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Spaces of the Unknown is a fantasy tabletop RPG, designed for play-by-post gaming on the internet.

This is a dead simple, light, fantasy role-playing game designed to be played on the internet using the most awesome human invention: the written word.

Number of players: At least 2, one GM and one or more players with characters

Setup: An online forum, shared email thread, or shared Google doc

Dice: Standard gaming dice, including d20s, d10s, d8s, d6s, and d4s. Recommended for online rolling:

RPG inspiration: Early Dungeons & Dragons and Searchers of the Unknown

The players will explore abandoned and overrun ruins, and reclaim them for civilization.

Don't need a new system? The game includes 6 lairs stocked with monsters, ready for old-school play.

What makes it different than other RPGs?

  • The GM rolls all dice during play.
  • All PCs are fighters (with some ability to cast magic)
  • Spells are typically cast by reading a spell scroll
  • There's no gold and no gold economy
  • When a PC's Hit Points are reduced to 0 or less, the PC is not killed or knocked out; he or she is sidelined. A sidelined PC is still conscious and can grant bonuses to other PCs, but cannot attack for the rest of the fight.
  • The party levels up as a group, not PCs individually.

Here's what you'll get in this release:

  • A PDF containing all the rules, with maps by Dyson Logos and art by Peter Seckler
  • An .azw3 file for newer Kindles
  • A .mobi file for older Kindles
  • An .epub file for other eReaders
  • An .odt file with all the text, so you can copy-and-paste whatever you need
  • A PDF of character creation that you can send to players (or download it here right now!)
  • A 1-page PDF "cheat sheet" of the game's core rules (or download it here right now!)
  • A 1-page PDF "cheat sheet" of the combat rules in more detail (or download it here right now!)

Want to read the core rules right now? Here you go!

Spaces of the Unknown rules

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Robert H September 06, 2016 2:50 pm UTC
I'd love to see more material for this.

Customer avatar
Dirk R August 02, 2016 11:44 am UTC
... and this is the obligatory "will this be available in print?" question.
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