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XP Cards with Added Effects!

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Requires the Cypher System Rulebook from Monte Cook Games.

Note: While this product now has a print option, it still includes the black-and-white version of the .pdf along with the color copy, to ease the ink-burden on home printing!

The Cypher System encourages the use of XP in many different ways, but it can be easy for players to fall into a rut. Whether they always reroll failures in combat, or refuse to spend XP on anything except tier upgrades, these habits can make it easy to treat CS games as if their goal was to reach max tier as soon as and as smoothly as possible, and ignore the fact that XP can be used to integrate player characters into the game world through the creation of NPCs, jobs, titles, and homes.  

UXP cards offer a twist on standard XP spending rules, providing bonuses and penalties to push players into spending XP in a greater variety of ways. You could just replace the standard XP deck with these cards, and hand them out randomly, but they are perhaps best used by a GM who wants to, for example, discourage one person from spending all their XP on rerolls, while another player can be tempted into buying their character a day job to offset their superheroing expenses.

UXP Example Cards

As shown above, the 20 "1 XP" cards offer two changes: One is a bonus when spending the card as XP in one particular, less-commonly-used way, and the other is a bonus, penalty, or restriction on rerolls, so that GMs can use these to prod both over-eager and reluctant rerollers into engaging with the system in new ways. These effects repeat in unique combinations, so no two cards are exactly alike. 

Similarly, the 10 "4 XP" cards include an extra benefit to be gained when the card is spent on a character tier stage upgrade such as Edge, Effort, or Pool increases. None of these benefits repeat, so there are 10 options that GMs can offer (randomly, or as they deem necessary!).

See more cards to help GMs and storytellers by Larcenous Designs, LLC!

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June 15th, 2017
I really like this deck. Encourages players to spend XP on non-advancement options without adding unnecessary complexity and makes the whole process more exciting. [...]
April 30th, 2016
Cool idea, nice artwork and prefessional layout! The price is ok, I think. I never had to penalize my players for using rerolls too often though. I wish that the reroll penalties were bonusses but that really depends on your gaming group I think. Overa [...]
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