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LotFP Everything Bundle [BUNDLE]

LotFP Everything Bundle [BUNDLE]

This special bundle product contains the following titles.

LotFP Rules & Magic Free Version
Regular price: $0.00
This is the no cost, no-art version of the Rules & Magic book for the LotFP Weird Fantasy Role-Playing Game. LotFP is an old-school or "OSR" game of fantasy/adventure/horror. The full version o...
Better Than Any Man
Regular price: $5.00
Warning: Graphic Content, for ages 18+ Better Than Any Man was LotFP's Free RPG Day 2013 release, and is presented here as a Pay What You Want item. If you want to pay $0.00 for it, no problem. How...
James Edward Raggi IV's Eldritch Cock
Regular price: $4.99
Hot Cock Action! Do other Magic-Users snigger at your flaccid spellbook? Do you suffer performance anxiety as a Referee? Do your players complain about the abbreviated delivery of your cantrips...
LotFP Referee Book (old Grindhouse Edition)
Regular price: $0.00
The new printing of the LotFP Referee book is taking way longer than expected (surprise), so with no in-print Referee book the geniuses over at LotFP thought that maybe some sort of Ref information s...
Regular price: $5.00
YOU CANNOT HAVE A MEANINGFUL CAMPAIGN IF STRICT SLÜG QUOTAS ARE NOT KEPT. SLÜGS! is a themed bestiary designed to infuse weirdness and chaos into role-playing games. Even y...
The Doom-Cave of the Crystal-Headed Children
Regular price: $5.00
The Doom-Cave of the Crystal-Headed Children was LotFP's Free RPG Day 2013 release, and is presented here as a Pay What You Want item. If you want to pay $0.00 for it, no problem. However, without ...
Vaginas are Magic!
Regular price: $5.00
LotFP's 2017 Free RPG Day Book 48 page b/w Writing by James Edward Raggi IV Art by Rosi Kämpe Photography by Eliza Rask Graphic Design by Jez Gordon Props by Dean Clayto...
LotFP Rules & Magic Full Version
Regular price: $5.00
(a free version of this PDF with no artwork is available here) Beyond the veil of reality, beyond the influence of manipulating politicians, greedy merchants, iron-handed clergy, and the broken mas...
Adventure Anthology: Blood
Regular price: $19.99
TRADITIONAL FANTASY LIVES AGAIN The classic early Lamentations of the Flame Princess adventures, where the Weird was a spice to put on traditional gaming fantasy, are finally back in print with thi...
Big Puppet
Regular price: $9.99
This Isn’t a Game, and It Never Was You know those horrible stories where characters inside a game, or movie, or book discover they are fictional characters? This isn’t that. It’s quite the...
Deck of Weird Things
Regular price: $9.99
MAKE YOUR GAME WEIRD! Nothing is as painful as a boring, predictable campaign. Nothing makes a campaign more unpredictable than the Deck of Weird Things! This supplement is entirely dedicated to de...
Fermentvm Nigrvm Dei Sepvlti
Regular price: $14.99
IN NOMINE FERMENTI, ET CEREVISIAE, ET PETRAE NIGRAE. Miracles, wonders, manifestations of heavenly favor: to the ales of the Abbey of St. Christopher have been attributed all these and more divin...
Regular price: $7.99
A Festival of Folk Horror December 1630. Up in the South Swedish Highlands a small religious community is getting ready for a very special winter solstice celebration. The food is cooked, the ale i...
More than Meets the Eye
Regular price: $4.99
Such Heroic Nonsense! Far away, in the constellation of Scorpius, a race of shape-changing aliens is engaged in a brutal civil war for control of their planet. The war has just reached Ea...
Menagerie of Exiles
Regular price: $6.99
The pirates speak of a rich treasure hidden in an ancient and ruined temple guarded by some fell beast. They even speak of giving you a share of the booty and slaves they’ve already&n...
Barbarians of Orange Boiling Seas
Regular price: $7.99
Sometime in the future, over a thousand years since mankind first set foot on the moon, a robotic probe will offload its fusion ramjet and coast into a distant star system, its ancient ...
