carolyne Larrington (Professor in Medieval English Literature, Oxford)

"THE ILLUMINATED EDDA is one of the most beautiful books I have ever had the pleasure to read. Couple this welcoming, sink-into-the-book presentation with the clarity and accessibility of the author's translation, and you've got the essential reference. This opens the door for the layperson to experience the root lore and enjoy the Eddas as saga. Bravo! This should delight librarians (like me), fantasy lovers (like me), gamers (like me), and just plain readers (like me), and should be in every school where English is used. Thank you!"- Ed Greenwood, author and game designer, creator of The Forgotten Realms

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Customer avatar
Luca C September 23, 2018 1:34 pm UTC
Is a color premium printed version of this planned?
Or mayeb not since it's too many pages?
Customer avatar
Andrew V September 24, 2018 2:20 pm UTC
No plans for this just yet, but the second printing revised the page count down to something that leaves the door open to the possibility. Same content, same art, just a more space optimized layout.
Customer avatar
Corey A October 27, 2017 4:43 pm UTC
Has anyone who purchased the new edition read through it all yet? I got the original and really enjoyed what I got through it but never finished due to typos. There were entire sections I would have to read multiple times because the names were used in the wrong order or the pronouns were incorrect.
Customer avatar
Andrew V October 28, 2017 1:10 am UTC
The second printing is out as of August for which we did another full editing pass with a new editor. I hope that helps.
Customer avatar
Archibald A August 07, 2017 10:58 pm UTC
is there a way to have the old cover ? I must admit that I find it more beautiful.
and in hard cover : always more interesting in hard cover
Customer avatar
Andrew V August 08, 2017 12:03 am UTC
8.5"x11" Hardcover and softcover colour books are going live soon, but sorry, the old 1st print cover is not coming back for the foreseeable future.
Customer avatar
July 03, 2017 12:10 pm UTC
When will the second printing with fixed typos and the "Fate of the Norns: Ragnarok"-style cover be available? I started the process of ordering a POD copy but haven't finished the checkout yet because I'd rather have the FOTN style cover.
Customer avatar
Andrew V July 03, 2017 1:17 pm UTC
PDf mid-month and print end of month
Customer avatar
Daniel P March 02, 2017 5:12 pm UTC
Does the book use any non-standard characters? I am rather disappointed not to see any northern germanic diphthongs (Þ,ð, æ) in the translation. Kind of a deal breaker, tbh.
Customer avatar
Andrew V April 05, 2017 4:55 pm UTC
No it doesn't, because the Illuminated Edda is meant to be an accurate but also accessible translation of the myths (contemporary English- including characters).
Customer avatar
Susann N January 01, 2017 7:04 pm UTC
I can't seem to open the pdf file at all. I'm trying to use this version so I can view on any of my devices, even if the Dropbox app isn't available. Please advise.
Customer avatar
Andrew V January 02, 2017 2:34 am UTC
Which apps are you using to open the PDF? Acrobat Reader?

You can e-mail us at so we can help trouble shoot any problems.

Happy New Year!
Customer avatar
Chris H December 03, 2016 2:47 pm UTC
Could you do a full size preview of one of the text pages? I'd like to see how the translation reads.
Customer avatar
Andrew V December 18, 2016 11:52 pm UTC
Here you go!
Customer avatar
Kriselda G December 03, 2016 2:17 am UTC
Can the watermarked PDF be viewed on a Kindle?
Customer avatar
Andrew V December 13, 2016 2:52 am UTC
Not entirely sure, but we do plan MOBI and EPUB formats that will be bundled with the PDF in the new year.
Customer avatar
Nina B December 02, 2016 2:40 pm UTC
really the table of contents isn't a preview
Customer avatar
Andrew V December 02, 2016 2:51 pm UTC
Agreed, "quick preview" has been adjusted.
Customer avatar
Nina B December 02, 2016 4:50 pm UTC
Thank you
Customer avatar
John N December 02, 2016 4:05 am UTC
Is there anyway we can get a preview that is more than just the table of contents? Would like to see more of how the stories are laid out, any artwork, etc. Just something more than what is shown so far.
Customer avatar
Andrew V December 02, 2016 2:51 pm UTC
Agreed, "quick preview" has been adjusted.
Customer avatar
John N December 02, 2016 7:34 pm UTC
Well that went from looking 'neat' to looking 'awesome'.
Customer avatar
richard H December 01, 2016 9:43 am UTC
Very concerned about the binding on a 600 page book. Could someone from DTRPG comment on this as previous books I've purchased of that size (eg, Exalted 3rd edition) do not hold together. Thanks.
Customer avatar
Andrew V December 02, 2016 2:47 pm UTC
The trick as a publisher is to keep the colours from being printed close to the spine. The inks interact with the glue and mess up the bond. The print proof we have has survived my young kids playing with it for a few days.
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