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Sewer Map-Tiles - The Druid's Trees

Sewer Map-Tiles - The Druid's Trees

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What can be more exciting than getting under the city and crawling around in its waste? 

It’s full of joy and adventure, isn’t it?

And sometimes, it’s necessary. The druid’s trees are dying. He says the roots are reaching down in the deep, right to the old sewer system that runs under the city. Something is happening down there and it would be great if you could prevent the destruction of the rare and precious trees before it’s too late.

The size of this map is 36 by 24 inches but you’ll get something new if you buy this set.
This is no mere map; it’s structured from 6x6 inch tiles which has a lot of value!

Listen up:

"Fog of war" on your tabletop! Without any accessories, blanket, paper sheets or anything you've used before to hide undiscovered areas.

You only have to place the tiles that are visible for your players. This way you can reveal the dark secrets of the map during the adventure, just like a “fog of war” system. I’ve designed this map to help you easily manage your adventure, the main rooms and areas fit the borders of the tiles.


sewer map tiles - fog of war

Most of the tiles are seamless at their border.
I will mark these tiles for you in both the printable PDF file and in the JPG files in case you want to use them online. This means if you want to expand this map or you would like to use different layouts, you only need to print out more map pieces and tiles, to build up another sewer system. Make the map fit to your story easily; you don’t have to play on a fixed layout, which is the disadvantage of most maps. There are special and unique areas that you can lay down only to next to each other but every other tile can be mixed with each other.

What else will you get?

Cut-out bridges, boxes, barrels etc. that you can place on your map.


Extra realistic and scenic 3D based graphics which makes your adventure more thrilling.
If you are the type who likes the wonderful and breathtaking visual worlds of movies and games, then you can relive them on your gaming nights sitting around a table in your home (or online) with your friends.

sewer map tiles  sewer map tiles - print

Area descriptions and a storyline idea to help fire up your imagination and help you create your own adventure.

What you won’t get?

This set will not do the hard work for you. As a Game Master you have a lot of work, outlining the world and the adventure, populating areas, making NPCs more believable and taking control over the story and team. This is what this product will not do, because it is not a pre-written adventure you can follow step by step. But I’m sure the diverse areas, detailed graphics, area descriptions and those few adventure hooks you could use will provide a lot of help in the harder parts of this wonderful job. It’s also possible to bend this map to your own original concept.

Features of the digital version:

This set is including now altogether 64 map-tiles  (32 map pieces and 32 mixable sewer-system tiles) with vortexes, bridges, doors, corpses, empty areas, bandits and more!

Image format:
- JPG files for virtual tabletop players, tiles and map: 100dpi (1 inch=100px)
- PDF with the map broken into pages, extra tiles and cut-outs: 300DPI (with grid overlay layer - optional)
- Description:  PDF, 200DPI

The set is also including PDF files converted with custom CMYK profile that is better for most printers and use about 30% less black ink. Please print out a test tile from both versions before you print the whole PDF to check the result.

Features of the printed tiles:

You will get 50 double-sided map-tiles!

- 3 description tiles
- 2 tiles with cut-outs
- 24 map tiles (8 are mixable sewer tiles)

- 21 bonus sewer tiles:
4x X connection
4x L connection
4x T connection
4x I (straight) connection
3x dead ends
2 bonus area

The background story and description is printed on the tiles.

Re-usable and modular.
Buy it once and use them for any adventure! The tiles are available with two sides.
One side is the original and the other side is an alternative version, so you don’t have to change your story to fit the tile’s content.
(These alternative versions are included in the digital version too, you can show/hide them with layers before you print out the tiles.)

Double-sided UV-coated
You can draw on them with felt-tip pens because this surface makes it possible to erase

Use tape to connect tiles easily on their other side:
(it will not remove the paint thanks to the special surface that makes it even water-proof)

The Keeper of Realms sample The Keeper of Realms sample
(Pictures are from the Keeper of Realms set.)


sewer map tiles



sewer map tiles - top-down view detail sewer map tiles - isometric visual aid detail


Home printed pieces:

sewer map tiles - print2  sewer map tiles - print

Pictures of the original printed 6x6" tiles:

sewer map tiles - print

sewer map tiles - details  sewer map tiles - cut-outs

Do you have any question? Write it below and I will try to answer it :)

WOW! Satisfaction Guarantee I provide a Satisfaction Guarantee for all of my products, that is how much I believe in my work. If you or your players are not satisfied with what you see and you don’t hear a single WOW! around the table when you draw your newest charge, then I will refund the price of my product, without any questions.

Visit my site for details and feel free to contact me if you have any question.

Why establish this guarantee?
Here are testimonials I’ve received from my customers:

"The quality of the artwork and colors blew my players away."
by J.F. Kelly via Geek Dad
"Just received my "Keeper of Realms" tiles and they're gorgeous.
Thank you! I'm gonna want those sewers when they're ready too..."
by B. Sullivan
"Your work is simply amazing!" 

by S. Gölgeçağ

Who creates these maps and what makes them "3D"?

Hi, my name is Antal Kéninger, a graphic artist from Central Europe.
I’m the guy behind Black Scrolls Games and I’ve been in the tabletop game business for seven years, working with other publishers and playing with friends on the weekend (when we all have time for it).

As you can see, I don’t really like the full top-down view. In most of my maps you can see the side of the walls, too. It makes the area look more alive, lets me add more details and make a “3D game” feeling for the players around the table.

I use professional software programs to sculpt the models, set the scene and render the final image. Every model that you can see in the maps/tiles is modeled and textured by me. If you are interested in the process, read more on my site.

I hope you will also enjoy my maps and tiles, at least as much as I enjoyed working on them!

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Rezensionen (2)
Diskussionen (4)
Customer avatar
Arjen H January 23, 2019 5:48 pm UTC
Do you also have a set that features nature? Like a forest, trees, roads, campfires, tents, horses, carts, wagons, hills, grass lands etc?
Customer avatar
Roy B September 29, 2016 9:12 pm UTC
If these are as good as The Keeper of Realms set (and I am sure of that), then they are a musthave for every DM. Great quality in material/design.
I orderd the Sewer set today, so I will leave a new review when I get them.
Customer avatar
Black Scrolls Kft. K October 14, 2016 12:30 pm UTC
Thank you, Roy, I hope you will enjoy them as well!

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
Customer avatar
Jim L July 02, 2016 3:56 pm UTC
Agree with Robert, they look really good. Are you planning to do more of such modular tiles? What's the release pipeline like?
Customer avatar
Black Scrolls Kft. K July 05, 2016 11:06 am UTC
Hi Jim, sorry for the late reply. Thank you very much!
I will release a modular Desert - Canyon tile set this week, on 6x6 cards, too. And there will be a "Forest of Fallen Giants" after it but it will be a map, rather than tiles. I will put out a list of releases with estimated release dates on my website, thanks for the idea! You can share your suggestions on Black Scrolls Games forum if you think; you will find it on my site.
Customer avatar
Robert A June 25, 2016 12:06 am UTC
These look fantastic!
Customer avatar
Antal K June 25, 2016 2:07 pm UTC
Thank you, I'm glad you like them!
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