ZZZ Title to remain private - An Analysis into the Nature of Man & the Satanic Power He Contains
Regular price: $6.99
This is an adventure based roughly around the format of the Tarantino movie The Hateful Eight, where a group of people in an isolated environment are about to come to blows... when the player charact...
No Rest for the Wicked
Regular price: $7.99
The year is 1632 and the wars of religion engulf Europe.  Can you imagine it? A war so total, everywhere you have ever known and everywhere you might know is touched by it. It’s taken fri...
The Punchline
Regular price: $7.99
DEAD CHILDREN AND OTHER LAUGHS Life is funny they say. It’s full of suffering and misery, confusion and ignorance. The life of those in a small alpine village has suddenly become&nb...
Sounds of the Mushroom Kingdom
Regular price: $7.99
MUSHROOM MANS ASCENDANT Beneath the Earth, under a Subterranean Sun, is a realm of ambulatory toadstools, scheming and machinating and living their cute little toadstool lives. Sometime...
Obscene Serpent Religion 2
Regular price: $7.99
“Two or three years ago it was just another snake cult, now... they’re everywhere.” The bucolic hamlet of Nonsbeck sits at a crossroads regularly used by traders, raider...
She Bleeds
Regular price: $5.99
She Bleeds is a gaming supplement for Lamentations of the Flame Princess, offering characters unique abilities if they engage with an otherworldly entity. This is not an adventure, but...
Going Through Forbidden Otherworlds
Regular price: $4.99
The eternal empire of Velzeal consisted of thirteen cities sheltered from their world’s twin suns by the tall shadows of the surrounding Titanfang mountains. This civilization of...
Random Esoteric Creature Generator for Classic Fantasy Role-Playing Games and Their Modern Simulacra, The
Regular price: $9.99
This is the Tenth Anniversary Edition of the RECG complete with a restoration of the original text. Includes the three introductions used (or proposed) in previous editions, plus a new one. Also incl...
Fish Fuckers
Regular price: $7.99
How Deep Is Your Love? Devon, 1635, and the once-moribund fishing village of Innsmouth is seeing something of a renaissance. Fish is being sold once again and rumour has it that the villagers have ...
Frostbitten & Mutilated
Regular price: $12.99
Sometimes the snow will not stop. Under its particled screen like layers of veil that would make of the world a bride to an unknown, vast and unseen groom all civilization is wondering from its heart...
Veins of the Earth
Regular price: $19.99
(2017 ENNIE nominations for Best Monster/Adversary, Best Rules, Best Writing, and Product of the Year!) THE ENDLESS DESCENT At the deepest point of the dungeon, behind t...
Broodmother SkyFortress
Regular price: $9.99
(2017 ENNIE Awards Judges' Spotlight Winner!) THE MOST AWESOME ADVENTURE EVER Since the invention of the adventure module, there have only been five adventures that were rated the most awesome, the...
Blood in the Chocolate
Regular price: $7.99
(2017 Gold ENNIE award for Best Adventure!) “Wouldst Thou Like To DIE Deliciously?” The year is 1617, and the only thing on the minds of every noblewoman and aristocrat in Europe is CHOCOLATE. ...
The Cursed Chateau
Regular price: $9.99
(2017 ENNIE Award nomination for Best Cartography!) THE DEAD ARE ALL MAD IN THIS PLACE Jaume made the most unfortunate mistake of seducing Ysabel and taking her virginity — a sacrilege for ...
England Upturn'd
Regular price: $9.99
The law locks up the man or woman Who steals the goose off the common But leaves the greater villain loose Who steals the common from the goose. The law demands that we atone When we take things we d...
Towers Two
Regular price: $9.99
The Ultimate in Sleaze & Sorcery! Dave Brockie (GWAR, Whargoul) and Jobe Bittman (The Monster Alphabet, The One Who Watches from Below) bring you a sordid adventure in a countrysi...
World of the Lost
Regular price: $9.99
Quicksand, Jungle Rot, and Psychotic Robots Each year, the citizens of Khirima offer a massive tribute of silver to the demons which dwell within the Temple of Ages That Are Not. To acquire the si...
The Squid, the Cabal, and the Old Man
Regular price: $7.99
England, 1684. Newton, Halley and Hooke. A brilliant scientist seeking gold. A young astronomer seeking glory. An old man seeking vengeance. An early Masonic lodge. A presumable Cabal. An Ancient I...
The Pale Lady
Regular price: $5.00
Deep in the woods, every woods, there seems to be a monstrous child stealing witch. Every spring more and more children go missing never to return. Two years ago one returned from his absence and...
A Red & Pleasant Land
Regular price: $14.99
Multiple 2015 ENnie Award Winner! GOLD AWARD: Best Writing GOLD AWARD: Best Setting SILVER AWARD: PRODUCT OF THE YEAR SILVER AWARD: Best Adventure A terrible Red King wars with an awful Queen, and ...
The Idea from Space
Regular price: $7.99
Xaxus is a creature of pure thought. Manakata is a being of raw power. On an island at the edge of the world, they transform human proxies to act on their behalf. And they war.  Now it’s ...
Death Frost Doom
Regular price: $7.99
(New Version as of September 2014!) 64 pages, b/w interior Writing by Zak S and James Edward Raggi IV Cover Art by Yannick Bouchard Interior Art, Layout, Design, and Cartography by Jez Gordon Ther...
No Salvation for Witches
Regular price: $9.99
England, 1620. To strike a blow against the Patriarchy, six women perform a dangerous rite in an abandoned priory. Through dance, they commune with Terpsichore, Greek muse and patroness o...
Thulian Echoes
Regular price: $7.99
"When Titus sacked Jerusalem, it is said that during the chaos an enterprising sorcerer made off with a King's ransom in silver and disappeared to far off Thule. A century later an enterprising party...
A Single, Small Cut
Regular price: $2.00
Michael Curtis (who you know from The Dungeon Alphabet and a ton of DCC adventures for Goodman Games, Realms of Crawling Chaos and Majus from Goblinoid Games, his work for Fight On!, and more) makes ...
Forgive Us
Regular price: $7.99
Writing, Art, and Cartography by Kelvin Green Layout and Book Design by Eero Tuovinen 1625 was a plague year in Norwich. History tells us that it was an outbreak of the Black Death. History is wro...
Scenic Dunnsmouth
Regular price: $9.99
Written by Zzarchov Kowolski Editing and Development by Matthew Pook Artwork, Cartography, and Design by Jez Gordon Dunnsmouth is diseased and rotten to the core. Beset by malefactors superna...
Regular price: $7.99
Two barely conceivable beings have fought a war for a generation over Sajavedra, a barely legendary land far to the southeast. They wish to claim its rich harvests of souls and fields, its intricate ...
The Seclusium of Orphone of the Three Visions
Regular price: $9.99
se•clu•si•um si-’klü-z- m n. pl. se•clu•sia -z- A place to which a wizard withdraws from the world to pursue mastery. A place of magic and plasms and grotes...
Fuck For Satan
Regular price: $5.00
Warning: This adventure may contain nuts. Animals and children have gone missing from the village of Schwarzton. Locals suspect that an old Satanic coven has re-established itself! Can your intrepi...
Dungeon of the Unknown
Regular price: $5.00
Located near the coast of hex 2214 of the Isle of the Unknown, this dungeon enshrines the mysteries of the Isle’s lost Minoan past. The module includes scaling information that allows it to be ...
Lamentations of the Gingerbread Princess
Regular price: $4.99
Sometimes you want to play an adventure where you can recapture that feeling of childlike innocence. And, sometimes, wishes do come true. LotFP presents more hard biting horror: Now with unicorns, g...
Tales of the Scarecrow
Regular price: $2.50
Another twisted experiment in turning your game on its head: A house in the center of a cornfield contains horror, magic, and complications for any unwise enough to investigate. It's not so much an a...
The God that Crawls
Regular price: $7.25
A murdering cult. A religious order dedicated to protecting sacred history. An ancient catacomb full of danger and reward. The God that Crawls A dungeon chase adventure for characters of levels 1...
The Magnificent Joop van Ooms
Regular price: $4.61
This mini-module describes artist/engineer/architect Joop van Ooms, his entourage, his home, his works. Includes rules for black market sales, encounter charts for a commercial port city, and plot ho...
The Monolith from beyond Space and Time
Regular price: $7.99
Written by James Edward Raggi IV "The Owls' Service" by Kenneth Hite Illustrated by Aeron Alfrey Layout and Graphic Design by Mattias Wikström In the center of a valley that should not b...
Death Love Doom
Regular price: $4.61
Warning: Graphic Content. Adults Only. 20 pages + maps. A5 size. PDF linked and layered and bookmarked. Written by James Edward Raggi IV Illustrated by Kelvin Green Cartography and Graphic Design by ...
Green Devil Face #5
Regular price: $1.99
12 pages of charts, procedures, and other fun stuff for your old school games! In this issue:     A Rather Unfair Trap     Critical Hit & Fumble Charts  ...
Regular price: $14.99
Warning: For Adults Only! Contains explicit descriptions and illustrations of vile black magic and violence WEIRD SCIENCE-FANTASY HORROR SETTING Carcosa is a science-fantasy role-pl...
Isle of the Unknown
Regular price: $9.99
A Setting Designed to be Placed in Any Fantasy Campaign! Formatted as a hex-based adventure location, the Isle contains 330 unique challenges and locations, including over 100 new monsters a...
Green Devil Face #4
Regular price: $5.00
Cursed Advertisement of DOOM This advertising text sits idly amongst the other treasures available at DriveThruRPG/RPGNow until an unsuspecting browser reads it. At that point it activates an...
Vornheim: The Complete City Kit
Regular price: $9.99
Vast is Vornheim, The Grey Maze… …but I'm not here to bore you with that. This book is not about Vornheim, it’s about running Vornheim – or any other city – ...
Tower of the Stargazer
Regular price: $6.00
(New Layout as of May 6 2014!) Legends tell of a wizard so arrogant that he felt the entire sky was naught but a lens for him to view the stars. So great was the hubris and defiance of this man tha...
Green Devil Face #3
Regular price: $1.99
A variety of traps, challenges, and tests of bravery from a number of authors come together between two perilous covers! Included in this issue: • Pool of Fideceal: A Vexing Dungeon Furnishing ...
Green Devil Face #2
Regular price: $1.99
Green Devil Face goes Community! A variety of traps, challenges, and tests of bravery from a number of authors come together between two perilous covers! Included in this issue: • The Eyes of ...
Green Devil Face #1
Regular price: $1.99
Green Devil Face #1 is a funhouse dungeon adventure by James Edward Raggi IV featuring over 50 detailed areas to be used as-is, or custom-fitted for your traditional fantasy game. The dungeon itsel...

Total value:$467.52
Special bundle price:$303.89
Savings of:$163.63 (35%)
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Customer avatar
Cameron S November 13, 2019 2:42 am UTC
So far I have run Death Frost Doom, aspects of the Cave of the Crystal Headed Children & Broodmother Skyfortress, One Single Small Cut, Blood in the Chocolate and Veins of the Earth.

All amazing to read and fun to run.

LOTFP forces my players brains to click off of hibernate mode and always make for memorable sessions.

One of the best deals in gaming, right here ^^^
Customer avatar
Bruce M December 27, 2016 4:49 am UTC
This is odd. Since I am a previous purchaser I receive a discount of $6.66! Could be a sign
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